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If You Shoot Wolves to Save Moose

September 22, 2008 | Wolves


I am outraged and sickened at this barbaric inhumane killing of our beloved beautiful wolves!

What I am learning about Sara Palin regarding her position towards the environment and her support and behavior to native wild animals is horrific. Manipulating different species by killing one species to promote population growth in another just so you can kill them is beyond demented. What is nearly equally disturbing is the knowlege that I live in the same country with more of these 'so-called civilized citizens' that support and/or practice this barbaric behavior of glutonous slaughtering of native animals that only kill to eat and survive in their shrinking natural habitat. It is a known fact that there is a connection between children who abuse/torture animals throughout their childhood and serial torturers/murderers. I wonder what the connection apart from destroying the planet might be here. If Sara thinks it is ok to manipulate life;then why is she against stem cell research? and against rights of a woman to rule her own body???

i see not many people like sarah palin,not surprising,you kill defenseles animals for no reason, you tamper with state police using your political power,you go on tv and finally show your lack of intellegence about all issues. now her own party wants her to step down. alaska already knew what bad news she was, all animal activists know what type of person she is, and now once the media starts probing into her life , the rest of the world will see this is not the type of person to give power to. i realy dont want to see the beverly hillbillys move into the whitehouse.she cant even control her own family with out screwing that up,what makes her think she can control a country.we saw what she does to the animals in alaska,look at here office, all the animal skins laying all over, just imagine what she will do to our wildlife and environment if she gets into office. she will probably kill everything that moves or disagrease with her.

I love this ad!! Very true statement, it should be made into a tee-shirt.

palin is as low as they come! she walks around with a smile on her face while she is wearing an animal that had to suffer for her so called good looks. these animals have every right to be here as we do. it's bad enough that we are building on their land, before long they will have no where to go.. it's up to us animal lovers to make a differance.because animals can't say when enough is enough!

It is unbelievable to me that the animal species, "homo sapien", has not been able to adapt to its environment without completely destroying all around it. It is a sad day when a power hungry hypocritical woman believes that it is her right, or even her species right to unnaturally control the delicate balance that exists to form this world we live in. I sincerely pity Mrs Palin, and her appointed lynchmen, for her payback may come to some degree in this life, but the blood on her hands will never wash away for all eternity. I am sorry she has chosen to murder for money, and encouraged others to do the same. I will pray for their souls, because I know spending all eternity in hell is going to be miserable. The grand Canus lupis shall be looking down on her from the heavens ambivolently, majesticly. I pray the creator of this magical ecological wonder will show some mercy on her soul.

I thought you might be interested to know about a past predator removal program in this country and how dismally it failed, during the early part of the 20th century. There is a nice concise history on the web at To summarize, natural predators (coyotes, mountain lions) were killed or removed to increase the deer and elk populations in the Kaibab forest near the Grand Canyon, which resulted in a rapid, dramatic increase in deer population. Soon, the deer depleted food resources, and the population crashed, losing 60% of its size over the course of two winters. The once strong population is still struggling to recover. No one seems to be mentioning this past blunder that is very closely related to the Alaskan wolf situation. It is hard evidence that predator removal isn't the most beneficial to deer/moose/elk populations, and strongly argues against this practice.

I am very outraged that any animal would be shot for pleasure. Wolves are very beautiful creatures, and need to be kept for a balanced ecosystem.

If you shoot wolves you need to stop because as soon as you shoot all of them they'll become instinct, so save wolves not shoot them.

I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks - you cleared up some things for me...


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