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Save Free-Roaming Horses Now: See You at Columbus Circle Protest & Press Conference

January 08, 2010 | Take Action

Where: Columbus Circle. 59th Street, Central Park entrance

When: Sunday, January 17th, 1pm-3pm

Wild horses and burros of the west are under siege and you're needed to stop this. Join us on Sunday, January 17th, from 1-3pm, in busy Columbus Circle, where Friends of Animals, The Cloud Foundation, the Equine Welfare Alliance, and In Defense of Animals will hold a demonstration and press conference demanding an end to the roundup and removal of free-living horses on the Nevada Range. Let's tell the media and public that this madness must stop now. Free-roaming horses and burros must be respected: not sterilized, not privatized, not slaughtered.

Assaults on these horses runs counter to the spirit of federal law in place for 39 years. We can end the terrifying roundups, and ensure free-roaming horses and burros receive genuine and full protection of the law -- but only by raising our voices and acting in large numbers.

Our demonstration is part of a nationwide initiative to press the Obama Administration and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to stop the roundup and removal of wild mustangs and burros that's happening right now, and call for a Congressional investigation into the Wild Horse and Burro Program currently under the direction of the BLM.

We assert that the only way to truly protect free-living horses on the pockets of lands that constitute their habitat is to empower them to remain free.

The U.S. government's willingness to serve the interests of agribusiness by cheaply leasing it nearly all public lands with any forage potential compromises the well-being of wild horses on the very rangelands the government is charged with protecting. The root of this problem lies with ranchers raising animals for slaughter: Horses are being removed so that they don't compete with cows, sheep and other animals for water and grasses.

The time has come for the BLM to do the job of protecting and respecting wild horses and burros. Their social lives and freedoms are destroyed when they're yanked from public lands and privatized by either the BLM or residents who adopt them. The members and supporters of Friends of Animals demand that these horses remain free and wild on public lands.

Posters will be provided.

If you cannot attend to demonstration we urge you to call the White House and ask Obama to STOP the horse & burro roundups now:

Call the White House: 202.456.1111

For more information, or to RSVP, contact Edita by Email , or by phone at 212.247.8120


Horses have selflessly done so much for mankind throughout history we owe the wild mustangs better than this. Its all about money, land and ranchers. GREED! FoA comments: The issue here is not the selflessness of horses but the selfishness of humans and their exploitation of this planet beyond any reasonable need.

This is sadly another instance of human beings determining that there are "too many" of a certain animal and deciding that these animals need to be removed. This shows a profound level of disrespect for free-living animals.

Please stop the horse and burro roundup. These beautiful animals are a part of our American heritage. Once these wonderful, wild and free animals are gone, they cannot be brought back again. Please discontinue this scheduled roundup now!!! Thank you!

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