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October 09, 2007 | Deer

Last night, the Warrensburg, Missouri city council indefinitely postponed a plan to allow bow hunters to kill deer from platforms inside the city's Culp Park. There will be no deer hunt in Warrensburg this year.
The city's change of heart reflects a concerted effort by Dr. Susan Pentlin, an emeritus professor at the University of Central Missouri, along with several other activists, including FoA activists and supporters. "We can all sleep better tonight," Dr. Pentlin said.

 Mother and fawns
Mother and fawns

As the park would have remained open during the hunt, it would have also posed a risk to "hikers, pets, children, endangered birds, people in homes near the park and University of Central Missouri students," Pentlin said.
All hunting is dominance taken to extremes, with bow hunting bringing a form of torture into the act: Arrows have razor-sharp points meant to bleed deer to a death that may be slow and painful.

Culp park, a peaceful oasis, was donated to the city by Leland Culp, whose will stipulated that the land be used to safeguard wildlife. "Leland Culp gave the land to the city for people to enjoy nature, not as a hunting preserve," Pentlin explained.

Meeting last night, council members indicated a need for more information, especially about "how many deer there are and safety issues," Pentlin said. At a previous city council meeting, Warrensburg Police Chief Bruce Howey reported only nine city accidents involving deer in 2006, a small percentage of the the total 600 accidents. Hunters can frighten deer, cause them to move into unfamiliar areas, including roadways, and would have likely raised the numbers of accidents. FoA has found strong evidence that hunting exacerbates roadway accidents with deer; about half of occur in just three months: October, November and December -- hunting season.

In an interview today with FoA, Warrensburg City Clerk Cindy Gabel said town officials want to take more time to "thoroughly study the facts and take more time to consider everything involved with the hunt." Gabel said the hunt may come up again next summer, but it could also be cancelled.

At the recent public hearings on the hunt, dissent was heard. "Several people spoke out against it," Gabel noted.

The city council also held an e-mail forum on the hunting proposal. Said Dr. Pentlin, "The council did not indicate the percentage of public e-mail comments for or against, but I have a feeling it was not strongly in favor--probably 60-70% were opposed to a hunt inside city limits. That is the figure I heard."

A special thanks to Lawyers in Defense of Animals.

What you can do:

Call or e-mail the mayor and city council and ask them to leave the deer -- and Leland Culp's memory -- in peace.

Mayor Don Nimmer:
Call the town hall and leave a message for the town council members: 660-747-9131
Chair Pro-Tem Donna DeFrain
Council Member Charlie Rutt
Council Member Deborah Arwood
Council Member Jeff Terry


Thats what all hunters say. Oh we give the meat away! Or I eat the meat! How come I see deer with arrows still in them, dead in the woods and even shot deer. Where are those deer taken? Or, are they just left to die? No one seemed to be using their meat! Hunting is just killing and animals are just left behind and are not taken to the appropriate stations as they are supposed to. Like I said "the thrill to kill". Its a sport to kill and nothing else!! All the EXCUSES deer hunters use to hunt is just as insane as their action 'KILLING INNOCENT ANIMALS"

Blog editor notes: Brief excerpts from Scott's redundant rant begins: ...Again you assume people are stupid. ...You're promoting death and desparity! You have a song and dance that portrays hunters as beer guzzling red necks that run out and when they feel like it shoot anything they wish. . .. . Back to Africa, did you know that the average adult elephant knocks down an average of 1500 trees per year and drink on average of 13 gallons of water per day? Because you should know that Africa's elephants haven't been endangered in quite a while. In fact in many areas of Africa elephants are overpopulated! ... I can debunk all... Post this one, I DARE YOU. [Blog editors' note: We prefer double dares. Now Shhhhhhhhh. ]

And aren't "common blue collar people" becoming vegetarians? Answer: Yes, many are.

There is one thing that hunters and others never consider, think of, or mention: Deer don't die only by hunters' hands....there actually is a natural attrition rate - they die, just like the rest of us! Yes, cars, diseases, old age can kill them... Why do hunters believe that they are the chosen ones to decide the fate of wild animals? They are not predators; they kill for recreation and pleasure - and anyone who says otherwise, is deluding themselves! ...Whatever natural predators there still may exist, you can bet that they're on the list of animals to be exterminated! Yotes, for example, don't stand a chance because they may be in direct competition with deer hunters! So much for those excuses.

Hunters may consider themselves to be predators; they are NOT. Predators prey on young, sick, and old animals - hunters want a perfect specimen, a trophy for their wall, and by doing so, they are actually downgrading the gene pool. Hypocrisy, that's the operating word for hunting! There's not much else to add.

This may surprise those of you who have read my previous letter(s), but I speak from personal observation from years of respectfully enjoying and observing the outdoors, that many animals do care and feel. I have witnessed grown deer lay next to a dying or dead carcass of another deer that had been shot or hit by a vehicle - I don't know if they were grieving or just being vigilant, but they did so without regard for their own well-being. I also once watched a bull elk nudge at his shot dead buddy attempting to revive him - again, oblivious to his own well being. With that, I have not observed all animals to be this chivalrous, but I believe deer in particular, in their natural community, feel and care - very much. I think most people who have had the joy of experiencing the love of a well-cared-for pet, will attest that animals definitely feel and care. I once let emotion get the best of me and hollered at a friend's border collie who was behaving a bit overzealous. It took weeks to reestablish the dog's desire to love me again. I don't believe animals in the wild are that much different. With that, my experience around horses is that if you don't treat them very firmly, they will not respect you. But with established boundaries, I've observed them to be a very caring, loving and feeling animal. I could go on and on, and though I don't have personal experience with every animal on the planet, I can say that most of the ones I have observed appear to behave in a manner that demonstrates the presence of feelings and caring.

