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Next step to end devocalization of dogs/cats in NYS--please act now!

May 21, 2012 | Dogs / Cats / Take Action / Miscellaneous

Time's Running Out to Protect NYS Dogs & Cats From Vocal Cord Mutilation.

Meet Lola & Porter: Both of These Dogs Were Devocalized & Dumped.

Urge the NYS Senate Agriculture Committee to Release the Devocalization Ban--and Prevent This Cruelty--NOW

Call May 21-24

Make sure other animal lovers do too by posting this link to your Facebook page.

Countdown to June 21: That's when the 2011-12 NYS legislative session ends. Without your continued activism, it could also be the end of our hope for an enforceable law banning devocalization. This practice is so cruel, it has long been illegal in many countries and since 2010 in Massachusetts. It's time for New York to step up.

You may have contacted certain NYS lawmakers already.

Here's why you now need to call members of the Senate Agriculture Committee:

Senate Bill 6167A (S6167A) can't pass unless it gets a floor vote before the session ends in just four short weeks. That can't happen until it's released from the Agriculture Committee and after that, the Senate Codes Committee. It needs to move without delay.

Problem is, Agriculture has held S6167A since January, with no sign of letting go.

An aide reportedly told pro-animal callers this humane bill is "not important enough to consider."

We respectfully disagree.

We think protecting dogs' and cats' voices, wellbeing and lives is plenty important. Please help lawmakers understand that.

FIRST: Tell These Two Powerful Senators That You'd Like NYS to Prohibit Devocalization of Dogs & Cats NOW.

Tell the office of Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos at 518-455-3171: "I'd like the senator's help ensuring S6167A becomes law this session, without amendments that would change its intent or reduce enforceability."

Tell the office of Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Patty Ritchie at 518-455-3438: "Please ask the senator to release S6167A from Agriculture favorably now, without amendments that would change its intent or reduce enforceability. It deserves a floor vote!"

Be Sure to Call Committee Members Too.
They've Heard From Pro-Devocalization Lobbies.
Now They Need to Hear From Pro-Animal Voices!

Agriculture committee members have been lobbied relentlessly by the veterinary association to defeat this humane bill-vets profit from devocalization! They need to hear from you. Emails are often ignored and online petitions don't influence lawmakers. But every call counts.

Which Committee Members Should You Call? Start With ...

... your own senator (in Albany, not Washington) if s/he is on this list. Don't know who that is? Type your address in the Find My Senator form here:

Then Call the Rest If You Can. If You Can't Call Them All ...

Please make at least two calls--in addition to Senators Ritchie and Skelos. Here's a way to ensure each senator gets some.

If you have a dog, call numbers 1-2.
If you have a cat, call numbers 3-4.
If you have both, call numbers 5-6.
If you have neither, call numbers 7-9-then adopt a pet from a local shelter or rescue group!

Senate Agriculture Committee

1. Sen. Tony Avella, 518-455-2210
2. Sen. Patrick M. Gallivan, 518-455-3471
3. Sen. Shirley L. Huntley, 518-455-3531
4. Sen. Timothy M. Kennedy, 518-455-2426
5. Sen. Thomas. F. O'Mara, 518-455-2091
6. Sen. Michael H. Razenhofer, 518-455-3161
7. Sen. James. L. Seward, 518-455-3131
8. Sen. David J. Valesky, 518-455-2838
9. Sen. Catharine Young, 518-455-3563

What to Say to an Aide: "Please ask the senator to release S6167A from Agriculture favorably now, without amendments that would change its intent or reduce enforceability. It deserves a floor vote!"

Some aides may try to confuse you; some are argumentative. Don't debate. Repeat your message politely and say "thank you."

Get voicemail? Leave a brief message, then call back till you speak with an aide. Don't give up!
Be an informed advocate. Read about the issue and amendments that would hurt animals.

New York Against Devocalization

Friends of Animals


Such an inhumane and unnecessary cruelty :-0

La trovo una pratica mostruosa e disumana,che deve essere abolita assolutamente!

The question "du jour", asked by everyone in the video is, "what KIND of a person would DO this to an animal, knowing of the complications which often arise? The only answer I can fathom is those in the medical community, with sadistic tendencies, who've who've traded their conscience, compassion and sense of ethics in exchange for the almighty dollar. As much as I hate to say it, those who practice such barbaric butcher-block procedures are a DISGRACE to the medical community.

Please pull together to ban this cruelty wherever it exists. No animal deserves this and no ethical vet would perform this.

It is tremendously cruel to devocalize an animal. It,s lifelong pain and hell for them.

This is the most horrible cruel thing i can think of right now. Why on earth is this even being considered., next they will want to take out our voice box. Dogs are damn near considered humans since they have human personalities, they are truly "man's best friend" they are therapeutic and members of families, animals save lives every day.Really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! find something else to do.We have got to stop this

Really. Animals have rights to live in New York just as much as humans do.

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