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Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Unleashed on Sandhill Cranes

September 03, 2010 | Hunting & Wildlife Management

Friends of Animals Calls on Minnesotans and All Bird Advocates to Defend Birds

For Immediate Release: 3 Sept. 2010

Contact: Parker Lewis by EMAIL

Priscilla Feral by EMAIL

Who'd want to be an animal around us? Horses chased down with helicopters. Geese gassed in New York. And now it's a sandhill crane hunting season in Minnesota, scheduled for the 4th of September through October 10th.

Who are these scary animals on whom the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is turning hunters loose? Tall, graceful beings with sandy feathers and bright red heads. They usually mate for life. They teach their young to dance to acquire the precision and agility required for their mid-continental flights.

But that's not how Bill Penning of the Department of Natural Resources describes them. Penning says, "I've never eaten them, but everyone says they're delicious."*

· CONTACT: Bill Penning, Farmland Wildlife Program Leader at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources: EMAIL 651-259-5230 / 651-296-0704

As explained in coverage by the Star-Tribune, hunters will pursue sandhill cranes as they do geese, deploying decoys. Nontoxic shot, we're assured, will be required.

Well, the officials themselves need controlling. Even groups that don't oppose hunting have raised alarm bells over this, as it looks like the DNR sneaked its way around the normal public comment process:

Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral said, "Minnesotans haven't hunted sandhill cranes birds since 1916. Why now? Advocates, communicate your views now, before this latest display of human arrogance turns into the newest cycle of torment."

· CONTACT: Mark Holsten, Commissioner: EMAIL 651-259-5555 / 651 259-5022 Ask that this hunt be stopped.

· CONTACT: Office of the Governor: EMAIL 651-296-3391 Website -- Ask that this hunt be stopped.

· CONTACT: media. Tell the Star-Tribune this is no sport: Website

"Outdoors" reporter Doug Smith: Website

* Quote source: Doug Smith, [Minneapolis-St.Paul] Star Tribune: "Minnesota crane hunt returning after 94 years" (19 Jul. 2010).

Friends of Animals, founded in 1957, advocates for the right of animals to live free according to their own terms.


I hope everyone will pass this along, as well as contact the officials mentioned above. Let your voice be heard. It's the only way we stop this!

The people of Fairbanks, Alaska celebrate the Sandhill Cranes in August and then send them on their way to Minnesota for the people of Minnesota to call them in with decoys to slaughter them and eat them. They are beautiful, tall, long legged birds with red heads who mate for life. They call out softly to each other with a sweet purring call. What is wrong with the human race? And why does Bill Penning speak for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources? Please find another spokesperson who is less barbaric more empathetic to our fellow creatures.

This is outrageous and so very saddening. These beautiful creatures do not deserve this they mate for LIFE . They will mourn when their mate is killed and they are left behind. How is it that we as human being the supposed most advanced beings can do this. Maybe that is the problem we are to advanced so much so that we have lost sight of the important things in life.

Things like this make me want to resign from the human race. To animals-we really are the devil.

I have sent emails to everyone mentioned above and I agree with all the posts here. Why? It cannot be a sport when the rival team doesn't stand a chance. The hunters/killers have weapons, they have it all planned. The sandhill cranes, all they want is to find a little food to survive after their cross continental flight. Please, Minnesota, STOP. Hunting doesn't make you powerful. Feel the LOVE and admiration others feel when they watch wildlife. Enjoy watching and respecting them.

More government ignoraqnce and killings!!!

A quote from the Wicker Man, " If animals could conceive of the devil, it would come to them in human form". Humans, unbelievable...............

I am so tired of hearing about how man NEEDS to extinguish every other living creature on this planet!! STOP MINNESOTA!!!!

I am so ashamed of the people we have become. I am not an activist and understand sometimes the over population of deer requires elimination instead of starvation. These birds are so beautiful and I can't imagine there would be enough meat on one bird to feed a family. I want to know why this law has changed! I may not be an activist now but if someone can explain this to me I might start to fight with the rest of you! Thank you to all of those who keep up with this type of inhumane behavior! FoA comments: The killing of individuals to prevent their starvation? Is that the solution proposed for human over-population as well? Humans have to learn that killing is the solution to nothing.

The human race surely must be an experiment gone very wrong!...Those of us who empathize with animals and underdogs must be an aberration in this experiment.


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