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51,200 Dead Oregon Cows Not Killed By Wolves! Where's The Media?

September 28, 2011 | Wolves / Hunting & Wildlife Management / Free-Living Animals

Howling For Justice

by Nabeki

Slated to die. Alpha Male Imnaha Pack 2009

Photo: Courtesy ODFW

Ok, 51,200 cows died in Oregon in 2010 from non-predation causes. (NASS 2010) This should be front page news, right? When wolves are involved in miniscule livestock losses they make the front pages of local media. So what about those 51,200 cows that weren't killed by wolves?

ODFW is planning on killing the alpha male (pictured left) and another wolf from the Imnaha Pack, for tiny livestock losses. Yet huge numbers of cows drop dead in Oregon every year and all we hear is "crickets".

So here we are, two wolves facing a death sentence. Apparently they are being tracked right now.

"A department hunter is looking first for a member of the pack not collared with a radio transmitter, Morgan said. Then he will go after the alpha male, which goes by the number OR4 and sired the first pups in Oregon since wolves began moving back into the state from Idaho in the 1990s."

The alpha female and her pup of the year will be left to face the winter alone, with no help to bring down prey.

Here is B-300 (see video) better known as "Sophie", crossing into Oregon in 2008. She would later become the alpha female of the Imnaha Pack. Look at her scampering along, beautiful and healthy. Little did she know what she was getting into.

In protest of ODFW's egregious intention to slaughter two perfectly healthy Imnaha wolves, leaving just the alpha female and her pup of the year, two Portland Animal Defense League protesters, Stephanie Taylor and Justin Kay, chained themselves to the ODFW headquarter doors with bike locks.

Two arrested during protest against wolf killings

September 27, 2011

By Brian MacMillan

For nearly an hour and a half Tuesday morning, protestors took over the front entrance of the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Salem.

"We've tried everything from phone calls to the governor, phone calls here, letter writing, protests. Finally today, it ended with an act of civil disobedience," said Tim Hitchins, with the Portland Animal Defense League.

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The sad news is this is probably the end of the Imnaha Pack.

"ODFW has been under really intense pressure from the cattlemen," Pedery said from Portland, Ore. "This is really a kill order on the pack. It is very unlikely the mother and her pup will survive the winter unless they feed on gut piles (left by deer and elk hunters), which puts them at risk of poachers, or feed on livestock. They really have little hope of bringing down a deer or elk by themselves."

Oregon had 1,300,000 cattle at the beginning of 2011. Wolves apparently were responsible for 14 cow losses in 1.5 years. But thousands and thousands of cows were keeling over in Oregon from all manner of things, not wolf related.

Digestive problems -- Respiratory problems -- Metabolic problems -- Mastitis -- Lameness/injury -- Other diseases -- Weather related -- Calving problems -- Poisoning -- Theft (NASS 2010)

Why aren't ranchers squawking about this? Those losses COULD affect their "bottom line", not 14 supposed wolf depredations.

Isn't it time to call this situation what it is. If if looks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it's a duck. Plain and simple intolerance of wolves is ruling the day in eastern Oregon. Apparently ranchers don't want them there and that's what's driving this train. The wishes of Oregon's wildlife advocates and others, who would enjoy seeing wild wolves, apparently don't count. The scapegoating and hysteria that plague the other wolf states has apparently taken hold in Oregon. Shame. This has completely altered my view of the state.

51,200 dead cows not killed by wolves. Where's the media??

Wolf kill order could spell end of Oregon pack
Please continue to call Oregon's Governor Kitzhaber (503-378-4582) to protest the kill order on the two Imnaha wolves. Ask why wolves are being treated like criminals, collared, tracked continually, when obviously these losses are ridiculously miniscule.


Another uneducated decision made my uneducated individuals who have no insight into what is actually going on.

I think we also need to question the lifestyle that supports the cattlemen who have convinced legislators to kill wolves. If we eat cow flesh and/or drink milk, use leather, or support rodeo even by watching it on TV, we contribute to this industry and the power it holds on legislators.

Can we start a petition to stop them from killing the wolves?

I do not understand heartless people.. Those who think animals are useless and do not need to exist in peace and love.. Most people are rotten (IMHO)

What has become of this country and why aren't we stopping these people? Isn't it our money that supports these cretins?? Time to get mad and fed up here folks. Call every elected official you know and tell them they will NOT be reelected if they sit back and watch this crap happen!!! Just called and spoke to Megan at Gov office. She said Fish and wildlife is just carrying out what they decided was "management" of the wildlife 10 YEARS AGO!!! Can you imagine???? I told her we don't kill wolves here in CT just because a wolf is doing what is natural to him. She said she would register the call and tell the Governor!! CALL CALL CALL and let him know this will be his last term in office, ANY office for that matter if this isn't changed!!!

Stop blaming wolves for killing livestock ... and stop killing wolves for no good reason! This outrage needs to be stopped immediately. There aren't that many wolves in the U.S. that could kill this many cows ... stop the lies and the slaughter!

leave the wolves alone they don't deserve this kind of treatment. They didn't kill the cows!

This is insane and unspeakable! What can be done? It's hard to believe that the Obama administration and their cowboy Interior Secretary made this possible with the sneaky support of Sen. Tester and Simpson's revolting wolf-kill rider, and their continuing promotion of this tragic travesty. I volunteered and donated and voted for this? Not in a million years. It was the last thing I expected. I thought the environment and wildlife finally had a friend after the eight disastrous years of Bush. How wrong I was. These guys are just as bad and worse. I am so deeply disappointed and dismayed. What can we do for the wolves? Have the other wildlife groups deserted them? I just wonder what I can really do right now.

Ignorant, dark souled idiots......................

It's an outrage, but don't we all know by now that the government doesn't need a reason to kill animals. They do it for the pleasure. Animals are part of nature and we can't possibly keep nature alive. Did they look into why/what killed the cattle? Most likely not, because then it would look REALLY bad when they kill all of the wolves and any other animals.


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