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USDA Deletes Animal Abuse Records From Its Website- Here's How You Can Take Action

February 09, 2017 | animal abuse

We at Friends of Animals are outraged by the recent decision of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to remove animal welfare records from its website. We see it as a hostile act towards animals that undermines honesty and transparency in government, and one that will make it much more difficult for activists and the general public to fight on behalf of animals. 

The information on animal welfare is necessary to enable members of the public to look up information on individuals who have a history of animal welfare violations. 


We encourage people to use the Freedom of Information Act as a means of getting information from USDA. We have been very successful in the past with this approach. We urge people to use it now to obtain the information that has been erased from the website. There is a FOIA form you can fill out on the USDA website, or you can write your own letter describing the information you are seeking and send it to foia.officer@aphis.usda.govSubmitting a FOIA request to a federal agency is not difficult, but a complete, well-written request may help you avoid delays and further correspondence with the USDA. Clearly describe what you want. Include identifying material, such as names, places, and the period of time about which you are inquiring. If you think they will help to explain what you are looking for, include news clips, reports, and other documents describing the subject of your research when you mail your letter.

In the meantime, members of the public can also take action by calling their representatives in Congress. You can identify yourself as a constituent and say that you are very concerned about this development because there will be no transparency. You can also use the links below to contact members of Congress: https://www.senate.gov

And don’t hesitate to interrupt business as usual at the USDA by calling and telling them to rescind the order. We recommend contacting the USDA Office of Inspector General at 202-720-8001 or emailing

With the support of people who care about animals, we are confident that we can get USDA to rescind this order. Please take action today and be a voice for animals. 




Repost the animal welfare information to the usda website



Restore the information to help protect animals.

I am hoping it will be restored as soon as possible.

Please make these public records available again. They are all we have to advocate for abused and suffering animals!!!

Please change this decision so that we can be a voice for these beautiful animals.I don't understand why this has happened

shame of this government for once again taking the easy way out!

We the people demand that you make animal welfare records publicly available again. Government must be transparent!

Your giving power to those that want to do harm, records of abuse are patterns of behavior. Would you give a animal
Back to someone that has tortured and killed animals before? Your basically giving a innocent hopeful animal to a possible tortured life or worse, death. All for money. It's low


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