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Friends of Animals calls for Idaho potato boycott after governor vows to participate in wolf massacre

August 24, 2009 | Wolves / Press Releases

Contact: Priscilla Feral
Phone: (203) 656-1522

Even though wolves were only taken off the Endangered Species List in Idaho in May, 2009, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter is not only endorsing the proposed trophy hunt this fall, he's vowed to participate in it. He told a group of hunters, "I'm prepared to bid for the first ticket to shoot a wolf myself." The wolf hunt is an apparent effort to boost elk populations for hunters to slaughter, and will begin on September 1, 2009. The permit to kill a wolf costs $11.50-with 220 wolves set to be killed statewide.

Equally dismaying is the fact that Gov. Otter claims to "respect" wolves-making the nonsensical claim, in an interview with The Idaho Statesman, "You can still hate them and respect their cunning and their place in nature."

Friends of Animals' president, Priscilla Feral says, "Gov. Otter's enthusiasm for wolf killing not only demonstrates a complete lack of conscience and understanding of the word 'respect,' it shows a lack of respect for nature and the ecosystem; wolves don't need Gov. Otter-or anyone else-to manage them."

Friends of Animals is calling for a boycott of potatoes grown in Idaho-the largest producer in the United States. One-third of all potatoes are grown in Idaho. Feral adds: "As long as Idaho is in the business of killing wolves, the nature-respecting public should stop buying potatoes there." Look for potatoes grown in Maine, Colorado, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington and other states.


The people who want to have an unlimited number of wolves seem to have no empathy for other species that are being wiped out by the wolves. Hunters pay to have professional fish and game managers balance game populations through habitat restoration and hunting regulation. They know how to do their jobs but cannot because of interference by unreasonable and often ignorant radicals who use the courts to acheive their selfish goals. Boycotting Idaho potatos is extortion and might be illegal. Shipping some wolves to the East Coast might be a good way to share their benefit. FoA comments: No one is asking for " an unlimited wolves number of wolves," but anyone suggesting that fish and game managers have done a good job at managing anything other than their livelihood are approaching the height of unlimited foolishness. But the statement about the legality of the boycott or shipping wolves to the East Coast certainly exceeds the limits for stupidity and may prompt another boycott.

I'm a life-long Idaho resident and animal rights activist who opposes the wolf hunt. However, despite the fact that Idaho is famous for it's delicious potatoes, the crop actually only comprises a small part of the state's economy. If you live in New England, you are most assuredly eating potatoes grown in the lovely state of MAINE, not Idaho. This is a pretty lame plan of attack. You will need to boycott McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, etc.; fast food franchises who buy their frozen french fries almost exclusively from the Simplot Corporation in Southern Idaho. Also, you should lobby for the support of big-name, deep-pockets celebrities and politicians (Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Tom Hanks, Demi Moore, Aston Kutcher, Bruce Willis, Carole King, JOHN KERRY, and others) who maintain residences in Idaho. Target the TOURISM and TIMBER trades - you'll get a lot more mileage than skipping the fries when order a salad at Mickey D.'s. FoA comments: Thanks for the advice. You won't find us at any of the fast-food franchises you've mentioned. We have long ago boycotted them for their continued assaults on animals and the environment. Growing potatoes is a significant part of Idaho's economy, but it was chosen as a symbol for all of Idaho to bring attention to Governor Otter's hatred of wolves.

It is interesting that you refused to post my comment this morning when I mentioned the over 120 sheep killed at one time by a single pack of wolves... FoA comments Pay attention. That subject has been addressed. Stop complaining that wolves are killing sheep while supporting the raising of sheep.

Oh my goodness...this is SO typical of un-educated ignorant rednecks everywhere who love to tote guns. It makes them feel big to shoot innocent helpless animals. It makes them feel smart cause "I bagged me a big one!!" They think it's a sport. The only way hunting will EVER be a sport is if the animal they are stalking has a gun as well. Very good big boy, you shot an animal who had no idea you were there, and had no way of defending himself. You must be soooo proud. Anyone can doesn't make you special,or talented. it makes you dummer then the beautiful animal you just killed for no good reason at all. Believe me, nature was around way before you came along Rambo...and i think it's doing a fine job. It really doesn't need you to "control" it's population.

I second Le Ann's comment of August 31st. Extending the boycott to goods and services that are a bigger part of the state's economy would increase its effectiveness. In its current form it seems, as you yourself say in your reply, mainly symbolic. FoA comments: Boycott away -- especially Idaho beef. But without having chosen a symbol for the boycott, the boycott would have gotten little attention.

To effectively boycott potatoes you must include processed potatoes. Ask your favorite drive in if they serve Idaho french fries and, if they do to please stop until such a time that Idaho no longer kills wolves.

Idahoans kill animals for the mere sport of it. Idahoans get together over a few beers (very high alchoholism there ) and think up what they believe are legitimate reasons to kill animals - for the mere sport of it. Now if you want to effectively boycott Idaho you must add these companies/products and to your list ... Office Max - Boise based office supply stores Micron technology - Boise based semiconductor ( DRAM ) manufacturer OreIda foods - Boise based food manufacturer "Tater Tots" and other processed potato products Albertsons - Boise base supermarket chain the Wolves roamed Lolo pass tens of thousands of years before Idaho populated with pond scum ...

[Blog editors' note: Sexism aside, here's today's bravado from a borderline personality who should have stayed in school for starters.] Hows that Boycot thing coming? Working for ya? Couldn,t help notice that the DEATH TOLL is 3 now. Man are we Slaughtering them. You must make the State of Connecticut proud being the poster child of Idaho,s whipping post. Dont you have anything else constructive to do? Are you even MARRIED? Have KIDs? Guess thats why they made you Prez. Well gotta go, Weekends coming up. You know us Red Necks, Gotta sight in the 30-06 and fill up the cooler and practics on a few wolve,s for Elk season. Gotta sight it in for 300 yards or better with a Speers 180 grain. Anyway, Happy hunting.

I find it very unnerving that our the Federal District Court's time is being taken up by this "Friend of Animals" group from the East who act like these wolves are just pups who need a child and a ball to play fetch. I wonder, have you ever seen a wolf in the wild? I doubt it. If you had you would be scared to death! .... [Blog editors' note: This is easy. Yes, I've seen quite a few wolves in Alaska. Jogged down the road with one in Denali National Park. Wolf-haters like you with guns who get an adrenaline rush over shooting a wolf are pretty dangerous. Perverted, too. ]

I'm an Idahoan who is sickened by the blood lust of this state! I hope enough people boycott Idaho potatoes to put a big dent in Idahos pocketbook and force an end to this tragedy! I know I certainly will boycott Idaho potatoes until the wolf slaughter stops.