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PeTA's Ongoing Assault Against PPI

March 28, 2009 | Primarily Primates / Sanctuaries / Chimpanzees / Animal Rights

Dear Friends,

This latest assault against PPI is just the latest lawsuit in a series of lawsuits instigated against PPI by PETA. The first lawsuit, which was filed in 2006 and named 9 chimpanzees as plaintiffs, alleged animal abuse. This suit was dismissed by the Honorable Andy Mireles for lack of standing. None of the allegations of animal abuse were ever substantiated. The second lawsuit was filed by the Attorney General's office at the behest of PETA. This lawsuit alleged financial mismanagement. However, this allegation also proved to be unsubstantiated, and the Attorney General voluntarily agreed to dismiss the lawsuit, finding it was in the best interests of the State of Texas, PPI, and the animals entrusted to its care to do so.

After the first two lawsuits instigated by PETA against PPI failed, PETA went knocking door to door in PPI's neighborhood to recruit additional plaintiffs for yet another lawsuit. They found two-Virginia Baker, an elderly woman with brain cancer, who has since dropped out of the suit, and Carl Hensley, a retiree. Although Plaintiffs' lawyers initially refused to answer questions about the funding of the lawsuit, they were later forced to admit at a hearing on Plaintiff's application for a temporary restraining order in front of the Honorable Andy Mireles (Judge Mireles denied Plaintiff's application for a temporary restraining order) that the entire suit is being funded by PETA.

PETA's latest attempt at shutting PPI down alleges that PPI is in violation of the "dangerous wild animals" statute. The suit asks the Court to force PPI to get rid of all of its "dangerous wild animals," including its chimpanzees, African lion, and baboons. However, the "dangerous wild animals" statute does not apply to animal shelters such as PPI. Although PETA's own recruitee, Mr. Hensley, admits PPI is an animal shelter, his attorneys, who are being funded by PETA, insist that PPI is NOT an animal shelter. In a desperate attempt to find something to "get" PPI on, Plaintiff's attorneys then go on to argue that even if PPI IS an animal shelter, it is violating the rules and regulations governing animal shelters. In this vein, Plaintiff has asked the Court to (1) force PPI to pave over its outdoor enclosures with natural grass flooring, (2) separate non-breeding males and females living in family groups; and (3) separate cockateils from parrots and brown-tailed lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs.

It is not clear whether PETA's motivation is personal vendetta, greed, or a movement to shut down all animal sanctuaries, but this latest assault against PPI threatens every animal sanctuary in the state of Texas. As a $30 million per year organization, PETA can afford to file all the frivolous lawsuits it wants, hire as many lawyers as it wants, and make all of the frivolous arguments it wants. However, PETA is hard-pressed to explain how this lawsuit helps any of the animals in PPI's care. We are asking for your help to stop it.

Priscilla Feral


Friends of Animals


PETA has become an organization that, although was started with a good heart and a true love for the animals that they wanted to save, has now turned into the very thing they proposed to loathe. I believe that when PETA was founded, they truly had good dreams and goals. Unfortunately, the minute their status rose to the height of celebrity, and when the MONEY started coming in, they changed. As with almost everything and everyone, there is always a price that people will fold under. I think PETA was given that price a long time ago. Sadly, PETA sold out years ago. I don't know for how much, but, really, is there a price high enough to sell your soul to the preverbial devil. Apparently there was for PETA. I believe that it is this kind of thinking is behind PETA's current attack of other animal sanctuaries. They are so desperate to keep their supporters under their thumb that they will do anything to keep their real actions under wraps. And, if other organizations start getting press, like Primarly Primates have been lately, they have to be stopped. PETA cannot allow any other group to look better then them. Right now, PETA has become a global giant, and most people are still unaware of what they are up to, and like Green Peace, they will do whatever it takes to cover their tracks. I am so ashamed and devistated by what is going on, and by the amount of people who are unwilling to open their eyes to the mess we are creating and leaving in our wake. Is it really going to come down to the point where all the trees have been cut down, and all the water is poisoned, and all the animals are killed before everyone realizes that we cannot eat or live on money alone. I know that I cannot watch or allow that to happen, and yet, I have to admit, I don't know how to stop it. Today the second part of Canada's yearly seal slaughter began. A week ago, the slaughter began. Hunters were allowed to attack BABY seals, although they pride the fact that they let them live until they were 12 days old. Canada allows 280,000 baby seals, who don't even know how to swim or get away, to be slaughtered all in the name of money. But at least PETA was there to watch it happen. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE PEOPLE, because once the animals die, we won't be to far behind them.

