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End Animal Killing Contests Like the "Squirrel Slam" in Holley, NY

January 16, 2014 | Take Action


FoA "Squirrel Slam" protest Facebook page.

Did you know that the village of Holley, N.Y.,  is preparing for another bloodbath Feb. 22, the day it plans to host another Squirrel Slam Day.

Last year when Friends of Animals found out about this annual killing contest/shooting competition  in northwestern New York that recruits children and rewards them with prizes after dead squirrels are weighed to determine who killed the heaviest ones, we mobilized supporters and took to the streets to protest the event. 

What makes the day even more abhorrent is it is billed a fundraiser for a fire department and semi-automatic rifles are raffled off and cash awards are given as children look on. 

Animal killing contests are part of a broader conversation on gun violence.  This event comes just a little over a year after a rifle wielding Adam Lanza committed mass murder at an elementary school, and earlier this week, a 12-year-old opened fire at a middle school and an elderly man fatally shot someone because he was text messaging during a movie.

FoA continues to work with New York state Sen. Tony Avella and other legislators to prohibit killing contests in New York and will once again convene on Holley in February to expose the pattern of abuse rampant in Holley.


1. Please view and share our compelling and informative short video documenting our experiences in Holley, N.Y., challenging the Squirrel Slam contest as part of our continued efforts to ban animal killing contests. 


2. Visit the Holley Fire Department website at and write to them or call them at 585-638-6884 and tell them it’s not too late to organize a different fundraiser.


3. Ask your state representatives to introduce bills that would ban such events. For New York residents, contact George D. Maziarz who represents the 62nd District, which includes all of Orleans County. Email him at


I really can't believe this will be going on in NY...Seriously?

People wonder why or how the massacres happen yet this kind of disgusting behaviour is encouraged. Killing for contest is so wrong, especially when children are involved. This is inviting sick thoughts into the minds of the younger generation. Humans are cruel enough as it is.

A child with a gun killing squirrels? That is insane!!

This is such an evil thing on many so levels. Teaching children to disrespect wildlife is teaching to disrespect life in general! The fact that this stupidity is sponsored by the Fire Dept. Makes it totally inflammatory! This is immoral and inhumane! Teaching children that animals are no more than something to use as target practice, is cruel not only to the defenseless animals that are killed (how many must have been wounded and left to die slowly in agony), but this is cruelty to the child! Child welfare should be looking into this, as well as the police department! I wish there was a better word to describe how utterly disheartening and horrific this is, to the Fire Dept! I sure wouldn't want to live in your district, bunch of mindless idiots!

This is no contest! This is teaching kids how to be crual with animals and latter be violent with poeple! And after you wonder why there is soo much violence in your city and the world! Stop animal crualty and the world will be a better place for all!

Wanton slaying of a harmless sentient animal is unnecessary and cruel. As a society we really should be evolving into compassionate and kind Ppl who teach the next generation these values. Killing for fun sport is stepping backwards into the dark ages. Outlaw this vile practice please.

This is viewed by right-minded people globally as an obscenity. Holley Fire Department needs to rethink this. It brings shame upon this profession.

Stop this horrible killing . World is crazy if enjoy children shooting defenseless squirrells. Heartless people!

Please stop this insanity

This is truly shameful that a civilized country continues to teach its children to shoot live animals no wonder so many go on to gun down kids in schools it's just the next level of sport for them. America wake up and smell the coffee teaching kids to kill squirrels is morally wrong and animal cruelty. No wonder you have so many psychos.Its deliverance country for real, why don't u all get your banjos out you neanderthals


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