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Take Action to Stop Mamaroneck, NY Goose Slaughter

February 26, 2013 | Take Action / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Geese


Contact: Edita Birnkrant, NY Director

Mamaroneck, NY Set to Slaughter Canada Geese in Parks
Calls to Mayor Norm Rosenblum Needed to Stop the Killing

The town of Mamaroneck, NY located in Westchester County on Long Island Sound, announced it's hiring USDA agents this summer to annihilate Canada geese who reside in Harbor Island Park, the town's largest park, and other areas. USDA's "Wildlife Services" will also destroy eggs in nests, in addition to rounding-up and killing adult geese and goslings starting in June 2013.

Mayor Norm Rosenblum, who ordered the killing, claims goose droppings are too numerous -- charging ahead with an intolerant, misguided assault -- even though Mamaroneck purchased a $30,000 "Toro Rake-O-Vac" machine to effectively remove goose droppings from grassy areas and parks. Go figure.

goose manual

The Mayor needs a different mindset, and plan to use the machine recently purchased with tax dollars to clean up goose droppings in parks. Officials must make it a policy to clean up waste matter instead of saying all geese within town limits must die. Posting signs and enforcing no-feeding and littering rules are also sensible steps.
Mayor Rosenblum told News 12 Westchester that Mamaroneck paid for dogs to chase the geese away but "it didn't work." Friends of Animals could have predicted that. Harassing geese from areas won't work because if flat, grassy areas remain unchanged. Geese will move in when others leave, occupying those areas for nesting, especially in the summer.

Habitat and landscape modifications are environmentally sound, long-term ways to deter geese from areas where they are seen as problematic -- clearly what's needed in Mamaroneck. Co-existence with geese and other wildlife neighbors is required as a part of evolved suburban living. Is Mayor Rosenblem prepared to spend the residents' taxes each year to kill geese instead of implementing the effective strategies Friends of Animals endorses?

Geese are attracted to areas with short, mowed grass with open sight lines as safe nesting areas. Growing grass longer in areas, planting native shrubs and trees to block sight lines (geese like to watch for predators), will deter geese from ponds, shores and parkland -- reducing the time they spend in any one spot -- especially for the 6 week period in summer when they're moulting.

Friends of Animals produces a Canada Goose Habitat Modification Manual detailing this process, and hopes to meet with Mayor Rosenblum to present him with the manual. We'll urge him to implement the changes and spare the geese.

Take Action:

Please call Mayor Norm Rosenblum and tell him to cancel the mean-spirited plan to slaughter Canada geese. Remind him that goose roundups are monstrous--USDA agents typically enter the pond area during early morning, roughly separating goslings from parents, and then stuff the bound, panicked geese and babies into crates. Next, the geese are gassed or shot to death. Ask the Mayor if he imagines such immorality is preferable to cleaning the grass and modifying some habitat and landscapes.

Village of Mamaroneck -Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum
Phone: (914) 777-7738


Please cancel the geese slaughter

Mr Rosenblum, As a sailor and an animal lover of all species I have lived with messy Canadian geese for decades. At the marina in the parks everywhere, even a nest right next to my boat one year while they hatched. No true humane person or man of substance would resort to a cull to alleviate goose droppings. Is this the best initiative you provide to show leadership for your community. Have you investigated how cities the size of Toronto ( a metro of many millions) cope, which by the way hasn't committed an act so barbaric and we have flocks upon flocks of the nefarious Cormorant rampant. Look at the principled ways that work such as have been mentioned to you re: habitat. I must admit I nearly came to Mamaroneck to buy a sailboat a year or so ago and perused your town online, now I wouldn't visit such a town with so cruel and barbaric alternatives. I'm sure you mayoralty could be better served embracing life not destroying it. Yours sincerely, Philip Hill Toronto, Ontario Canada SV Arrgh & Arrgh

Killing a living creature with feelings, a family, a life it wants to live is no answer to anything. It is unacceptable and cruel and this kind of policy is not progressive or evolved. Compassion for all living creatures IS the point.

I also sent an email to help the geese, hope they don't kill them.

The geese have been in Mamaroneck in similar numbers since at least the eighties, as I recall. Why the sudden "need" to eradicate? While massive yachts are constructed just upstream and petrochemical leaks continue to defile the water, how ridiculous to get extreme over goose droppings.

We live in harmony with our wildlife in the Pacific NW, why can't you? Follow the advice of wildlife experts because killing should never, ever be an option! What are you teaching your children and the community that it's OK to kill wild creatures that has every right to be here as humans?

I am simply outraged that our elected officials can do such mindless and unnecessary things like killing animals to clean up a park area. Are they going to do this every year when the Geese come back? This guy ought to have his head examined, and the residents should insist on humane ways to "clean the grass." The man, Mayor Rosenblum is an idiot.

I talked with them today and they claimed that the Rake-o-vac is doing great cleaning up poop. We just need to convince them to give it a chance! It makes no sense whatsoever that they want to kill geese in light of the fact that they are satisfied with the poop removal.

Clean grass or kill completely innocent animals? If you have to think about this, I must question your decision making ability. Please, cancel the geese slaughter plan. This is common sense. Thank you for your kind consideration Sincerely, Mrs. Cole and family

OMG, The Mayor is so... misguided in his efforts to solve a potential problem situation. This is such a bad example of the wrong approach toward animal & human interaction issues. This is a huge waste of tax-payer $$$$$. This is absolutely NOT what the USDA should be engaged in doing. Another example of massively wasting tax-payer $$$$$, when their time & focus should be engaged in inspecting food safety at food/meat processing plants, etc. not the terrorism tactics of a massive slaughter of our wildlife.