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Wolf Biologist Gordon Haber Killed In Plane Crash

October 16, 2009 | Wolves

Friends of Animals sponsored Gordon Haber's remarkable wolf research in Denali National Park and throughout Alaska since 1993. He was the world's expert, the most intelligent voice on Alaska's wolves, and the best friend they had. Gordon's work must carry on; Friends of Animals is dedicated to that effort. His death is tragic. -- Priscilla Feral (story below)

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Tragedy-Gordon Haber Killed In Plane Crash in Denali National Park

Posted October 16th, 2009 by Kurt Repanshek

A noted Alaskan wolf biologist has been killed in a plane crash in a remote area of Denali National Park and Preserve. The pilot, though he suffered burns, was able to walk out and alert authorities.

Dr. Gordon Haber and pilot Dan McGregor had left Wednesday for a flight over the northern end of the park to monitor wolf packs. When the Cessna 185 didn't return on schedule that evening, authorities were notified and an aerial search was mounted by the National Park Service and Alaska State Troopers.

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Pilot survived crash that killed wolf biologist, Gordon Haber, Ph.D

The Associated Press


i knew gordon as a fellow grad student at ubc. a criticism i read of him was that he was a hockey player. he was not so much a hockey player... as a hockey fan of the detroit redwings (his home town) and the edmonton oil kings (my hometown and the farmteam for the redwings). i didn't agree with his stand on wolf control; in my mind wolves are deadly to the young and a prey population's recruitment;-but he never let that interfere with us being friends. i sure admired him for standing up to all his critics. materialism was not a vice, although he did seem to like publicity. that may be what many people didn't like. a good man. not like the lives of most of his colleagues with pleasant government positions and very comfortable, enjoyable low key lives.

i know a lot about wolves. They mean everything to me.I have this strong passion for wolves. All of my interest have suddenly turned to them and only them. Gordon I will finish your mission. I will dedicate my life to you and your passion for wolves like my own. For some strange reason i have suddenly gotten this strong feeling that something is wrong. The feeling that i need to do something for the wolves. I know they need my help! I can feel it! Its like their calling me in a mysterious way. It's weird but i need to help them. I want to protect them as well! No matter what I go through I will protect my beloved wolves. They need our help and if no one else will take that risk than I will. I have just heard about Gordon and his death and I realized that we share the same thing about wolves. So I will find a way to finish his mission. I'd be willing to help out with anything

Gordon and I were drawn together in the 70's because we both had a passion for wildlife and conservation. Thank you, Gordon, for dedicating your PhD thesis to me, for remaining true to yourself, and for inspiring me and many others with your passion and dedication for wolves.

I was a volunteer for The Alaska Wildlife Alliance in the 80's and early 90's and was so fortunate to have had some contact with Gordon then, in the cause of wolf protection. I just returned from the memorial for Gordon here in Anchorage and it was good to see so many people, his friends and upon whom he had such a positive impact. But losing Gordon has left such an enormous hole in the cause for the protection of wolves and all wildlife in Alaska. He never, never gave up. He was so dedicated. Many, many thanks to Friends of Animals for supporting his work for so many years.

I am SO sorry to hear about the death of our colleague, Dr. Gordon Haber...I am also a wolf researcher and have studied his work for a long time and have communicated with him on many occasions..this is a tragic loss for family, friends, colleagues, Denali Park AND sorry for this loss.

I am 18 and studying wolves amd wish I would have got to have known Mr. Haber. He was one of my true heroes and icons in this world.

Dr. Haber is someone I wish I could have had the honor of knowing. Hopefully his work and his life will not be in vain.


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