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Take Action: Save Mamaroneck Geese

March 12, 2013 | Geese / Take Action

Please call Mamaroneck Mayor Norm Rosenblum & the Village Trustees and tell them to cancel the mean-spirited plan to slaughter Canada geese. Remind him that goose roundups are monstrous-USDA agents typically enter the pond area during early morning, roughly separating goslings from parents, and then stuff the bound, panicked geese and babies into crates. Next, the geese are gassed or shot to death. Ask the Mayor and the Trustees if they imagine such immorality is preferable to cleaning the grass and modifying some habitat and landscapes.

Village of Mamaroneck -- Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum; Phone: (914) 777-7738; E-Mail

Louis N. Santoro-Deputy Mayor; E-Mail
Illissa Miller-Trustee; E-Mail
Leon Potok-Trustee; E-Mail
Andres Bermudez-Hallstrom-Trustee; E-Mail

Mamaroneck residents urge nonlethal alternatives to geese problem

Mar 12, 2013

The Journal News

MAMARONECK - Calling the village's plan to slaughter geese inhumane, about 50 animal defenders and residents urged lawmakers to consider alternatives during Monday night's village board meeting.

The hearing was limited to 25 minutes, and only about 20 of the 50 people assembled were able to speak. In a highly unpopular move, Mayor Norman Rosenblum limited each speaker to one minute each, eliciting complaints from those gathered. The board said it would not respond to any of the comments.

To tackle the decades-long issue of goose droppings in the parks, the village plans to work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to kill the birds and donate their meat to local food banks.

Last year, the village purchased a $29,000 Rake-O-Vac to clean up the goose droppings.

Edita Birnkrant, the New York director of Friends of Animals, a nonprofit, international animal advocacy organization, called the village's plan "misguided."

She asked why the village wouldn't give the Rake-O-Vac a chance.

"Just clean it up," said Birnkrant, a supporter of habitat and landscape modifications to deter geese. "We need a different mindset." When she exceeded her one minute, the mayor began calling on a police officer to escort her from the podium.

According to the USDA plan, the geese would be captured during the summer during their molting period - when they shed wing feathers and can't fly - and their nests will be treated with corn oil to prevent eggs from hatching.

Paula Young, a state wildlife rehabilitator, asked the board to use "humane deterrents" like a "grape Kool-Aid," which she said, contains methyl anthranilate.

"It does not harm them, but they find it repulsive," she said.

Animal advocate Kiley Blackman of Tuckahoe urged the board to consider other options.

"I am begging you, do anything but slaughter them," she said.

Lorraine Izzo of Bronxville said Mamaroneck was setting a bad example for children.

"We are teaching them that when something gets in our way, we need to exterminate them," she said.

Last week, the mayor said the village would hear presentations on other options from experts at its March 18 meeting.

Scarsdale recently dropped its plan to work with the USDA on a similar plan after a public outcry.


The geese were here first, have we no humanity? The fact is that humans are the overpopulated species, not the geese. I live in a small CT town and there are 600 people per square mile; town officials want to kill deer to 20 per square mile. Who's the real nuisance here?

Don't kill any geese,live and let live.Save them,not kill them!!

I understand everyone's concern but I work in Mamaroneck. They have tried EVERYTHING to rid the parks of them. Dogs patrols, collecting and moving them out of state (they flew back). etc etc etc. On any given spring/summer morning, there are 100s of them roaming around. In the fields the kids play soccer and baseball on. In the park where you bring your kids to play on the swings. They walk into the main road, which happens to be US HWY Route 1. The congregate on private property destroying lawns and flowers. This is not just a few of them in a park grazing and swimming. Picture a NYC park with pigeons. Really BIG pigeons. That is the issue at hand here. Trust me, I am a huge animal lover myself and wish not to see this happen. FoA comments: Think long and hard about taking any life as a matter of convenience, but in this case, slaughtering the geese certainly isn't the solution -- new geese will return.

Stop this needless slaughter of wild animals.

Stop slaughter Geese.This is horrific,sick and evil..

Killing the geese will not stop the problem. The problem is PEOPLE create MAN MADE lakes and flat lawn surfaces that attract the geese cause they can land and take off from these flat surfaces. PEOPLE are creating the problem NOT the geese! EDUCATE YOURSELVES!

Please seriously consider an alternative to this inhumane slaughter. This is disgusting & frightening!

Every living being has the same right to be on this planet as you do. Leave them alone please.

Unreal...humans never cease to amaze me...Man takes away all wild life's natural habitat...then exterminates them if deemed a nuisance...everything we put out comes back to us...All life should be treated with respect...What kind of dirt bag kills geese? ... we already know the answer to that...Shame on you...what gives you the right to murder them? You have no sense of decency or humanity...You make me sick!

Please respect living beings and thnk about an alternative solution.


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