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Tell Congress to Oppose Ryan Zinke as Head of the Interior Department

February 01, 2017 | Environment

Rep. Ryan Zinke, who is Donald Trump’s choice to head the Interior Department, passed a Senate committee Tuesday, placing him one step closer to lead an agency that manages millions of acres of federal land, the animals who live on it and the natural resources under it.

The problem? Rep. Zinke is opposed to the mission of the very department he is tapped to lead. Zinke has consistently voted to weaken clean air standards, dismantle environmental regulations, and turn public lands over to the states for commercial exploitation and expanded fossil fuel exploration. 

Call your senators—at their offices in Washington, D.C., and at their local district offices—to voice your opinion on Zinke’s nomination. Call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, and asked to be connected to your senator's office.

Remind your senators that the Secretary of the Interior plays a vital role in safeguarding America’s natural treasures. 

This pick is also  threatening to our work at Friends of Animals because our Wildlife Law Program frequently works with DOI agencies to ensure the federal government fulfills its role as a steward of America's natural resources. When the government fails to follow laws meant to protect wildlife like wolves, bears, prairie dogs, wild horses etc., we file suit against the agencies that are responsible. Given the range of threats facing America’s wildlife, the decisions made by the incoming Secretary of the Interior could have far-reaching ramifications for generations to come.

“Man has had an influence,” Zinke reluctantly said under questioning during his Senate hearing, but like many of Trump’s nominees said there’s a question of how much warming humans cause, though the vast majority of climate scientists say people are the driving force. The nominee would not commit to a limited approach to allowing the excavation of coal, gas and minerals underground; Trump has promised to restore coal industry jobs by tapping federal resources.

And Rep. Zinke has promoted plans to turn management of U.S. public land over to industry-dominated panels, which among other things would push logging up to unsustainable levels. He has also repeatedly attacked the Endangered Species Act.






It is absolutely NOT an option to dismantle environmental regulations, and turn public lands over to the states for commercial exploitation. Ryan Zinke is NOT fit for the needs of the informed and progressive community of the USA concerned with nurturing our relationship with the natural world.

Appreciate the world that gives you life. Otherwise you are an ungrateful man only looking out for yourself, and I wish karma upon you where the world stops caring for you as you have negated to treat it with respect. Don't take advantage of the hand that feeds you.

Appreciate the hand that feeds you rather than biting it. In essence, that is exactly what you are doing, and you are only thinking about how your decisions affect you in a material manner. You are not the only man on this earth, the earth that gives you life, so I'd advise you to start taking care of what takes care of you.

Don't think only about yourself.

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