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Howl-In, Phone-In for Wolves, Tues. Aug. 30 in New York City

August 29, 2011 | Take Action / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Wolves
photo by John Hyde

The New York City office of Friends of Animals is staging a Howl-in, Phone-In to protest a wolf extermination scheme set to begin in Idaho on Tuesday, August 30, 2011, and in Montana on September 3rd.

The Howl-In, Phone-In is taking place at the entrance to Central Park at Columbus Circle on Tuesday, August 30-from 12:00-2:00PM. We'll be placing calls, and mailing postcards, to the three governors-demanding the slaughter be canceled immediately, and pressing a tourism boycott of those states.

Friends of Animals' president, Priscilla Feral, says, "What's about to happen to gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming-who are a vital part of the ecosystem-is vile. Governors of these states are subjecting wolves to pogroms from the Middle Ages."

Because gray wolves were taken off the Endangered Species List in the Northern Rockies-through a rider placed in the 2011 federal budget bill-they unfortunately face state-sponsored slaughter in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. It's estimated that only 1,500 gray wolves remain in those three states.

Friends of Animals has announced an economic and travel boycott of these three states-including Yellowstone National Park, which exists in all three-until wolves are no longer persecuted.

What: Howl-In, Phone-In for Wolves

When: 12:00 PM-2:00 PM

Where: Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park-59th St between Central Park South & Broadway in Manhattan

Why: Protest the state-sponsored wolf-killing in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.


Please contact Edita Birnkrant, New York Director of Friends of Animals

Email or Phone: (212) 247-8120


wolves were here before any of us and hunted the lands for centuries man shows up and takes the land over and thinks that wolves are a threat to livestock. We are a threat to the wolves people need to get out of the past and learn that we took the forest and land from them. They have the right to hunt where they want.just because we are man don't give us the right to kill animals just because they do what nature tells them! if that is the case should we be allowed to kill people we don't like?

This is wrong, all of our calls against this have basically gone unheard. These men who can kill will one day be no more, I am sick of these killers of God's creation, who are so eager to kill and somehow find satisfaction killing and their worthless and meaningless trophy that will end with them, one day soon, a blessing for the rest of life and God's creation.

It is an abomination to the Creator that people are wanting to destroy part of His creation (wolves) as all have a particular job in nature and to keep the balance. These wolves are beautiful majestic wonderful creatures who only take out the weak in nature thus strengthening other species. Been in with 1 wolf pack for 14 yrs. LINDA

you know what i don't understand, how somebody can go out and shoot an unarmed defenseless animal, unless there just very low educated and don't have the brain capacity to understand wright from wrong, any real human would find that degrading,as far as these 3 governors of these 3 states,i guess there states are thriving,low unemployment,economically sound,surplus budgets, real estate values souring, i doubt it,this wolf hunt takes the real issues that they were elected to fix off the voters minds, this just tells me there to stupid to solve the real problems that effect there states and they must think the voters are just as stupid,killing innocent animals more important than creating jobs mr governor,let me know how that flies at your re-election.right now elected officials should be only focusing on the economy, not trying to wipe out every living thing that walks the earth.i will bet any amount of money these 3 states governors have neither the education or knowledge to solve the real problems facing there states, and that is why these 3 states will lag in the recovery.if you live in these 3 states ,start looking to replace your officials who support such a stupid act and give them there walking papers,they don't know what the real issues are or how to solve its going to cost your states in the long run.last time i checked i did not hear about any wolfs. robbing houses,stealing cars,selling drugs,so whats actually being accomplished buy killing an animal that is afraid of humans and has never attacked a human.this kill does not sound like it has accomplished CRAP.YOU GOT TO KILL A WOLF, BUT YOUR STILL LOOSING YOUR HOME AND CANT FIND A JOB. really does that sound like you elected the wright person. the hunt is actually going to loose money for the state,but don't worry,these einstiens will just raise your taxes to cover there lack of there intelligence to solve the real problems.MAKE SURE YOU CALL AND THANK THEM FOR BLOWING YOUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS.


The fact that we have people like these governors and citizens who engage in slaughtering intelligent feeling animals is sickening to say the least. One problem is that these individuals are never willing to look at themselves for change by taking self responsibility for the personal and systemic problems which are contributing factors in bringing America to it's possible demise. They would rather engage in a form of scapegoating whether an external focus on wolves or even particular groups of people. When faced with psychological and/or sociological conflicts people tend to blame and project their pain onto other beings/animals. To these killers of life this is fun and it releases their feelings of guilt and shows their lack of empathy for living beings/animals. I wrote a letter to the Gov. of Idaho stating my concerns. He didn't even respond. The letter was well balanced and fair. All I asked for was that he try and listen to other peoples' points of view even if he disagreed. That maybe others have a point as well. I am not a liberal or conservative, or a PETA rep, all I have is a love and respect for animals and I ask that people respect that; And listen to those of us who share this point of view by engaging in a dialectic where hopefully a alternate solution to a mass slaughter could be agreed upon. This is what America is about. Thanks, Jimmy

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