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Friends of Animals to Launch Major Anti-Fur Advertising Campaign

November 14, 2008 | Press Releases / Fur
Fur Ad

Darien, Conn., US "“ The international animal-rights organization Friends of Animals has launched a holiday season anti-fur advertising blitz. The centerpiece of the campaign will be some 75 New York City buses displaying ads that show fur-bearing animals wearing brightly colored wigs with the tag line: "You look just as stupid wearing theirs." The ad, which appears on Nov. 24 and will run through the holiday season, was created by Atlanta, Ga.,-based Tedco Worldwide.

"The surreal image is eye-catching and thought-provoking," said Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals. "The ludicrousness of putting wigs on animals makes people reflect on the perversion of decorating human bodies with fur at the cost of the countless lives of other animals."

Fur Trim

A Gallup poll conducted in May this year revealed that 54 percent accepted wearing fur -- down 7 percentage points from 2001. Even more starkly, the number of people who believe fur-wearing is wrong went up 7 points.

Another Friends of Animals advertisement, running in Rolling Stone and other prominent magazines, addresses fur trim.

"People may assume fur trim does less harm," said Feral. "But we're making it clear that pelts of any size come from yet another animal bought, killed and sold for the fashion industry."

Beneath the thoughtful gaze of the lynx, the caption, styled as a coat label, makes the vivid point: "If you believe genuine fur trim comes from scraps, where do scraps come from?"

The industry is savvy, and it's trying to co-opt the language of animal advocates. The International Fur Trade Federation's 2008 "State of the Industry Report" proclaims: "Animal welfare is key to the success of the fur industry."

"We won't let corporate double-speak gloss over ugly realities," said Feral. "Those concerned with the well-being of living individuals must simply refuse to pay the business that traps, breeds, suffocates and electrocutes animals."

Pass up fur in any form, including trim and accessories. This holiday season, the message will ring loud and clear.

Founded in 1957, Friends of Animals advocates for the right of animals to live free according to their own terms.


Great ads! Keep up the amazing work.

thats great news,this will help people wake up, glad to see the busses running through n.y. fur district, i have 2 bumper stickers on my trucks and they travel the tri-state area, and i do see people slowing down to read them in my mirrow, i also talked 2 hair salons to hang up the posters.i just saw on the news the humane society is sewing 3 major department stores for selling fur from china, good. we definitely need to bring an end to (all fur), and major publicity will do a big part of it.keep up the good work.

So true but I think you should have included a picture of a suffering animal because out of sight is out of mind. People who wear fur need to be CONNECTED to how the fur was processed because most people are so disconnected in society that they are not connected to the fur-to them it's just something "pretty" to wear. Just as we have become disconnected from our food due to globalization we have also become disconnected from our clothing. What needs to be on the poster is something not graphic but heart braking. Perhaps a mink in a cage or a fox being "prepared". The faces need to pull at the heart strings and there needs to be SOME element of what goes on with the animal how the fur is PROCESSED that must be included in order to successfully reach people. I think a picture of a hundred caged foxes preparing for death would be a stronger message and infinitely more effective. I did not stop eating dairy until I visited and looked at how these beings were being treated.

Hi Tatiana, I think FoA's ad is so powerful because it clearly speaks for the right of nonhuman beings to belong to themselves. This strikes the root of the concept that permits humans to use them, in a way that pictures of suffering do not. By striking the root, instead of the process, there's no room in this ad to bargain with oppression, to claim the fur industry can become "humane", or to reward those who wear less fur. No matter how nonhuman animals are treated, their fur belongs to them, and we look stupid when we put it on ourselves. FoA's ad allows viewers to reflect on this message, rather than avoid pictures of suffering; or in the reverse, appeal to those who somehow derive satisfaction from it. Ellie

I read about this campaign on, and was intrigued. It's brilliant. I think you've found an innovative way to speak to the public, without showing overtly disturbing images. It's simple, succint and thought-provoking. Mad props.

I think this campaign is terrific! I saw it on the bus today and then on the side of a bus this evening, in NYC. It's GREAT! Kudos to the creative team. Keep them coming! I am a Jivamukti Yoga Teacher and our school, Jivamukti Yoga School, is very committed to animal rights thanks to our founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. May All Beings Everywhere Be Happy and Free! Peace, Peace, Peace. : ) Jill

yes i am a animal love r and i 'm glad there people who think like i do . THE FUR BELONGS TO THE animals .i save iguanas. .. i don't believe in killing ... i don't have no money to send to help y'all but i will fight right beside y'all . like people killing deer just for horns, that is sick or wild animals just for fun .

I saw this on the side of the bus the other day and was so excited! Keep up the great work! [Blog editors' note: Thanks so much, Vanessa; coming from a designer, the compliment has a special value. We appreciate your support and encouragement.]

OUTSTANDING! I was in New York over the weekend and LOVED seeing them. I think they are a fantastic idea. Keep up advertising like that. Those get the message across.

SUCH A GREAT AD! Strong impact! Different and intelligent! I was riding the 103 on 3rd Ave and saw it. Keep up the great work. Thank you.


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