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Elephant Slaughtering CEO Disgraces Domain Company

April 04, 2011 | Elephants

By Dustin Garrett Rhodes

Bob Parsons, the CEO, posted a video of himself killing an elephant in Zimbabwe-a "rogue" animal who was, according to Parsons and villagers there, killing crops and therefore had to be killed.

It's an all-too-predictable response to a commonly held view of non-human animals: if they are ever an inconvenience to humans, destroy them.

Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals-who has traveled to Zimbabwe as part of the delegation to CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora)-knows first-hand what the killing is really about:

"I am well- aware of the government's support of the ivory trade -- despite its decimation of elephants. The rogue, problem animal is Bob Parsons. Zimbabwe's trophy elephant hunts are all profit-driven, nothing more."

Elephants are the largest land animals on earth, and 25 years ago there were around 1.3 million of them in Africa. It's now estimated that there are around 500,000 on the entire continent-and their primary predators are humans, who mainly kill them illegally for ivory; their populations have suffered because of habitat loss, too. Bob Parson's motivation might be even more frightening: he kills because he enjoys it.

All animals are a vital part of the eco-system; if there is a rogue species, it's human beings. That we disrespect elephants and the countless other animals killed in the name of sport, pleasure and profit is deplorable. Learning to co-exist alongside and respect other animals is key to human and animal survival.

Priscilla Feral sums it up succinctly: "Bob Parsons' elephant-killing commands sympathy for elephants and scorn for trashy Parsons, who invested many thousands of dollars to feel powerful by stealing an elephant's life."

If you have a domain at, we suggest you take your business elsewhere.


Who does Mr Parsons think he is fooling? Clearly, he enjoys killing what he considers "big game". Worse yet, he has concocted a ridiculous story where he comes off as a benevolent benefactor to the poor people of Zimbabwe. He is proud of what he has done and plans to go back again next year. He is a trophy hunter masquerading as a humanitarian. In reality, he is a repulsive little man who feels inadequate and compensates by shooting the largest living creature he can find. How pathetic!

JERK. Nothing special about an ignoramus with a loaded gun, unless he slips and shoots himself. ... The common expression that people use in disgust, how some people are 'like animals'. It's a pity there aren't a lot more people who truly were like animals. They wouldn't kill for thrills,or status or to impress. Only for necessity. Humanity is so very inhumane it makes it embarrassing to be human...

I wonder if our planet will survive long enough, for those of us who understand and care about other species, to be in the majority. From all the groups I'm on, from everything I read and see, our numbers are growing. But it didn't take long, historically speaking, for humans to evolve from a gathering, berry-eating species (for which our bodies were naturally created) to a hunting species; and then to a species which presumes dominion over all others, and now makes these other species the scapegoats for everything we (or they, the perpetrators) want--food, land, sport, entertainment. We encroach on the land that belonged to them, and then self-righteously declare that we're protecting what is "ours." I'm sad for that elephant victim; I'm sad for all the elephants who die at the hands of man. I'm sad for the wolves, the seals, the polar bears, the primates... Yes, the numbers of intelligent, compassionate people are growing. But those of us who care, who do everything we can at a personal level, to protect animals, are still in the minority. And we have to see pictures of people like Parsons, posing proudly over the animal he murdered. And he has to know, inside, that he's a criminal, or he wouldn't have to make the excuse of "protecting" the crops of these natives. He could just say, "I love killing. It's illegal to kill humans; but if I make up excuses, it's OK to kill animals!"

Just switched all my domains to Network Solutions. VERY pleasant, knew all about the elephant and they gave me a FREE YEAR on each account for doing the transfer. Call them or transfer on line. 1-877-632-2081 I feel better already!!

The "excuse" that this was a "rogue" animal destroying crops is just a sham, and the subsequent video a gross publicity stunt which Mr. Parsons misjudged. But in the end, the means to influence ths sort of profit-based decision-making is to change those profit metrics. There are innumerable other vendors to choose for web hosting, any of which can transfer an exisiting domain name over. Outraged consumers should take their business... elsewhere. If enough do so, the death of this elephant (and others) will not be in vain.

You would think with all his MONEY, he could build them a fence or some other cruelty free alternative to protect their crop. I imagine he must have a history of hunting....just an excuse to kill. BYE DADDY!!!!!

More proof that Human Beings are the lowest Life-Form on the Planet. {:^)

Mr. Parsons no longer qualifies as a sentient human, if ever he was one. It's incredible in these days of runaway extinction, such dark days for elephants and all life (please remember that very much includes the all important, all wonderful "us"), that anyone with the slightest grasp of daily living could make such a judgment, commit such an act and pose happily for such a tragic photograph.

I would love just once to switch the roles and have the animal holding the gun.......... Big Daddy is Big A-HOLE!!!!!!

I would like to know, who determined that Mr. Parson was in charge os dispatching "Rogue" animals. A poor animal lost its life for crops?!?! What about the poor animals that are losing their homes, breeding grounds from "Rogue" people who are encroaching on their territory? I assume since they are only dumb animals they have no rights to territory or lands and have no say. We are their voice!! I will certainly pass this email and video to my friends who and let them see what kind of blatant disregard Mr Parson - GoDADDY! has for animals. So proud of himself. Yeah GoDaddy, Go to He____!!!!!


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