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Weir says he'll wear faux, not fox fur, after receiving 'threats'

January 28, 2010 | Animal Rights / Fur

The Canadian Press

By Nancy Armour (CP)

Animal rights groups can leave Johnny Weir alone now.

Weir will replace the fox on his costume with faux fur after receiving "hate mail and death threats" from animal rights activists, agent Tara Modlin said Thursday.

"He's changing it because he needs to focus on skating," she said.

Friends of Animals posted an open letter to Weir after he added white fox fur to the left shoulder of his free skate costume for the U.S. Figure Skating Championships. On Tuesday, the animal advocacy group called his costume designer, Stephanie Handler, and faxed a press release about its open letter to her business.

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Like you, Peter Hood, I don't believe he received death threats from animal advocates; IF he received threats, I would bet they were from the people defending the use of fur---in an effort to divert the attention away from the real issue: the animals who suffer and die in vain for human vanity. I am, however, glad Johnny Weir had a change of heart. Maybe it's only a step in the right direction, but a good step nonetheless.

I doubt Mr. Weir got very much "hate" mail as he claims. He is moving on to faux fur because of Ms. Feral's letter, and the renewed attention he realizes will follow from mainstream animal rights groups who refuse to accept his weak and stunningly selfish excuses. Mr. Weir is looking for sponsors, and he knows that growing controversy on this issue will impede that. Rumblings were beginning that viewers would begin to boycott sponsors who ran commercials on his upcoming reality series, among other problems. Bravo to Ms. Feral and FoA, who have quickly accomplished at least a partial resolution to this offensive man's boorishness. Frankly, faux fur is not the answer: glorifying animals as clothing, even if faked, is unfortunate.


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