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Deer Hunt Cancelled One Day Before Killing Was To Begin

November 15, 2011 | Deer / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Free-Living Animals

As Friends of Animals Staffers Expose Committee Activity


Since 1997, when Darien's First Selectman appointed the Darien Deer Management Committee with Kent Haydock as chair, the town has pursued deer "as Public Enemy Number 1," said Priscilla Feral, president of the Darien-based Friends of Animals.

The first organized kill took place in 2005 in town-owned property of Selleck's Woods after gaining approval from Darien's Parks & Recreation Commission, which oversees the land. Ironically, Darien Land Trust's Dunlap Woods has also allowed deer to be shot by archers, although Norwalk's Land Trust prohibits deer-hunting.

The Parks & Recreation Commission has neither questioned the moral or scientific need for killing the deer, nor pressed for pertinent data from the so-called Deer Management Committee.

"Friends of Animals is relieved that the lovely deer who reside in Selleck's Woods are spared the torment and agony imposed by hunters this year," Priscilla Feral said.

Friends of Animals staff members, including president Priscilla Feral, have met with Darien officials, requesting opportunities to speak about this issue. The advocacy organization has also organized public demonstrations, letter writing and phone campaigns. Letters to local newspapers have been published each year along with educational advertisements.

In 2011, Friends of Animals' Outreach Coordinator Nancy Rice filed a complaint with the Freedom of Information Commission, on the ground that the committee and the first selectman failed to release requested information which should be public. The requested information shows that the Darien Deer Management Committee has not had a meeting in ten years. It has also failed to adhere to Darien's town charter rules, and a ruling from the hearing officer is pending.

Darien resident Peter Hawkins, who was invited by Kent Haydock to be part of the deer committee, aware of this new information, challenged Haydock and other committee members on deer-targeting decisions.

"At least 50 deer have been shot in Selleck's Woods since 2005 and others have been killed on Land Trust property and private property because of the town's deer-hunt advocacy," Feral said. "It's high time to hold comprehensive educational programs in Darien about how to peacefully address conflicts "“ and to best live with deer and other wildlife, as opposed to launching violent, Draconian schemes that treat deer like snow removal."


Way to go Priscilla and Friends! Congratulations!! It truly amazes me how many 'animal management committees' have popped up over the last God didn't know what He was doing when He placed a certain amount of each species on this planet. The only error I think He made was He placed a few too many bozos with rifles.

Cheers, Priscilla and Friends of Animals!

These macho morons know only one thing: KILL! They know that once they start killing, there will be more "complaints" about the number of deer, which will give them even more excuses for continuing to kill. Hunting activates the compensatory rebound effect - does will bear not only one fawn, but two or three, bringing up the number of deer to more than when they started killing - they are counting on it because they just love killing, pretending to contribute to society by eliminating those pesky deer who dare to reproduce! Kent Haydock is a doddering old fool; congratulations to FoA for exposing him as just that. The deer were, in fact, killed illegally since 2005; their lives cannot be brought back, they merely satisfied a few killers' desire to snuff out precious lives!

This is wonderful news that we all have been waiting for. One can only hope that the younger generation and the generations after them have a more humane way to living with animals. In my opinion there is no reason in this day and age to hunt deer, moose or elk not to mention raising animals for food.

I am so happy to hear this. Congratulations!

Fantastic job. Thank you for saving lives.

Thank you friends of animals no more deer hunt on selleck s wood wonderful

Bravo! The deer are free to live thanks to you.

bravissimo! well done, my friends!

Lee, you ignored my first set of questions, would you let your house be infested with roaches, mice, snakes or bed bugs or any other pest? or would you intervene and manage the situation or would you allow them to coexist in your house even though they might be dangerous or carry disease? If you chose to eliminate them then you are a hypocrite and if you chose to coexist, then you are clearly insane. So what do you do in the example I provided? FoA comments: The example of removing animals from one's home is not one of wildlife management, but of peaceful coexistence. But, removing animals from their home in nature is wildlife management and Friends of Animals is against it.


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