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FoA Calls On Victoria, BC to Ban Seal Products

April 09, 2010 | Seals

Victoria could be the first Canadian city to publicly decry the seal slaughter on the East Coast.

Victoria, BC - Friends of Animals is calling on Victoria City Council to ban the sale of seal products in the city limits. "A new approach is needed; clearly the top-down effort for the last four decades hasn't had an impact on getting Newfoundland or Ottawa to stop the slaughter on East Coast ice. Perhaps if individual Canadian cities, and eventually whole provinces, ban seal products, Ottawa will finally get the message that the Canadian public wants to see an end to this bloodbath. Let's begin with Victoria, a city traditionally active against the seal kill." Friends of Animals was one of the first groups to oppose the seal slaughter in the late 60's and has continued as a vocal opponent over the decades. The US banned seal products in the 70's, followed by Mexico, and now Europe has banned the import of seal products as well. The only marketable product from the seal slaughter is seal fur and seal oil in the form of capsules, neither of which have any popularity nor market demand in Victoria, and wider Canada. Internationally, demand for seal fur has dwindled.

It's a senseless practice, and sensible folk are left wondering why it continues. Very little money can be made, as seal pelts are at all-time low prices, and fuel costs are at highs. For Newfoundland and Ottawa to expect individuals to risk their lives and rely on this for income is nearly as cruel as the practice itself. Friends of Animals maintains that long-lasting and fulfilling jobs need to be provided, and that throwing people to the ice to kill helpless animals is a unacceptable by their government's representatives. Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, describes the seal slaughter: "It was one of the most gruesome spectacles I have ever witnessed. Utterly horrifying to watch fur seals as their skulls were bashed in. I feel sick this time every year, knowing what's about to happen." The seal slaughter is set to begin on Thursday, April 8th, 2010. Friends of Animals is calling on the animal-loving population and City Councilors of Victoria to speak up and end any support or involvement in the east coast seal slaughter, and this will be accomplished through banning products from the killing.


These sadistic (hate to call them humans) beings need to get a real job, not out bashing defenseless animals to death. What must they be thinking when a seal pup looks at them just before the club strikes? I could not live with these pictures in my head.

Please help the Harp seals to survive by banning all seal products in your region. Please set the example for the rest of Canada to follow by stopping this horrific slaughter of innocent and defenseless seals and their pups. Thank you.

Please stop this senseless slaughtering of these precious seals. Stop the Greed! These are God's creatures.

Please...we have so many alternatives. We can show our ability to express kindness to animals while making life better for ourselves.

STOP!! Stop the slaughter of the seals!! It is NOT for food! The ONLY way it should be legal, is if the SEALS get the first shot at YOU!!!!! THAT I would pay to see!!!

Citizens of Victoria and the East Coast, PLEASE, stop purchasing any kind of Seal product. If enough people do this, the need for Seal skins will drop and so will the slaugtering of the Seals. Eventually, if this is done constantly and spreads, the slaughter just might end. FINALLY! "We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals." --Immanuel Kant


I certainly support efforts to ban seal products both in Canada and the United States

In almost every other respect one of the most humane and peace loving nations in the world, the seal hunt stands out as a huge blot on the very nation which could otherwise be the leader in pointing this planet the direction to all species living in peace, non-violence, and harmony.

there is no excuse for ANY human being to wear fur. I am 77 years old and have NEVER owned a fur coat, live in New England with cold winters, skied for years and had plenty of good warm clothing that did not involve the murder of innocent animals!


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