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Canada Kills Baby Seals and Exploits Humans

March 21, 2008 | Seals / Press Releases

Friends of Animals Calls for a Town Meeting and an End to Both

Victoria-The killing season is about to begin: 275,000 harp and hooded seal pups are set to be shot or bludgeoned to death off Newfoundland's northeast coast in Canada. Whether one is the killer or the one being killed, it's a brutal and degrading way of life for everyone involved-and Friends of Animals thinks it's time for this tragic, senseless practice to end.

Priscilla Feral, President of Friends of Animals, says, "A privileged nation and global power like Canada should take socially responsible action to provide alternative livelihoods to Newfoundlanders and others in economically depressed areas."

While Canada's government claims killing seals is both economically necessary and humane, Canada's economy should not depend on the mass slaughter of seals or any other animal. Reducing living beings to pelts and faddish health supplements is unnecessary, irrational and vicious.; Despite claims to the contrary, there is no ecological reason to kill seals, either; they are killed for the quintessential human vanity: seal fur.

Friends of Animals is now proposing a town meeting in St. John's, Newfoundland to bring two critical issues to the table: the lives of seals and the lives of Canadians who profit from their mass slaughter. Friends of Animals endeavors to find a solution that supports the lives of both. Justice occurs when humans repudiate violence against all animals, human and non-humans alike.

The Canadian government subsidizes the mass slaughter, which directly supports the fur industry. Friends of Animals says it's time for the subsidies and the fur industry to end.

Feral states, "Seals are not commodities. They're more than fur, more than oil. They are living, feeling ocean mammals, entitled to their freedom. The seal hunt must end and Canada's government must assist employees of the seal kill in providing unemployment benefits until other work can be developed."

Climate change, a proposed ban on all seal products by the European Union and a diminishing fur industry are all making seal killing less profitable. Seals, however, should not have to wait for the seal market to collapse before we stop killing them. The slaughter needs to end now.


the seal hunt is such a barbaric way of life and needs to be stopped now!!!

Mr Stavros Dimas Commissioner for the Environment European Commission Rue de la Loi 200 1040 Brussels Belgium Here is what I wrote to him: (maybe you all could write to him, too!!) Dear Commissioner, I can't seem to rest until I do something to affect a change, so I seek now, to contact the countries that the Associated Press recently stated are responsible for the sale/purchase/trade of the pelts and oil from the slaughtered seal pups of Canada. There is no one, with an ounce of consciousness or conscience, that could see what is happening now in Canada and not be sickened by the needless brutality and senseless destruction of life. There is NOTHING humane about it. The bloody free-for-all that is occuring in Canada right now is a direct result of The European Union ALLOWING the sale and import of pelts/oil from the baby seals' merciless slaughter, and the Canadian officials who are permitting/condoning this extreme act of cruelty. Out of work fishermen should not be subsidized for bludgeoning innocent marine mammals and causing them agony. You have, within your power, the means to end this travesty, once and for all. The media states that you are considering a ban on seal products for the EU by June 2008. Please don't wait until June to make this decision; please stop this sadistic slaughter "dead in it's tracks", NOW!! This is not a "hunt"...moreover it is a senseless and cruel practice that must be shunned. In this day and age, mankind claims to be superior and enlightened, yet what others bear witness to, defies that logic. These innocent creatures are not deserving of such horrific torture.....and no human being should benefit from their cruel slaughter. We all need to take a step into a future, where cruelty is not accepted or tolerated. Please let God guide your thoughts and actions and make a stand, here and now, to end the needless suffering inflicted upon, not only these seals, but on all species here on this delicate planet. Let mankind begin to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. There are less fish, because man has overfished for too long!!! If this a "responsible" behaviour, I shutter to think of the alternative. With prayer and hope,

It is outrageous that this hunt continues despite so many people against this. It is hard to believe in the 21st century that something this cruel can continue and be justified. I think Canada is a disgrace to this planet and should be considered a third world country. There are humane ways to make a living and to say that this kind of act of unbelievable cruelty is necessary is just unbelievable! I don’t know how anyone with a conscience can sleep at night participating in this hunt or supporting it. Animals are capable of feeling pain whether they are lower life forms or not. I will never understand how any person can decide whose life is more important or more meaningful or form of life high or low. Leave these poor seals alone and get a real job!! It is disgraceful and shameful for a country to allow this. I know I am sick to death of hearing about it year after year. It needs to end!!!!!

I was planning to go visit a friend in Canada in May, 2008... now I'm having second thoughts about the trip! What can I do to help?

I have always loved Canada, and visiting it. But I feel so sad, when I read every year, of the killing of thousands of Baby Seals. It is about time the canadian government faces this issue, and do something about it. This kind of killing is not supposed to happen in a country like Canada, where its people are smart and hopefully caring. There is no way to justify something so atrocious as this. It is shmeful.

for the person who wanted the people in Canada to "get a real job" , well, sorry , honey - we all can't be librarians. the jobs market in fisheries collapsed in Canada and the education system was not up to training people for technical jobs. I don't think these people want to go out a club baby animals but they feel they have to feed their families and we need to be sympathetic to that. However, if there's no market there's no reason for supply. check who your leaders are. check last month's Chicago magazine that showcased Ophrah's and Michelle Obama's favorite designer who uses primarily leather. Top designers and top role models use the most expensive leathers and fur trims. We can show them that we disdain this practice and we have to do it in a vocal yet respectful manner (I don't condone attacking people and throwing things at them) We have to draw attention to their practices! WE need to conserve because i know at first hand that the Saudi's and the other Arabs that are getting rich on us using oil are using this money to buy designer goods (while keeping their own people poor - but that's another story)

Animal cruelty is horrbile it's just as important to stop it as it is to stop human cruelty!!! how would you like it if you were skinned alive for your skin!!!

you should stop killing animals!!!. How would you like it if you were the animals??

This is really harsh & and should not be accepted.

it is unessesary and inhumane. It is upsetting so many people. I am positive the EU will ban the sale of seal furs in europe, atleast they know what is right and what is wrong. Help us make our world a better place, for humans, and the beautiful wildlife that God so magnificently created. Dont help accumulate more evil in our world, there is too much already.


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