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Rally for Wolves on August 28th in Hamilton, Montana

August 26, 2011 | Take Action / Free-Living Animals / Wolves / Hunting & Wildlife Management

Please join us on Sunday, August 28 in Hamilton, Montana to protest the wolf slaughter that's set to begin on September 3, 2011 in that state.

Friends of Animals is enacting a complete economic boycott of the three states that are sponsoring wolf kills-Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. We're asking our supporters not to travel to, or buy goods from, any of the offending states until wolves are not slaughtered and, once again, offered federal protection-and this includes a boycott of Yellowstone National Park, which is part of all three states.

If you are live in the area, please stand up for wolves and join this important rally.

What: Rally for Wolves

Where: American Legion Park (across from the courthouse) in Hamilton, Montana.

When: Sunday, August 28, 2011. 3:00-4:30 PM. Please bring signs. This is an opportunity both to denounce the wolf slaughter and educate the public.

If you have questions, please contact:

Toni Stark

Phone: (406) 777-3182

If you are interested in hosting a rally or Howl In in your area, please contact Dustin Rhodes of Friends of Animals, or by phone: (202) 986-1693



I just wrote to the president about this! hopefully he will answer my plea as well as the pleas of many.

I have lived many yrs ago on a ranch who shot wolves even tho i didnt agree with what they did i can honestly say i never shot the first any thing my choice.If you can get even one rancher on your side you could possibly stop this because wolves take down the sick an very old .these people would rather see their animals perhaps starve to death when the snow comes if they are sick,ranchers dont look at the benefits these wolves serve .even tho i own a hunting dog kennel i dont hunt wolves at all with dogs i dont agree with the hunting of them either.if we permit the slaughter of these wolves then our past heritage will be gone for ever .so amny things can never be replaced once its wiped out .dont let these wolves die.they have the rite to roam free as they where born as it should be.

So once the sick and the very old are gone then what? It's off to the next easy prey which are the new borns and yearlings and once they are to hard to come by it's off to the next easy mark of farms, ranches and even the family pets. I am not totally against Wolves but there needs to be a balance.

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