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Pomegranates are Wonderful; Animal Testing Isn't

September 07, 2006 | Animal Testing / Press Releases / Take Action

Friends of Animals Boycotts Juice Company

Friends of Animals members and supporters have spoken. And they don't want animal testing in their pomegranate juice.

FoA has called for a boycott of POM Wonderful brand juices until the company and its profits cease to be implicated in animal research or testing.

According to an April 2006 report in The New York Times Magazine, POM Wonderful owners Lynda Resnick and Stewart Resnick have funded $15 million in research on the health benefits of pomegranate juice. Friends of Animals members were stunned to learn that some of this money went to animal testing.

POM Wonderful has supported tests published in June 2005 on the effects of the juice on brain injuries in mice and on erectile dysfunction in rabbits.

"POM Wonderful should and can be mindful of the health of all species, not just our own," said Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral.

"Why not simply support and cite studies on human populations?" asked Feral. In 2005, Dr Dean Ornish published a paper in the American Journal of Cardiology, looking at blood flow to the heart in 45 patients with blocked arteries who were given a placebo or pomegranate juice.

"Until POM Wonderful makes a public commitment against animal testing, we'll encourage people to choose a different juice."

Please contact POM to notify them of your pledge to boycott POM products at:

POM Wonderful
11444 West Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Phone: (310) 966-5800


01-26-2007 UPDATE:

Last week it was reported that retailers were told that "POM Wonderful pomegranate juice has ceased all animal testing and we have no plans to do so in the future." This week a large animal welfare organization has reported that POM Wonderful sent the organization a letter stating: "Neither POM Wonderful nor its related entities provide funding for ongoing animal testing on POM Juice (or POM Tea). Moreover, there are no plans to do so in the future." These statements from POM Wonderful offer little more that hope against hope that the company will no longer use animal testing. Other than these paper victories, there is no evidence that POM Wonderful has ended its reliance on animal testing.

Since September 2006, Friends of Animals has asked consumers to boycott POM Wonderful and drink another brand. Friends of Animals will continue to encourage consumers to choose a more ethical source of pomegranate juice so long as POM Wonderful continues using, supporting or promoting animal research. Presently there is no evidence that POM Wonderful is willing to renounce animal testing. On the contrary, POM Wonderful continues to maintain a "science" section of its website dedicated to touting animal testing as proof of the benefits of pomegranate juice.

Regardless of whether POM Wonderful does not presently commission or plan to commission animal tests, the company has offered no real commitment to opposing future testing. And while POM Wonderful continues to promote previously commissioned research, the company is also free use animal testing results presently being conducted on behalf of a third party. Thus, Friends of Animals see absolutely no evidence that POM Wonderful will not continue to promote and exploit animal experimental testing, even if the company is not presently conducting such testing itself.


Have you seen the letter that POM have sent out to the shop keepers? Disgusting in my opinion... [Blog editors' note: In the link above you can see a copy of the letter POM Wonderful sent retailers claiming the company had stopped testing on animals. Simon is correct to say the letter is "disgusting." Yet others have claimed it to be a "victory." The linked site comes to the conclusion that consumers should continue to avoid POM Wonderful products. Friends of Animals made a similar statement in an update posted to this page days prior.]

POM's evil dont buy products that support the unnessasery suffering of helpless animals!

...EW! Oh my goodness, thank you so much for this information. Shannon Shirley

i think animal testing is wrong and something should be done about, obvoiusly we cant stop it ourselves as we do not have enough power, all over the world there are protests against animal testing and alot of people wish they could do something about it,It has to be stressed that it is certainly not essential for tests to be carried out on animals. There is nowhere in this world where beauty products are required to be animal tested by law. Most laws nowadays state that cosmetics must be suitable for human use, but there is no mention on animal testing,although i am a child i think most people would agree with a teenager and that the goverment should sort it out, animals dont need to suffer the way they are made to,they have rights like us this is cause for a non violent protest thanks

i just finished a bottle today and told my son about the benefits BUTTTTTTT...i will make my own or eat the fruit we test apple juice,cranberry grape,its a fruit for petes sake leave the animals a vietnam vet and seen to much and the only thing you see is the MONEY...there are other ways of testing for erectile issues ,prostrate cancer,heart.use your money wisely...we have science,doctors know the fruit is beneficial its not rocket science...15,000,000 please!!!!!!there are better ways to spend that kind of money...educating the public about nutrition sodas ,new mothers help them with their newborns to eat healthier..they need your help...BUT KNOW YOU THINK OF ONLY ONE THING(OR THINGS)MONEY YOURE OWN LIFESTYLE,youre trainer,pedicure,manicure(this applies to both genders).so when you look at the animal tested and see the pain does that excite you like laughing all the way to the bank...i cant tolerate people that do that.if you have a adorable family pet lets test him/she OH I FORGOT LETS TEST "IT" that way we can justify the you enjoy watching?dont know what else to say but this will start me in a different direction "eating pomegrantes"fresh!!!!

When animals are tested on, they are thrown in cages, kept in captivity, shown no love. Fear, pain, lonlyness.. are all the things going through their minds. HOW COULD somebody actually let something that is living and breathing be treated like absolute @#$# What the hell did animals do to people to deserve this, and like MANY people have said, animals aren't exactly made up the same as humans, so if you test on a animal, and it is "safe" it may not be safe for a human. they may react differently to it. Animal testing is wrong, and shouldn't be done. Test on humans.. stop hurting animals.


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