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Action Needed RIGHT NOW to Stop the Execution of Two Seal Pups in Quebec on Saturday

September 14, 2012 | Animals in Entertainment / Take Action / Seals

An aquatic zoo in Quebec, Canada, the Aquarium des ÃŽles, captured two seal pups last spring, knowing full-well that they wouldn't be released, planning to simply kill the pups at the end of their season when they closed - which is tomorrow: Saturday, September 15th.

Calls are needed IMMEDIATELY: (418) 937-2277

Please tell them they need to do whatever they can to save the seals, either rehabilitated to be released, or sent to a marine animal sanctuary.

Also, please call the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Honourable Keith Ashfield, and insist that he order Aquarium des ÃŽles to cancel this kill, find a home for these seals, and deny them permits to get seals in the future.

Please CALL the Honorable Keith Ashfield's office IMMEDIATELY: 613-992-3474

Demand that Aquarium des ÃŽles be forced to care for these seals appropriately, and deny them any future permits for seals.

If you receive this after Saturday, you can still send emails to both: &


Please send these pups to a marine animal sanctuary. Shame on you for even considering such a irresponsible and horrible act. What the hell are you people doing there? You should be promoting animal advocacy and welfare, not cruelty. Sincerely disgusted, Kristi Machon

For a zoo to act like this and send this message to little kids and caring adults alike is disgusting. "Family fun" is part of your advertising somewhere, I'm sure. Your patrons should boycott any donations you ask for, because how could they trust what you're actually doing for the animals. Shame on you.

Why can't you donate these perfect animals to another facility if you don't want them. Please spare them. Save them!!!1

Please do not execute these poor creatures!!!!!!! Please send the to a sanctuary.

Why is this notice and request for action coming at the 11th hour?!!!! I've sent email as per the request, but come on- can these seals be saved!? FoA comments: FoA only learned of this pending tragedy today. It's likely that the aquarium tried to keep their actions a secret. It seems the aquarium is being to bend under public pressure -- it is actually trying to fund-raise CA$73,000 so it can care for the seals in continued captivity. But I believe we should keep the pressure on until the seals are released to a true sanctuary or released to the wild. They should not be exploited any longer.

This is very sad I called and left a message. If they go through with this killing we should publicize it all over. The children and adults that went to the aquarium to see these animals will be very disheartened at what the aquatic zoo is doing. They should be promoting animal welfare, not animal cruelty.

Stop the murder! Save the seals!


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