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Canada Kills Baby Seals and Exploits Humans

March 21, 2008 | Seals / Press Releases

Friends of Animals Calls for a Town Meeting and an End to Both

Victoria-The killing season is about to begin: 275,000 harp and hooded seal pups are set to be shot or bludgeoned to death off Newfoundland's northeast coast in Canada. Whether one is the killer or the one being killed, it's a brutal and degrading way of life for everyone involved-and Friends of Animals thinks it's time for this tragic, senseless practice to end.

Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, says, "A privileged nation and global power like Canada should take socially responsible action to provide alternative livelihoods to Newfoundlanders and others in economically depressed areas."

While Canada's government claims killing seals is both economically necessary and humane, Canada's economy should not depend on the mass slaughter of seals or any other animal. Reducing living beings to pelts and faddish health supplements is unnecessary, irrational and vicious.; Despite claims to the contrary, there is no ecological reason to kill seals, either; they are killed for the quintessential human vanity: seal fur.

Friends of Animals is now proposing a town meeting in St. John's, Newfoundland to bring two critical issues to the table: the lives of seals and the lives of Canadians who profit from their mass slaughter. Friends of Animals endeavors to find a solution that supports the lives of both. Justice occurs when humans repudiate violence against all animals, human and non-humans alike.

The Canadian government subsidizes the mass slaughter, which directly supports the fur industry. Friends of Animals says it's time for the subsidies and the fur industry to end.

Feral states, "Seals are not commodities. They're more than fur, more than oil. They are living, feeling ocean mammals, entitled to their freedom. The seal hunt must end and Canada's government must assist employees of the seal kill in providing unemployment benefits until other work can be developed."

Climate change, a proposed ban on all seal products by the European Union and a diminishing fur industry are all making seal killing less profitable. Seals, however, should not have to wait for the seal market to collapse before we stop killing them. The slaughter needs to end now.


For the last at least 30 years, other animal welfare organizations have tried to end this slaughter for vanity. I find it hard to believe that after so many years and so much money donationed to help end this barbarity, the senseless killing continues. I am beginning to doubt it ever will...perhaps the seals will have to become extinct before the killing for fur ceases. I certainly hope that FOA's call for a town meeting in St. John's will be a success for the seals and once and for all end the horror of this hunt.

Now the "lofty" and "civilized" Canadians have lost their grounding for moral oneupmanship so often used to look down their noses at Americans. Clean up your own house, Great White Northerners! [Blog editors' note: The silence is deafening, and Canadians apparently find residents of Canada more polite than U.S. residents. What on earth is that about? Why can't we hear Canadians agitating against this abomination?

In response to some of the above posts: 1. I am a vegan, therefore I get to ...moan as much as I want about the inhumane bullshit happening in Canada. 2. Moreover, if you honestly believe that this is humane, I challenge to you have about 10 kids and then club a few of them to death - who needs the extras? 3. I take back what I said before. Please don't procreate.

I think this is highly cruel what these people are doing to these seal pups i watched a video about the clubbing of the hooded seal it is very sad and i would like this to stop I will try my hardest to make it stop I cant do it myself but i'm sure other people agree with me that the killing of the hooded seal should stop immediately

It makes me mad to think of people killing animals and the pictures are not nice. I feel like being sick when I look at them. So stop killing the animals and think about what it is doing to the world.

everyone who is involved in this horrible sport is an idiot. oh yeah that's right. beat that seal killers!!!!!!

Hey, Killing animals is wronqg.! why would you think of killing animals . They might be food to you but animals are made to protect us. that is what regular food is for. RESPECT animals. animals need the respect they deserve. Animals didn't do anything to us for them to be killed by you cruel people.

"Victoria—The killing season is about to begin: 275,000 harp and hooded seal pups" The word pups above represents the first LIE in this story. From there it goes on and on. It has been 28 yrs since the last legaly killed seal pup was killed in Canada by Canadian seal hunters. Although many european operators continue to do it outside of Canadian waters. The WWF, and Sierra Club both admit to this, yet they continue to finance people who perpetuate this theory. The fact is, that there is no other wildlife story on earth that will put money into the protection of wildlife than the baby seal. It is a shame that the pretending that the clubbing of baby seals happens in a country like Canada is the only thing that will break loose the money that wildlife protection really needs. Yes Canada has the largest seal hunt in the world. But it is purely lies that any imature (white) seals have been legally killed since the early eighties. What is it with this perpetual world wide lie? There are plenty of good targets, like the western european beaches flowing with the blood of 500 whales killed on a single day.

I am so sick of people acting as if we are the only important species. Since when did it become fun to kill, life is life regardless of the form it comes in, I just wish there were more smart people and less ignorant ones out there. People who take sport in murder make me sick

I had no idea of this until now! We have some bloke here in Australia who has a factory in some disgusting place overseas making clothes out of baby seals ....I was just wondering who gives anyone the right to make money out of nature as like just take what you like...I don't think so.....


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