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Friends of Animals calls for Idaho potato boycott after governor vows to participate in wolf massacre

August 24, 2009 | Wolves / Press Releases

Contact: Priscilla Feral
Phone: (203) 656-1522

Even though wolves were only taken off the Endangered Species List in Idaho in May, 2009, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is not only endorsing the proposed trophy hunt this fall, he's vowed to participate in it. He told a group of hunters, "I'm prepared to bid for the first ticket to shoot a wolf myself." The wolf hunt is an apparent effort to boost elk populations for hunters to slaughter, and will begin on September 1, 2009. The permit to kill a wolf costs $11.50-with 220 wolves set to be killed statewide.

Equally dismaying is the fact that Gov. Otter claims to "respect" wolves-making the nonsensical claim, in an interview with The Idaho Statesman, "You can still hate them and respect their cunning and their place in nature."

Friends of Animals' president, Priscilla Feral says, "Gov. Otter's enthusiasm for wolf killing not only demonstrates a complete lack of conscience and understanding of the word 'respect,' it shows a lack of respect for nature and the ecosystem; wolves don't need Gov. Otter-or anyone else-to manage them."

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of potatoes grown in Idaho-the largest producer in the United States. One-third of all potatoes are grown in Idaho. Feral adds: "As long as Idaho is in the business of killing wolves, the nature-respecting public should stop buying potatoes there." Look for potatoes grown in Maine, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and other states.


Hey!!....I'm a wolf too! Ya' wanna kill me???? Go Ahead...Make My Day!!! DOUBLE-DARE YOU, YA' SCALAWAGS!!!! Now, I get very sarcastic at times, but LOOK!!! Wolves have been here on this Earth long before humans even existed and they play an important part in Native American culture and their spirituality and just like our American Indian counterparts. I revere wolves as very sacred creatures. The Great Spirit put wolves on this Earth for a purpose to bring balance to our ecosystem, and I'm gonna do what it takes to see that these sacred creatures are protected at all costs, even it costs me my life!! If the animal kingdom vanishes from our Mother Earth, SO WILL THE HUMAN RACE!!! And the consequences will come directly from the hand of Almighty!!! And I'm not gonna conform to a load of bull$#!+ from all the freaky Far Right either!!! IMPEACH GOVERNOR OTTER!!!!!

I think that taking aim at the farmers and their families source of income is more devastating than the cause you stand for. I have friends in Idaho that are potato farmers and they are against the killing of wolves. You are wanting to punish families with the same belief's as your own, because of where they live and what they do to take care of themselves and their family's. If you depended on a potato crop to take care of your family and you lived in Idaho. I wonder. Would you put yourself, your own family, your homes, and your own lively hood in jeopardy. Would you risk your life savings for your cause. I really do not have to wonder what your answer is. but I do know human nature. FoA comments: If we lived in Idaho, we would be daily protesting to the government against the killing of wolves, holding meetings and getting the wolf-killing policy changed or the bums who created it voted out. In this world it's not enough to just say you don't like something, you have to work for change. Boycotts are effective methods of bringing about change.

Shouldn't we be boycotting meat? it's not the farmers who want our wildlife dead it's the ranchers who want wolves, buffalo and horses dead for their dirty meat businesses. i say boycott meat!!

wovles kill, they kill everything, not the sick, or the weak they just kill. You think a pregnant elk is weaker of the species? Well ill tell you when that wolf chases that herd down she is deffiently going to be the slowest of the species. The wolves should have never been reintroduced to the area. It has causes nothing but choas and you bunch of whinny losers who have probably never seen a wolf in the wild start bitching when they open a season on them. I say kill them all and give a boost to the econmy and help the farmers.

Reason 1: Without wolves and other large predators, ecosystems can go haywire. A 2001 study (PDF) found that when wolves went extinct in Yellowstone, for example, the moose population ballooned to five times its normal size and demolished woody vegetation where birds nested. As a result, several bird species were eliminated in the park. Reason 2: Scavengers thrive when wolves are around. The species that help themselves to wolves' leftovers include (PDF) ravens, magpies, wolverines, bald eagles, golden eagles, three weasel species, mink, lynx, cougar, grizzly bear, chickadees, masked shrew, great gray owl, and more than 445 species of beetle. Reason 3: Wolf kills are also good for the soil. A 2009 study in Michigan's Isle Royale National Park found that wolf-killed elk carcasses dramatically enhanced levels of nitrogen and other nutrients. Reason 4: Wolf kills feed more animals than hunting by humans, since wolves scatter their carrion over the landscape. Wolf kills benefit (PDF) three times more species than human hunting kills. The carcass above was a bull elk killed by a pack of eight wolves in Agate Creek, Yellowstone. The skeleton was picked clean by wolves and scavengers in less than five days. Reason 5: When wolves disappeared from Yellowstone, coyotes preyed on pronghorn almost to the point of no return. But since wolves have returned, the pronghorn have come back. In fact, pronghorns tend to give birth near wolf dens, since coyotes steer clear of those areas. Reason 6: Deer and elk congregate in smaller groups (PDF) when wolves are around. This helps reduce the transmission of illnesses like Chronic Wasting Disease. Reason 7: Chronic Wasting Disease is a major threat to elk and deer in the West. Wolves can help by reducing sick animals' lifespans, in turn limiting the amount of time they can spread infections. Reason 8: Yellowstone elk are less likely to overgraze near rivers and streams—damaging fragile ecosystems—when wolves are in the neighborhood. Reason 9: Wolves help protect against climate change. A 2005 UC Berkeley study in Yellowstone concluded that milder winters, a product of climate change, have led to fewer elk deaths. This left scavengers like coyotes and ravens scrambling for food, but the problem was far less pervasive in areas where wolves were around to hunt elk. Reason 10: Wolf tourism is an economic boon (PDF). Restoration of wolves in Yellowstone has cost about $30 million, but it's brought in $35.5 million annual net benefit to the area surrounding the park.

The sort of human being who takes pleasure in killing animals is fundamentally flawed,lacking in compassion for living creatures.Studies have clearly shown that people like that are far more likely to be a menace to other people. Unfortunately, the Governor is far too ignorant to appreciate this and thinks he must live up to his puerile nickname-or is "Butch" short for "Butcher"?

Sherrill, do I have permission to use your comment as an e-mail to send to the governors?