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Animal Torture is Not Culture: Abolish Bullfighting

October 09, 2013 | Animal Rights / Take Action

Friends of Animals is joining the International effort to put an end to the cruel and barbaric bullfighting in France. We are joining with Carole Raphaelle Davis, West Coast Director of CAPS & CRAC Europe, to hold a large protest event in Rodilhan, located in Southern France, on October 27th at the bullfight arena on the day the bull massacre is happening.


FoA’s NY Director, Edita Birnkrant, will  be flying the Friends of Animals flag and reporting from the scene of the bullfight protest event.  To learn more about this heinous tradition and the anti-bullfighting movement, you can read Carole’s article on CNN iReport.



We urge you to take action and help abolish bullfighting by contacting the office of the French tourist board, located in New York City, and telling them that you will not be visiting France until they abolish this form of animal torture portrayed as culture and art. Please contact the board’s media relations manager, Katherine Johnstone, by calling 212-745-0967 and you can also email the French tourist board your thoughts.

Please also consider taking our quick survey on bullfighting.  


I cannot believe bullfighting is permitted anywhere in the world let alone somewhere like France. It is time to stand up for the animals and let people show their bravery without terrorizing and killing an animal in the name of sport, culture or entertainment.

There's NO EXCUSE for animal abuse!!

This barbaric and unbelievably cruel "tradition" must end! I will never visit your country until this disgraceful disregard for the unimaginable pain of these animals, and I will encourage my family and friends to boycott your country as well.
Please, do the compassionate thing and stop bullfighting immediately!

Please abolish bullfighting. It's cruel and unhumane.

stop this non sense.. let that innocent lives live. they are not your slaves. i won't ever go there in my life. country of scums . go die for good you bastards .

Bullfighting is extreme cruel .it must be stopped !!!

The systematic torment and slow death of a beautiful bull for the “entertainment” of a mindless, bloodthirsty mob is neither art, nor culture, it is torture, and it has no place in a civilized society. I will never visit Spain or any of the countries that promote this archaic and inhumane practice. Tourists Beware: this cruel industry thrives on money spent from "curious", naive, uninformed and clueless foreigners. Never attend a bullfight: it will haunt you forever.

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