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Help Protect Canada's Polar Bears

March 04, 2010 | Bears
polar bear

Canada's polar bears are already threatened in numerous ways, and now Canada plans to oppose the motion to protect them at the CITES summit beginning March 13th in Qatar. Action is needed!

Please review our Media Release and Action Alert for more background information, send our action postcard, and please feel free to post your comments below.

Next, select the appropriate ACTION ITEM if you're a Canadian or Non-Canadian:

* Canadian Action Request
* International Action Request

Thank you for taking a stand today for polar bears.


I would like to believe that Canada will eventually take action to protect its own heritage and natural wealth since staying indifferent to any form of life around us will only lead to our slow and gradual extinction!

Well...I just comprehend why people today treat animals in such an outrageous way, not caring whatsoever about these beings. Do they not realize that they are still living entities? How would it be like if we treated their boys and girls exactly the same way, would they like it? I suppose not. Seems to me that human beings still remain the most harmful creatures of them all.

I am really surprised to find out that Canada is planning on opposing helping the threatened polar bears. Canada is a beautiful, natural place and I would think that they would do as much as possible to help the bears. Canada should take action and stand up against the others at CITES summit! Don't be a follower because if you just hang around and do nothing then nothing will happen. And something needs to happen to protect these creatures that nature has given us.

SAVE THE POLAR BEARS!! You have been given the 'Duty of Stewardship'.....SERVICE over self interest! There are other ways to accomplish your goals without destroying the animals, the habitat and/or the environment. Find them and be a hero....or don't.....and be less than you could or should be. How will history remember you? The choice is yours.

I find it shocking that Canada is going to oppose the motion at the CITES summit to protect polar bears. All wildlife that depend on pack ice for successful hunting will have difficulty surviving the effects of global warming on their environment. Research has shown that the polar areas are experiencing global warming's effects far more quickly that other land areas. Canada needs to be a leader, rather than a loser, in the efforts to protect polar bears.

I will help in any way to help those sweet bears!!

Having been born and grown up right across the Niagara River from Canada and having many Canadian friends, I know what a peaceful and compassionate nation Canada is. This is why it so puzzles me as to just why the Canadian government is so barbarous and immoral in it's continued support for the extermination and holocaust against the very polar bears which will soon become extinct even without the war against the few remaining Polar Bears. Shame on you Harper. You erase any glory and good will that the Vancouver Games brought to your nation.

Please help those beautiful POLAR BEARS!!!!! They need to be on the government protection!!

Help these poor animals. Take action NOW!!!

I will do whatever it takes in helping our wild life...we as people are so wrong in what we do too are wildlife, and natures most beautiful wonder...


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