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Take Action to Save NYC’s Canada Geese

June 20, 2013 | Geese / Take Action

Call Mayor Bloomberg's office at 212.788.3000 and demand an end to the slaughter of Canada geese in parks that began Tuesday, June 19th. Families of geese and newly born goslings are being seized from parks; including the goose family pictured at Inwood Hill Park just a week before USDA agents rounded them up for gas chambers.

As NYC Goose Slaughter Begins, Friends of Animals Strikes Back at Mayor Bloomberg

New York City—Friends of Animals, an animal advocacy organization with tens of thousands of New York members, calls  Mayor Bloomberg’s  approved slaughter of Canada geese and goslings reprehensible after USDA Wildlife Service agents entered Inwood Hill Park and Hudson River Park yesterday to exterminate geese.

“How can Mayor Bloomberg justify another tax-funded slaughter of thousands of beautiful geese with newly hatched goslings – rounding them up, stuffing them in crates, and loading them onto trucks to be sent to gas chambers, Edita Birnkrant, NY Director of Friends of Animals asks. Under the guise of making air travel safer, USDA agents seized a dozen geese and goslings from Inwood Hill Park yesterday, while an unknown number were also taken yesterday from Hudson River Park.  (Photos of roundups and of the family of geese rounded up at Inwood Hill Park available to media by request.)

“Ironically,” Birnkrant adds, “New York City creates situations that attract birds to airports. Both Mayor Bloomberg and the FAA approved the creation of a massive garbage transfer site to be built next to runways at LaGuardia Airport, a dangerous, irresponsible move that will attract birds to those areas.  How can such stupidity be tolerated while a handful of resident geese in a massive park like Inwood Hill Park are condemned for visiting park lands, asks Edita Birnkrant.”

"Air safety will only be improved by deterring geese and other birds from airports through habitat modification, effective land-use planning and radar detection, not by killing Canada geese or other birds such as swans that planes share the skies with," Birnkrant says.

The separation and destruction of geese in one area where they congregate encourages other geese to occupy the temporary vacuum, and these new geese and goslings are then routinely killed the following year by Wildlife Services agents.  “It’s a cycle of myopic violence that Friends of Animals opposes,” Birnkrant says.

"Simple solutions that we've educated the Mayor's office about, such as allowing grass around runways and airport property to grow several inches higher instead of mowing it can keep away flocks of geese and other birds that are otherwise drawn to the short, mowed lawns," Birnkrant adds. Friends of Animals produces a Canada Goose Habitat Modification Guide, written by a renowned ornithologist which details successful habitat and landscape strategies in parks to better co-exist with the neighboring geese.

 “It’s pitiful that Mayor Bloomberg has a tin ear to protecting geese and other wildlife in city parks,” Birnkrant says. “Friends of Animals’ office phone rings off the hook every time this wildlife assault begins—so many New York City supporters are outraged by Mayor Bloomberg’s goose-killing politic. Clearly, a change of mayors is needed.”

There’s plenty of room in this massive city for Canada geese and their babies to live in peace, and we restate our demand that Mayor Bloomberg stop the slaughter of New York City's Canada geese, immediately, Friends of Animals says. 

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Working in a school we teach our children to respect all living things and the environment. We do this to ensure their future. This does not teach or set an example for young students in the world today. What it does teach is no compassion or understanding and that if something is not what we like then get rid of it. Way to go! The world has enough problems don't add anymore.

What's wrong with human beings is that they are arrogant and callous and think that they have control of all other species!


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