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Judge Rules Gray Wolves Be Returned to Federal Protection

July 18, 2008 | Wolves
The Lewiston Tribune Online

A federal judge in Montana has ruled that gray wolves in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming be returned to federal protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Judge Donald Molloy of Montana ruled Friday the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service acted in an arbitrary and capricious manner when it removed wolves in the Northern Rockies Region from the endangered species list in March.

He agreed with arguments made by environmental and animal rights groups that wolf populations in Yellowstone National Park do not yet interbreed with wolves in Idaho and western Montana to an extent that ensures genetic diversity. He also ruled the agency approved Wyoming's state wolf management plan last year despite previously saying the basic tenants of that plan that allow wolves to be killed without regulation in 90 percent of the state, was inadequate to protect wolves. Lastly, Molloy ruled the groups proved that wolves were likely to be harmed by public hunting seasons planned in each state this fall.

Molloy granted a preliminary injunction reversing the delisting of wolves while the entire case is being heard and also said the plaintiffs were likely to succeed in a majority of their claims.

The ruling is a set back for the Fish and Wildlife Service that has said wolves are biologically recovered and decided earlier this year that adequate state regulations were in place to keep the wolves from becoming imperilled. There are estimated to be about 2,000 wolves in the three states and about 800 in Idaho.


Dear editor, No I do not hate wolves. It's just sad that they brought them into an environment where someday the only thing left living will be the wolves and then they will die off and then nothing. Our elk and deer herds are depleting so fast it is unbelievable. Since wolves were in New York Central Park area years back why haven't they put them there also. It only seems fair that those people should have the same opportunity to see them as we do. I realize that these letters do no good because the anti's can't see any further down the road than whats directly in front of them and that's within 1 foot. [ Blog editors' note: Nature brought wolves into the environment -- not the cows and domestic animals some call food. Elk and deer are shot by the 12.5 million human hunters who haven't yet evolved enough to stop this grotesque display of domination. If there are too few of these animals, stop shooting them, and that's just for starters. ]

Great ruling Your Honor!

The people who are in favor of this wolf act are people who really don't know what life is really about. They live in there little glass houses and can not think for themselves. They have to be told every move they make in life. I feel sorry for these type of people. If they decided that some creature could possibly destroy the human they would still vote for the protection of this animal. They do not realize the destruction that can come from bad descisions and don't really care as long as they can spend our hard earned money to defend such stupid acts. It will soon become time for the people to take this situation into our own hands and make it right. There was never any Timber wolves in Idaho before, even thought they say there was. They will make up stories to get done what they want to achieve. I don't think there will ever come a day when these type of people will ever think straight. They are raised in a brain washed society and have never been given any proper knowledge of what really goes on in life. Blog editors' note: So you hate wolves and make it up as you go along. Heard it all before from a cadre of loopy, angry Alaskans.

This is great news! I hope this signals a turning point in caring for our wild animal friends. All of us who care about wildlife have to keep up the pressure on our public servants.

Finally, someone with compassion and common sense! Please forward my thanks to this wonderful judge!

Yes! Could it be that there is a seachange truly coming our way? Will mercy, intelligence, justice for all sentient beings be relevant again to our government agencies? I hope the judge is recognized for his courage to stand up to the Scalia Rule which has overtaken our justice systems. Congrats to everyone who took the time to make their opinion known.

Now that's action that gets results. Let's keep the pressure on.

Is there an address to write directly to the Honorable Judge Molloy to Thank Him for his Honor to the Wolves. Some of us have been working for over 15 years starting with the RE-Introduction of Canis Lupus, only to now be watching a death march with De-Listing. Having spent many years on this project due to my love of all things WILD, I have spent many hours asking myself..."You helped set them up for the gunfire and sure death" by becoming involved in what was then THE campaign SAVE THE WOLF FROM EXTINCTION, but was dollar & politically motivated. Close to 6 Million for those who may not be aware. Yes, this is a victory for some, but today others will sleep with one eye open! Thanks go out to all of you, for your endless hours, letters, generous donations and just never giving up HOPE. WE HOWL FOR YOU Ramona Coyote

I am very pleased with this ruling on protecting these magnificant animals. They should be left alone permanently. What could possibly be a logical reason for hurting these animals? God did not place them on this earth for man to kill for his pleasure. Leave them alone as God intented. Any person who would kill a wolf should be so ashamed of themselves. How do they live with themselves and do something like this? I cannot comprehend this at all. Thank you Judge for protecting these beautiful creatures.

Great news! Finally a judge who is brave and sane enough to know the importance of other creatures in this world. Remember without our animal friends we do not survive.


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