PeTA was the first animal group I joined in 1972 in High School. Over the years, I found they are not what they seem. It's immensely frustrating many PeTA supporters are not aware of such appalling facts as the PPI issue. PeTA does not advocate true animal rights principles so cannot rightly be called such.I'm against tactics with violence toward any living being such as PeTA's cream pies in faces and throwing things. This is assault and harms the entire animal advocate reputation. It contradicts the entire point of preventing harm. PeTA has done many wonderful things for animals, it's painful to speak against them. The last straw was when I discovered they advocate "euthanasia" of feral cats! As a feral cat rescuer doing TNR and managing colonies of cats, I was shocked. They list "requirements" for cats to be managed outside instead of being trapped and killed--which they have done and still do. These "requirements" are impossible. A man called me in tears after he spoke to PeTA about a colony he needed help with, in fear that they would send someone to kill the cats! That kind person then feels responsible and is heartbroken. I got a letter from Ingrid after I sent out emails telling people about their feral cat stance. She felt I had misunderstood. I wrote back asking what principle guides her decisions? If feral cats need to be killed to "help" them, why not advocate the killing of circus and laboratory animals for example? I did not get a reply. For those animals they advocate education of the public, protests and improving legal options. Why not for feral cats? So many wonderful, consistently logical groups exist that need support badly but the squeaky wheel gets the grease-as PeTA knows well. Perhaps I am wrong and have misunderstood them. I hope so. For now, I support groups who make sense and attract people to help rather than the opposite. Thanks.

Just when I thought PETA had bottomed out in how low they'd go, I find out what they are doing to you. Good luck in your fight, I guess they're aim is to "put you down" through attrition. Specifically, wear out your funds through legal fees. I hope you have strong supporters and will pass this news on.

I have never been to your sanctuary, but I have looked at your videos, read the stories. I am shocked that Peta is doing this, they could do so much more for animals. Peta just lost me as a supporter. The animals you care for look healthy, content, and have very nice places to live. I am sorry that you have to be confronted with such nonsense, the animals need you, forget about Peta.

Are PeTa funded by the animal exploitation industries, or something!? I really cannot stand it when someone finds out I'm vegan and into AR and then freak out at me about PeTA and their hypocrisy. The movement needs a new leader, because I don't know what *they're* leading but it certainly is not the Animal Rights movement! I've dreamed of making a parrot rescue sanctuary somewhere down the line, and I'd be very upset if PeTA ever came after me. I'd probably picket them and make it my personal mission in life to get the word out to every one of their unknowing supporters.

I would like to know why Peta is doing this in the first place. I watched the video and read some of the info, but I don't understand why they are doing this. Can someone tell me what the lawsuit is all about? If indeed they are doing something that makes no sense, then shame on them. They continue to make people more mad and upset than ever before. Though they have done some good work, this doesn't look like this is something that they should be going after. Peta does at times decides on issues that they need to stay out of. I can't imagine why they would go after this organization.

Primarily Primates had problems at one time. That is a fact. Another fact is they have turned those problems around and created a wonderful, healthy, and beautiful place for animals. PETA has turned into an organization of fanatics with no focus on the true animal care problems. They are more concerned with planning sneaky tactics to discredit any organization they take a liking against. PETA has lost many supporters over the years due to their tactics and record and are pointing fingers to take the focus off of themselves. I no longer support PETA for that reason. When I donate to a cause I expect that money to be used in the care of the animals, not to be used for frivilous lawsuits. PETA has too much corruption in the organization to be a animal activist group any longer. They need to be disbanned. It seems greed is the motivation they have these days, not animal care or lack thereof. Primarily Primates should be commended for the massive improvements in the sanctuary and the good care of their animals. The problems were in the past and have been rectified. PETA needs to let it go!

Can you sue them for harassment by frivolous suits?

When I first read this post... I was shocked. I have been a strong supporter for PETA and FOA for a long time. This news is truly disappointing... on many levels. I usually agree with 'extreme' animal-rights positions, but this is really sad. What is going on? Aren't we ALL on the same side? The primates (& other animals) at the sanctuary are not fit to be released back to the wild right? So aren't they one of the lucky few? What happens to the animals like these that have no place to go? What does PETA suggest? If it is about creating a more 'natural habitat' then why not provide HELP & ASSISTANCE for the sanctuary? This is all very upsetting for those of us who love animals! Thank you for getting this information out and for all that you do to help animals.

It sounds like a terrible ordeal but there must be another side to this? Is there something happening behind the scenes at these organizations that has precipitated these actions? FoA comments: You can get more details of this ordeal at:


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