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Open Letter to American Figure Skater Johnny Weir

January 20, 2010 | Fur

Dear Johnny Weir,

Johnny Weir
Johnny Weir

A recent New York Times article discussed your quest for the gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics.

The author mentioned your outfit had a "touch of fox" on the shoulders, and, despite your third place showing at the United States Figure Skating Championships on Sunday, you thought your outfit "looked pretty."

Please consider that there's nothing pretty about the fox that suffered and died to trim your outfit. The beautiful fox was likely anally electrocuted, or may have had its head bashed in, only to serve as decoration for someone's performance.

If you buy fur, no matter what size piece, or which animal it comes from, you're supporting an industry that has no respect for animals.

You say that you want to bring an "artistic style" to the Olympics, stating that "everyone can do jumps." But, as past Olympic champions have shown us, style isn't everything. In addition to skill, you must also have a sense of decorum in order to bring home the gold. And projecting a conscientious view of the planet's animals is a starting point.

While you may believe that wearing fur is a "personal choice," kindly know that the animals you wear had no such choice. The fur doesn't magically slide off these beautiful beings. Their nightmare begins in the cramped cages they spend their lives in, where they are forced to lay in their own feces, and ends with first cut in their anuses. Or maybe some animals you wear were caught in leghold traps, and struggled in vain to gnaw off their legs? Either way, there is nothing glamorous or pretty about the cruelty they endured. And it can't be morally justified either.

Friends of Animals urges you, for the sake of humanity, your Olympic ambitions and the hopes of all Americans this winter, to stop wearing the skins of animals. Instead, wow the judges with amazing performances. In the end, nobody cares what a figure skater wears. You will only be judged on your performance and the strength of your character.

Priscilla Feral
President of Friends of Animals


This is not something to be proud of.

You are a wonderful example of what not to look up to...what an idiot...not only do you look like a jerk in the picture, you obviously don't care one bit about your so called fans...including young up and coming skaters who idiolize you. Set some standards for these children, and while your at it, set some standards for standards! Maybe you should concentrate more on being a compassionate human being than trying to skate your best. If you are not the best person you can be, all else fails to matter.

Sir: How can you think that a costume trimmed with the fur of a dead animal looks "pretty"? It must take some level of intelligence to about using some of it before buying fur? Wearing fur shows your arrogance, ignorance and lack of compassion for another living being. None of this is good. You may believe that wearing fur is a “personal choice”. FYI, the animals you wear had no such choice! Fur doesn’t magically slide off these beautiful beings backs. They are usually anally electrocuted after being stabbed. PRETTY? That animals nightmare begins in cramped cages they spend their lives in, they are forced to lay in their own feces, some bred to death. Life ends with first cut in their anuses. Other dead animals you wear were caught in leghold traps, struggling in vain to gnaw off their legs and escape. PRETTY? Either way, there is nothing glamorous or pretty about the cruelty endured. This can’t be morally justified. I am ashamed to see you flaunting a display of fur and representing a civilized nation. You know that your ignorance and lack of compassion will be broadcast all over the world. Shame on you! Inadvertently I hope you have become a voice for the thousands of eviscerated animals these wardrobes represent. Find out about the portrait of Dorian Grey....and check your mirror daily, little vain,stupid, heartless spoiled brat.

It is sad that someone blessed with such talent was not also blessed with a compassionate heart. I hope your heart will open and you will hear that your actions set an example for others and take that seriously and behave accordingly.

Furs should be banned immediately!

The fox that died for your frivolous costume was more agile, swift, and athletic than you can ever hope to be. Think about it.

It's obvious that Johnny Weir doesn’t deserve to be on the US Olympic Team. His fur fetish and vanity over talent should be all the red flags the US Olympic Committee needs to knock him off. Just because Johnny is able to gain some publicity, it doesn’t mean the Committee should give him free ride over more qualified skaters. Really, is vanity what the Olympics are about? It seems that he cares more about how dead animals look on him then his performances on the ice. Johnny Weir is an embarrassment, not a star.

If this guy is as talented as he thinks he is, fur won't help him. It will hinder him. Seems to me he realizes he is outclassed and is hoping for a job later on the Ice Capades. Maybe a fox should wear him.

Congratulations tonight to Friends of Animals! What a victory!! Johnny Weir didn’t wear fur for both the short and long program. Because of you, the world learned the evils of the fur industry. Thank you!

I wanted him so bad to fall flat on his face in the finals... but he did even better all on his own... He did not even place!! One word... KHARMA!!! wooohooooo


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