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Squirrel Slam Video

April 29, 2013 | Animal Rights / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Free-Living Animals

This squirrel hunt is an annual fundraiser for the Fire Department of Holley NY. It is the 7th Annual Squirrel Slam and occurred on February 16, 2013. However, in actuality, this is a mass squirrel-killing contest in which children & adults are awarded cash & gun prizes for killing the heaviest squirrels. Friends of Animals and its supporters were there to protest the event.

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Don't you people have anything else better to do then to chase squirrel's. REALLY!! Get a life! I'm sure you could do something better for a neighbor or someone. Try helping them or volunteering.

To Bill Vosteen: Seems Holley is imposing their values on us. I live in the area, about 20 minutes away - and totally disagree with the fundraiser that was chosen. What are we all a pack of barbarians??? Come on!!!! Its a sad day for the town of Holley when they need to kill animals to raise money for the Fire House. I think we clearly see the mentally of Holley NY - they gave everyone a good show...embarrassing upstate NY. Did you watch the video - you can honestly say you thought that was okay? can keep your values - Me, and about 30,000 other people that signed petitions to ask you to change the fundraiser will be be glad to keep our values. I can rest my head at night knowing I did what was right. I didnt go tromping into the woods killing animals to raise did.

To Bill Vosteen, I venture to say many of your own family & friends don't even think the way you & probably don't wish to waste their life energy explaining the difference to you about killing for survival & killing for fun & because you're too ignorant to realize there are so many other pro-active activities out there in the world! Did you know help is needed at soup kitchens were many once "middle class" people now have to go for nourishment? Are you aware of the fact that many nursing homes could use a helping hand by having people visiting ailing seniors who are lonely & have no family to visit with them? Can you possibly tear yourself away from squirrel killing to fight for a worthy cause for humans & animals alike??? At the end of your time here on earth, you'll want to look back & say about yourself (& have others say about you) that you indeed have made a difference no matter how large or small & that others (both human or animal have been better off because of you). We never think about that!

I hope all of you are vegans. Are pig roasts and fishing tournaments next? I appreciate your values and your compassion, the problem is that it becomes a slippery slope once you start imposing your values on others. FoA comments: The slippery slope is crossed by those who kill animals for entertainment. What's next? The killing and torture of humans? Apparently so. While this isn't a question about the food we eat as the squirrels were killed for fun not food, as vegans we oppose the killing and exploitation of all animals.

I think the squirrels have had our values imposed on them. And not even for necessity, but in a celebratory, kill-joy manner. Callous killing is a dangerous attitude to teach.

I attended this protest, and I am glad that this documentary was made. Many Holley residents have denied thier actions at the protest...can they deny them now? No animals were stuffed into the grills of cars? No Holley residents drove by shaking dead animals at protesters? No Holley Hunters came near the protesters shaking dead animals in our faces? I personally was knocked into by a hunter, he had a bucket of dead squirrels and mockingly tilted the bucket at my feet - lifting it before the squirrels hit the ground, and bumped my shoulder. No matter - much of that is seen here on tape - so it cannot be denied now. We have no room for killing contest in our society - and the fact it was done to raise money for a Fire House is even more disgusting. Holley showed its colors - loud and clear...they ignored all requests from citizens around the country - went on with their killing contest, for what? There are many other ways to raise money - they wanted no part of it. I am from that area, and my hope is Holley will change - this is not the way to raise money. Its embarrassing to upstate NY.

I totally agree with you, Tracy. I MOVED to this town from a neighboring town. I too was there and saw that man run into you like a football player. As a kid we always laughed at Holley being "backwoods" and here are the "kids" of yesteryear still proving it true. I was told many times to go home and let the yokels do their thing. I told more than one that I WAS home. That seemed to shut their pieholes. Most people I know who live here were afraid of the people with guns to come forward. If they do something THIS stupid what's stopping them from tracking you down and shooting you too?

People are so ignorant promoting things like this. Shame on you to the fire department!!!! If you are getting too many squirrels then have a squirrel trapping contest and relocate them in one of the many forests that we have instead of teaching our children your ignorance!!! Well, that just shows me even more than I already knew that people and the authorities can be so ignorant. Try helping our own people or try to make peace through out the earth instead of killing for no reason.

The evil frenzy in those people carrying dead squirrels is shocking. Hard to believe we are witnessing this ignorant behavior in 2013 in a forward thinking state like of New York. We are no longer dependent on "hunting" animals for survival and one can only hope that the presence of FOA on this horrific event impacted at least one citizen of Holley, NY.

There really are no words... beyond belief.


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