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Who Speaks for the Horses in Battle Over Carriages?

January 17, 2014 | Horse Carriages

The New York Times

JAN. 17, 2014


Edita Birnkrant, the New York director of Friends of Animals, likened the horses’ working conditions to prison.

“They are shackled into their carriages, pulling through streets of a chaotic unnatural environment and go back to their cells,” she said. “They need the ability to graze and roam freely. They never get that in New York. They live a life of total confinement, day after day.”


Absolutely, these horses require turnout and ability to lie down, roll and breath clean air . They cannot be our prisoners to a monotonous life designe d by someone treating them like a money making commodity.

Thank you for taking up your cause for the Carriage horses. I am from New York City and have always felt that those horses were imprisoned. I am sure that you will face adversity in your endeavor however at the very least your fight will bring their voice into the consciousness of people.

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