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Protest to Save Wild Turkeys

August 15, 2013 | Hunting & Wildlife Management

On August 12 & 13, the USDA Wildlife Services Division made an unannounced roundup of wild turkeys at the South Beach Psychiatric Center in Staten Island NY.  The permits to roundup the birds for slaughter were issued by the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation.  About 50 members of the public who learned about the roundup were there to protest.

Friends of Animals issued the following condemnation:

Singling out the Wildlife Services division of USDA for its "routine mass slaughters of wildlife, including Canada geese in New York City," the organization's New York director, Edita Birnkrant, said "this grotesque agency should be checked into a [psychiatric] ward, not slaughtering wild turkeys on the property of one in Staten Island. Congress should defund and shut down this ineffective, monstrous agency, which exists to kill, kill, kill.

She continued: "The flimsy reasons given for such an assault in native wildlife echo the empty rhetoric used to justify Canada goose massacres: Claims of excessive fecal matter on the walks, ground and property. The South Beach Psychiatric Center has a responsibility to maintain and properly clean the grass and grounds, and that includes droppings from wildlife and other animals.

"There's no excuse for these kinds of violent actions towards urban wildlife, and the public is increasingly fed up with such a mean spirited, intolerant attitude," Ms. Birnkrant said. 


please stop the roundup of wild Turkeys!

Not cool! Animals have maintained their populations forever. Man is the problem, perhaps if greedy humans stopped purchasing property that belongs to wildlife we could all coexist together.

The constant massacre of wildlife for the convenience of humans is disgusting. This trend has reached proportions that are more than disturbing to me and the general public. Alternative methods in which to coexist with wildlife are abundant. It's time these agencies listen to the public discontent with wildlife extermination. It does seem that this practice borders on psychotic, and what a miserable example for future generations. Wake up people, humans are not the only species on the planet. Learn to coexist.