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Help Pass the Devocalization Ban Bill in the New York Senate, S 2271

March 06, 2013 | Dogs / Take Action

Your Voice is Needed to Protect Dogs & Cats from Vocal Cord Mutilation

Friends of Animals strongly supports the pending New York State legislation that would ban the vocal cord mutilation of dogs and cats called "devocalization" surgery. Cutting the vocal cords of dogs or cats to silence or stifle their voices is an act of cruelty, and no veterinarian should be allowed to perform it. Dogs and cats whose vocal cords are cut often suffer debilitating or fatal consequences-choking to death, struggling to breathe, coughing and gagging relentlessly, all so selfish or irresponsible pet owners can take away their ability to communicate vocally.

We need your phone calls to the NY State Senate to help pass this crucial legislation to protect the lives of dogs and cats throughout New York.

On March 4th, Assembly Bill A1204, sponsored by Assemblymember Ken Zebrowski, banning devocalization of dogs and cats passed resoundingly in the New York State Assembly, by a vote of 121-5.

While this is very good news, the devocalization ban bill in the Senate-Senate Bill S2271, sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti, must now pass through two Senate Committees and stand for a vote on the floor. We must pass this bill in the Senate in order for it to become law-and we need your help to make this happen, and we need to assure no further amendments are put forth to weaken the bill.

Lobbies that profit from devocalization cruelty have mobilized to try to kill this bill or weaken it through amendments. To counter their misguided efforts, we must communicate to our Senate representatives that the bill not be amended, but passed as it is written in order to put an enforceable devocalization ban on the books in New York State.
Phone calls are best, as they can't be easily ignored or deleted like emails can. Please call the following three offices:

1) Tell the office of your NYS Senator in Albany: "I'm a constituent, and I'd like the Senator to ensure S 2271 becomes law this session without further amendments. Please pass this humane bill now"¦as written. It's a top priority for me, and I'll be following it." If you don't know who your NY State Senator is, you can find out online or call the main Senate switchboard at 518-455-2800.

2) Tell the office of Senate Republican Conference Leader, Senator Dean G. Skelos at 518-455-3171, "I'd like the Senator to ensure S 2271 becomes law this session, as written, without further amendments. This is important humane legislation. Many people are counting on his help."

3) Tell the office of Senate Independent Democrat Conference Leader, Senator Jeffrey A. Klein at 581-455-3959, I'd like the Senator to ensure S 2271 becomes law this session, as written, without further amendments. This is important humane legislation. Many people are counting on his help."


For five months I have a rescue cat and I absolutely love her little meows.... why in creation would anyone want to do this? Yes.. barbaric and sadistic... what to do to stop this????

This is a terrible thing to do to animals. How would humans like it done to them there is no difference. God gave us all voices for a reason. If you want a mute animal then just buy a toy stuffed, one that can sit on the chair and do nothing. Don't have a cat or dog if you don't want their noise. This is a cruel and barbaric practice by sadistic and cruel people. It needs to be banned now.

Any State Senator who refuses to vote to ban this barbaric practice must be castrated or go through female circumcision in addition to having their vocal chords severed.

Ask any stroke victim who suffers aphasia how they feel about the loss of their voice and maybe humans will start to understand how cruel this is to an animal. It must be stopped.

This is a cruel and barberic practise that should be banned.

Please don't do this terrible thing!! I can't believe that any vet who's supposed to care for animals would perform this operation!!

How a person will like to be stripped of the vocal cords because they scream, they have Alzheimer, they are in pain, imagine doing this to a friendly pet who does not know to do anything else, they are other measures to train your dog not to bark, non-invasive, this people who do that are sleazy if you do not want to take your time for a pet do not have one!!!

Do you need to be a NY resident to call?

Because it is just not right....

I am so mad why crazy vet cut their voice and God gave their voice to speak .I would like take people voice see how they like it.


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