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Rights Campaigners Call for Focus on Fur Industry's Immediate End

December 12, 2006 | Animal Rights / Fur

Friends of Animals, an international environmental and animal rights organization, is calling for the immediate end of the fur industry.

Friends of Animals is displeased with the half-measures and platitudes recently expressed by several animal-advocacy organizations in The Independent.

Statements Friends of Animals found objectionable included RSPCA spokesperson Robyn Kippenberger's eagerness to "support the killing of possums for their fur" when "produced by humane methods."

This half-hearted opposition to the fur industry is nothing new. Friends of Animals noted that a 2004 letter from Mary Beth Sweetland of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on the topic of a chinchilla farm in the United States, argues that the farm should use better methods of killing chinchillas.

While the fur industry is reinventing itself with terms like "eco-fur" animal advocacy organizations would do well to give up their shallow focus on industry husbandry standards, says Friends of Animals.

The rights group also doubts that the fur industry can be addressed by targeting pop icons such as Madonna and Kate Moss. Friends of Animals will continue campaigning to end state-sanctioned schemes targeting wolves in Alaska and seals in Newfoundland as part of a movement to respect the interests of nonhumans to live on their own terms.

Daniel Hammer, speaking for Friends of Animals, says this respect requires ending both captive-breeding of animals for their fur and the control of free-living groups. "As other animals' natural lands continue to shrink," said Hammer, "Animal advocates have no time to waste on cheeky stunts or on husbandry reforms."

This autumn and winter, Friends of Animals' full-page anti-fur advertisements appear in various publications, including The Progressive, a leading voice for peace and social justice since 1909, and also in Shape, the number-one selling active lifestyle magazine for women in the United States with a readership of 5 million.

"Humanity can and should outgrow the obsession with proving we can dominate other animals," Hammer said. "The sale of fur, for everything from boots to coat trimmings, is a particularly obvious and showy sign of this fixation. No matter what methods or practices are employed in the production of fur, or what animals are being skinned, we call for the outright end of this practice."


I beleive It is Completly and Moraly Wrong to kill animals. Expeacialy Just so you can WARE them. That is Wrong and Discusting and We need to Put a STOP to it. That is All i can say. It Needs To Be Stoped.

I am just as much in favour of ending animal abuse in the fur industry as the author of this article; however, I feel that it is counterproductive to publicly criticize organizations such as the RSPCA and PETA, as they are key contributors to the AR/animal welfare movement. Instead of reprimanding those who dedicate their lives to ending animal cruelty, why not work with them? We would make a lot more progress in this struggle if there was less division among the organizations that share the common goal of liberating all exploited animals. This article seems like you are treating this very serious issue as a petty contest to show who is the most righteous. [Blog editors' note: But this is exactly the point we are making: It is not possible to end abuse within the fur industry, as these groups suggest. We are not working to end abuse within the industry. We are working to end the use itself, by asking people to simply and unequivocally opt out of it. Illustrations of these differences must be noted if there is to be an animal rights movement, as distinct from a general agreement to regulate the industry and attempt to amelioriate some of its husbandry problems. Thank you, Martin, for reading the piece and offering feedback, which is always read and appreciated, even if we don't agree on this point.]

shopping AC Craft store in Clifton New Jersey saw they were selling swatches of rabbit fur for craft use re checked the next day tagged on back, some frow Korea and the others from Spain called store, district manager and main manager in Berlin New Jersey ( Fay Melvin Brown) left messages on voice mail and with others no response this is disgusting no more AC Moore for me thanks [Blog editors' note: News this week that Whole Foods Market bought Wild Oats, so a grocery store with organic fruits and vegetable selections will now stage fresh rabbit flesh and much more. When I see annoying rabbit fur accessories, it's impossible not to think of rabbit meat; it's peddled in successful, upscale Whole Foods stores. Worse, they're putting other, smaller natural foods stores out of business. ]

if people only knew how their fur coat came about,this whole sorry business would stop.

I just took up a sudden interest in chinchillas, and i think your sight rocks and animals should never be killed for fur.

Land's end is selling rabbit fur trimmed coats. Lands end is owned by Sears- Lands end said that fur is a by-product of meat industry, so this makes it OK how? Sears Call 1-800-549-4505 then press "5" Land's End Corporate Office (800) 338-2000

i agree with fur and how the animals are treated when theyre being killed for this things.... however cows pigs sheep etc are used for meat and what are the people supposed tod o throw away the skins????? i agree with not killing a rabbit or a mink or anything else that is being killed solely for its skin and not having the animals die in such inhumane way but I wear leather my mom wears leather my freinds wear leather and im not going to stop wearing it

Mike -- People can opt out of supporting the fur industry, and animal agribusiness. There are alternatives to wearing fur and leather. You can find sweaters made from cotton and other fabrics that don't stem from an animal exploitation industry. It's up to us whether our monies support industries that are a disaster for animals. Priscilla Feral Friends of Animals

yes it is but what about for meat eaters?????

Omnivores bankroll an industry that drives climate change, harms animals, the environment,human health, and it's all unnecessary. It's high time for a few serious New Year's Resolutions that might start with what we call food. Priscilla Feral


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