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Power company evicts birds from power line nests

April 27, 2008 | Monk Parakeet

News Channel 12 Connecticut

(04/27/08) STRATFORD - United Illuminating has issued an eviction notice against monk parakeets nesting on their power poles, much to the chagrin of animal advocates.

See video.

The power company intends on taking down more than 60 nests beginning Monday. United Illuminating officials say the birds pose a safety hazard.

"We've had power outages, fires caused by these nests," says spokesperson Al Carbone.

This isn't the first such incident for the company. In 2005, United Illuminating removed all nests and had the birds destroyed. Friends of Animals, a local animal rights group, took the company to court in 2006 in an attempt to protect the wildlife.

The group's president, Priscilla Feral, acknowledges the nests must go. However, she says moving the nests now is particularly cruel since it is breeding season. Feral likens the company's action to throwing a pregnant mother out on the street.

"The parents are capable of flying, the chicks aren't," she says. "So they're doomed, why would you smash the life out of baby chicks?"

Power officials claim the breeding season doesn't begin until May and defend the actions they're taking as necessary and not cruel.


This is just another iteration of attempts to thwart breeding and to kill off the population. Of course UI knows that the breeding cycle starts when the hours of daylight are approximately 12. There will likely be eggs in the nest, so what does UI have in mind to do with the eggs they find? Throw them to the ground? Before Edgewater Parrots became involved in the rescue of Edgewater's wild parrots, PSE&G would remove nests at the end of April to the beginning of May. I have some pictures of an embryo in an egg that broke open when it was thrown to the ground during the first week of May a few years ago. See: This is cruel and inhumane and could have been prevented by better planning and consultation with wild parrot experts in Connecticut. Then again, I have never known UI to behave in a responsible or humane fashion. Alison Evans-Fragale RN, MSN, CFNP, CLNC

I never thought that I would be posting a comment on this topic.. But I have a little story to tell you. At one point in my life, not too long ago, I was in a place of despair, a place that I was never really equipped to handle. I was in coming out of a relationship, I felt abandoned, I in fact had a trust issue that to this day I still battle with. One day traveling thru an airport, I met this woman, and life just started to sing, it whispered in my ear and was singing to me.. It's a beautiful world out here, come join us. I lived in LA, she lived in NY.. Finally she came out to visit me, and a strange thing happened. That year I moved into a new house, with this tree in the back yard, not in bloom when I moved in, but started the very day that she came to visit me..the next morning, we woke to these sounds of chirping, whistling, singing... beautiful, amazing in that they woke us at the same time, and that we both had never seen what we were about to look at before. In the middle of a city, 30-40 parakeets bombarded this tree filled and lit up with these little red blossems, they started drinking and singing together, just being wild birds. At that momemt something surreal passed between her and I, we found a look in each other eyes that we had not had what the world has in the palm of its hands, standing right there before us, always.. Everytime she came to visit, we woke up to the sounds of singing, drinking coffee, the windows open and her and I in utter silence.. I fell in love with Nicola, and soon after that moved to NY to be closer to her. Those birds, the anticipation that we felt every morning, was and is one of the most beautiful memories that we have ever had. It would be a tragedy if somewhere in this world, someone was not able to experience what we did... even if it was for a brief second... The only thing more beautiful than those parakeets, was the look in her eyes when she watched them them come and go...What a smile she...true beauty. Jon McKinney


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