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Priests Starve Cats at St. James Church

March 19, 2012 | Cats / TNR / Take Action

Church Groundskeeper Threatens Poisoning as Next Step

Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals

New York, NY "“ Monday, March 19, 2012 "“ The small colony of eight feral cats has not been fed for almost two weeks at historic St. James Church in lower Manhattan. Father Lino Gonsalves and Father Walter Tonelotto have locked out caretakers there in an effort to starve the cats off church property. The priests refuse to meet with the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals to discuss any plan for cat care, though caretakers are willing to address any concerns the church may have for security or hygiene. Where will the cats be welcomed if even a church is throwing them out?

Those who wish to comment directly to St. James Church officials can e-mail Father Lino Gonsalves at (The Archdiocese of New York and the Vatican will be copied on your e-mail.) You may also call Father Lino Gonsalves of St. James Church at (212) 267-8376 or Joseph Zwilling, Communications Director for the Archdiocese of New York, at (212) 371-1011 x2997.

Historic Manhattan church in catfight over feral colony by Amy Sacks and Lisa L. Colangelo, New York Daily NewsSaturday, March 17, 2012

The cats are all neutered and vaccinated, following the guidelines of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), the only proven effective and humane method for controlling feral cat populations. When contacted for comment by the New York Daily News, Father Gonsalves derided, "The cats will not be poisoned, but we don't want the people to feed them on church property." Since the church owns all property in the vicinity, does the Father imagine that starving them out is somehow less cruel? Eradication of the cats is clearly the church's goal, if not by poison as once declared by the groundskeeper, then by starvation. Until now, St. James' feral colony was a model TNR project for which the church could be credited with humane leadership by example. This recent public banishment of the cats sends a very cruel signal to others facing the decision of how to approach feral cat management. Read more...


Shame on them! This is what you get when any institution is ruled by crabby old white men.

ALL IN THE NAME OF RELIGION STARTED WITH ANIMAL SACRIFICES OF THE BIBLE. We still have in today's worldwide societies the animal sacrifices based on the pretext of the bible. "MAN SHALL HAVE DOMINION OVER THE ANIMALS" along with the horrific terror, torture and cruelties of animal abuses are in the old testament bibles of different worldwide religions. Animal Sacrifices are in the forms of: slaughterhouses, kosher killing, vivisection, animal experimentations,hunting,trapping, fur farms, animal sports,bullfighting,rooster fighting, dogfighting, fishing, circuses that use animals, factory farms: where animals are castrated, ear and tail docked, teeth pulled all without anesthesia, worldwide annual animal sacrifices in India where thousands of animals are murdered along with other cultures that have them,the list goes on and on. This is not about religions, nationalities, people, creeds, traditions, customs, etc but about what is RIGHT and morally correct. Animals are living beings that are citizens of planet Earth that have every right to partake in the planetary life for themselves. The whole notion that God ordained animal sacrifices for the remission and forgiveness of sin is purely demonic. All of the above are the demonic activities that human beings invoke upon the animal kingdom. These horrors that animals endure everyday is unconscionable. You never ever hear about rabbis or preachers speak at the pulpit of these atrocities. Why? because it would put a chink in the armor of their beliefs of what the bible says as the infallible word. God has given every human being love, compassion, mercy, understanding, sympathy and a conscience that has been seared by the precepts of the bible that ordains the bloody slaughterhouse religions of animal sacrifices.

I sent an email to that hateful priest.

What would it cost for you to show some empathy towards the cats a few dollars, a bit of goodness from your heart. These are the same priest who will get on the pulpit and preach to people about kindness etc. Take a few of your almighty dollars and humanely have the cats fixed maybe God will reward you, and forgive your cruelty. Your pretty quick at taking money from the church people. Not to mention what the likes of your own did to our children a few years ago. Really practice what you preach!

The church is complaining about only a few (8) cats. They are all fixed and have their shots, so whats the big deal. It sounds like the church is up set with the cats because the cats can't pay the church so the church wants to get rid of them. Once again the church show that they are selfish. I thought the church was to love all living things, not harm them.

I wonder what Jesus or Saint Francis would say to these "priests" ?

Shame on the grounds keeper and church ministers that would promote or look the other way to the harsh treatment of these beasts of burden. They clearly need to revisit the Bible on how to be better servants of God.

Here's a perfect example of "true Christian values", spewed by religious leaders and politicians every second - it is hypocrisy at its best!

Typical of the Catholic Church, the have been preaching to the world for centuries to be good Christians, but the Church does not believe in what it preaches. Show a little compassion for your fellow creatures you pompous asses!

This is truely outrageous. Those Cats had caregivers who volunteered to feed them and had them spayed, neutered, and vacinated. The harm nobody and help to keep the mouse and rat populations down. How can you claim to be Christian and cause suffering and pain to the lowliest of gods creatures. I have every mind to jump on the train to NYC and give these supposed "men of god" a piece of my mind. What is wrong with you fools.


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