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Collared Female Alpha Wolf in Lamar Canyon Group Shot & Killed

December 07, 2012 | Take Action

Buffer Zone Around Yellowstone Park Needed to Stop Wolf Slaughter

A collared female alpha wolf, named "06," and part of the famous tourist-drawing Lamar Canyon wolf group in Yellowstone National Park was shot and killed by a Wyoming hunter on December 7th, 2012.

06 was part of a federally-funded ongoing study of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, and the eighth collared wolf killed by hunters this year. Total numbers of un-collared wolves killed are not yet known. Just two weeks ago, "754M," a Beta male wolf of the same Lamar Canyon group as 06 was shot and killed in the same exact area near the park.


Visitors from around the world travel to Yellowstone National Park to observe these wolves, generating millions of dollars in eco-tourism. Ironically, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and the governors of states in the Northern Rockies that border Yellowstone are sponsoring the wolves' slaughter in Yellowstone by refusing to enact a buffer zone so that wolves have protection from hunters when they travel outside Yellowstone's boundaries.

Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone Park in 1995, yet their slaughter of wolves goes on with impunity. The hunting of wolves should stop immediately, in Wyoming and elsewhere. Wolves play a crucial role in the eco-system, and nature controls its own numbers. Hunting is repulsive, and it's hunters and trappers who need to be controlled.

What You Can Do Now
Please call and email Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead and demand an end to the assault on wolves, and urge him to immediately enact the much-needed buffer zone around Yellowstone National Park. Wolves deserve protection in our National Parks, and everywhere.

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead:
Phone: 307.777.7434
Fax: 307.632.3909


The Department of Agriculture have become useless and Wildlife Services lead the killing of wildlife. We see so many psychopaths with all of the pet abuse and killing. I do not call these people Hunter’s because they are not Hunter’s. These people are Killer’s. They get enjoyment out of watching wildlife suffer. The pictures they constantly take of themselves and the wild animals either suffering or already dead is spiraling out of control. Due to the fact that so much wildlife cruelty and torturing, pet abuse, torture, and killing is also out of control. People are losing any compassion, empathy, or responsibility when it comes to any animal. At the same time Child abuse, molestation, and death is higher than ever. The complete picture is a society that has very little mercy for animals at all. No matter if they are pets or wildlife. Allowing these sick actions happen has been the downfall of our country. Parents aren't teaching their children compassion, empathy, and values.

This is simply heartbreaking. Wolves belong here and play a very important role as we share this planet with them. Hunters are no better then rapists and serial killers. Keep in mind, all serial killers started killing animals first. Wolves need our protection and respect for why they are here!

This is a disgrace. Wolves are an essential part of the eco-system as top predator. They protect the environment and bring in eco-tourist $$$s. Hunters are a menace.

These beautiful creatures that belong to God should be enjoy by watching them and there beauty. No way should they be hunted and killed. These are God's Creatures and they were not put on earth to kill them. They have no voice and it is up to the Good People to make sure they speak for them.

People who slaughter wolves are very ignorant, and have no self respect, and it is nothing but cruel.

It certainly is outrageous and heartbreaking. It is also corrupt because successive U.S. governments constantly bow to pressure from special interest groups; in this case the hunters and cattle ranchers. It may not matter to politicians that globally around 200 species per day are becoming endangered or extinct, but it matters to us, the people. And what kind of law allows hunters to torture a trapped animal by setting his dogs on the poor creature, already helpless in a steel jawed trap? It is the kind of law that has total disregard for the suffering of animals and for the opinions of the people, but caters to those who stand to profit. U.S. governments are funded by special interest groups and that's a huge conflict of interest in what is supposed to be a democracy. Politicians are puppets of these powerful lobbyists and until elections are funded from the public purse, laws and loopholes will continue to benefit these special interest groups. But that could be too late for the wolf.

Email sent and shared in several places. Outrageous and heartbreaking.

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