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Wisconsin Club Hosts Cruel Killing Contest to "...put the hurt on some coyotes"

February 07, 2017 | Hunting & Wildlife Management

We’re disgusted to learn that an ironically named “conservation club” in Burlington, WI will be hosting a coyote trophy hunting contest this weekend intended to “put the hurt on some coyotes”. Abysmal grammar aside, this killing contest is sickening on many levels including the fact that prizes will be given out to hunters who kill the longest and shortest coyotes and that rabbits will be included in the slaughter as well. 

In a 21st century society, animal killing contests of any type, often known as "canned hunts," are an outdated and cruel source of "entertainment." In exchange for cash or other prizes, these "contests" allow coyote hunters to kill in a variety of categories and there is no limit to the number that may be killed in the contest. The chilling and inhumane message these events send is that killing and gratuitous violence are fun, life is cheap and wild animals are disposable.

Beyond the blatant bloodlust, science and research shows that the killing of coyotes doesn't effectively “manage” their populations and can even lead to increased reproduction rates....meaning the reasoning of population control is nothing more that a thinly veiled excuse for killing. Many are also concerned hunters could confuse coyotes with wolves, a reasonable concern considering at least 19 endangered wolves have been shot and killed since 2001 by hunters who said they thought they were coyotes.

As Oliver Starr put it, “Any contest with the goal of killing as many wild animals as possible is an obscenity and crime against nature.” We couldn't agree more. We also think competitions like this play right into the hands of the Canada Goose brand, a multi million dollar corporation that has made its wealth selling parkas stuffed with goose feathers and lined with coyote fur. To add insult to injury, it says it uses coyote fur because coyotes are considered pests as they attack cows, sheep, pets and sometimes people. We think the real “pests” are people who are rewarded to kill and the people who pay to continue the “trend” of wearing animal skins. 

You can take action by calling the Burlington Conservation Club at 262-539-2579 and telling them to cancel their obscene event. You can also contact Wisconsin lawmakers and urge them to ban wildlife killing contests for good. Find contact information here. 

You can also protest the event by attending the registration which begins at 3pm this Saturday. Get more info on their website  page. 




Stop this pointless and mindless slaughtering of animals for products, food, and profit it is pure evil, do so.

Stop the killing of animals.

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