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Vancouver Video Game Company Glorifies Illegal Cockfighting

August 23, 2012 | Animals in Entertainment / chicken / Take Action

Sleeping Dogs, a violent video game from Vancouver-based United Front Games features an "Achievement" in the game whereby the player bets on a cockfight.

Cockfighting is illegal in Canada and the US, and it's a vile, demoralizing gambling spectacle outlawed in many other countries. Cockfighting is a dreadful experience for roosters, as they're forced to attack each other until one dies, often with blades attached to their legs, resulting in mutilations.

It's shameful for Sleeping Dogs to glorify and profit from cockfighting. Friends of Animals asks that they patch the game to remove the cockfighting segment.

Please write, call or email United Front Games of Vancouver, 5th Floor 1110 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2S2, Canada -- (604) 687-4263.


People need to learn that it is not society that is required to teach children right from wrong but the sole responsibility of the parents and if you allow your children under 18 years old to play adult games you are a failure as a parent. Companies such as the one from vancouver did not create your children, you did. Animal cruelty is wrong and I know this because I was taught the difference between right and wrong from my parents. Not a bunch of foolish people thinking they can mute the world.

not funny. stop videogame

The game is showing the seedy underside of the city including gun running, human trafficking, prostitution, the drugs trade, murder etc. in no way is it glorifying it. Also don't know how you think they are profiting from it. I highly doubt anyone got the game because cock fighting is in it. I agree cock fighting, or any other blood sport involving animals, is disgusting. but vilifying a games company for having it a game and acknowledging that it exists is just silly. If anything it's a good thing for showing people who otherwise might not know about it that it does exist. You'll have a point if they ever make "Cock Fighting Simulator", but until then, there are much better things to protest against. FoA comments: This game glorifies violence and desensitizes players to gun running, human trafficking, prostitution, drug trade, murder... and more. While FoA as an animal rights group specifically raised its objection to cock-fighting, the game on the whole is highly objectionable. The game-maker profits by making violence fun and entertaining. We object.

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