I wonder if I might just add something, seeing as I live in the southern part of Africa. Decisions are being made as to how to control the elephant population - hopefully without having to resort to mowing down herds with helicopters or cutting off the water supplies. The problem is... overpopulation of the human species, many years ago when James Stevenson Hamilton took over the running of the Kruger National Park, the preditors had all but been wiped out, causing an imbalance, herds of buck starving... it took years for the park to regain its balance, not by hunting (which was what started the problem in the first place) but by re introducing the natural preditors...Up to this day (80 years or so)the Wild dog is still highly endangered, remove the natural preditors and the problems start. From what I can gather, Bow hunting is extremely cruel, I dont believe that every hunter is a sharp shooter either. Anyway,these are extremely leathal weapons which, in my opinion should be outlawed, along with firearms, claw traps and other darstedly inventions of man, that inflict painful death to their victims (who are usually - animals). Too many people in the world...Getting off my soap box now and retreating into the bush. Kind regards

I must say that I agree with practically everything that scott wrote.(or atleast whatever the editor has chosen for us to see) It's frustrating to see all of the true facts that he has pointed out and yet you people are still too ignorant to realize how important hunting really is.(and please note that there is a difference between ignorant and stupid) I can remember a time when I was younger that I thought hunting was a cruel vile thing but that was because I was so wrapped up in my emotions of how cute the deer are or how sad it is to think of a doe losing its fawn or even visa versa. You need to realize that it is part of nature. How about that theory "survival of the fittest". It's absolutely true. All through out time there has been a food chain. The biggest and strongest kill and eat others. Animals are just as much predators and prey to eachother as they are to us. If it's not us killing them its them killing eachother or even us for that matter. Granted it doesn't happen as often now as it has in the past but that's because of the advancement of society. Have there not been bears or other wild animals that have wandered into our towns and cities? Maybe even harming or killing a couple people? And yet you all gasp and cry when they take the animal away and put it in captivity or kill it. The fact of the matter is animals kill and harm eachother and even sometimes humans. Your reasons for not wanting us to hunt are assanine. I'm sorry that you feel bad for the animals who suffer or die but I feel sorry for the people who are driving and get killed or injured by the group of deer running across the road, or the bear who decided it wanted to attack a moving vehicle(which happened right in my area just recently) and have you ever seen how big wild turkeys get? Can you imagine what just one of those can do to a car? It's not like we can prevent that from happening because we need to drive and hunting seems to me to be the only logical plan for overpopulation. And I know you don't like the fact that there are some morons out there that do shoot and kill just for the thrill and then leave the animals to suffer. I don't like that any more than you do but those are the morons that are gonna go out and keep getting their cheap thrills even if hunting is illegal. So yes you have your false stereotypes of hunters just like they have their stereotypes of you. Do you really want to punish and restrict those people who actually do survive and live by hunting. And just so you know the majority of hunters do hunt for the meat or the fur(people need to eat and stay warm)or they sell it because that is the means of living that they choose. Hunters aren't cold heartless people that only think about killing things, they also have pets such as dogs or cats. They do have emotions and can love animals in other forms than just digestion in their stomach. And it's also just as much in an animals nature to eat meat as it is ours. Why should we restrict what we eat when the animals don't. Do you think the bear or coyote thinks first before it eats that deer or that turkey. They eat what their body craves. Why shouldn't humans have that same right. It's part of freakin nature people. I mean come on, study our teeth, they were made to eat both vegetation and meat. Now granted I may not completely agree with being a vegetarian(it is a pretty healthy life style) but I'm not about to try to force my eating habits on you nor my religion nor my political views. Scott made some great points and if you'd put aside your emotional views about the poor defenseless animals you would realize that hunting is necessary. We really don't need an overpopulation of animals. It would cause more problems than you realize. Imagine yourself making a living as a farmer. How are you gonna make money if half your crops are eaten by the overpopulation of wild animals that can't be contained from your field of food(money). So in turn the only way that you can make a profit on your food is by raising the price you sell it at. I really really don't think you grasp the concept of how much damage just a few animals can make in a field of crops. Do you really want to imagine an over condensed population? I mean some of you vegetarians must have some idea. Because if ur so against meat you must have at some point planted yourself a nice garden and maybe some of it didn't grow because of poor planting and some because of poor weather and then on top of those problems already some more is lost because of some squirrels or rabbits or woodchucks or deer or even other animals who got hungry. I can remember countless times my mother didn't get as many tomatoes or cucumbers that she wanted and more times that all of the squash and lettuce had been eaten leaving us with none. It's very disappointing especially when you put hard work and pride into something. Now I'm not against animals and I myself don't hunt but I'm definitely not against it because I recognize how necessary it is. I've lived in both urban and rural areas growing up and I've seen my fair share of car and animal accidents. I've seen people go to the hospital and hitting my fair share of deer and maybe a turkey I know how scary it can be wondering if your sister in the passenger seat is gonna be ok or wondering if your husband driving behind you isn't gonna get the deer that flew off your car smashed into his windshield. You people need to lay off your selfish views(they are selfish whether you want to realize it or not) of feeling bad for the poor helpless animals. There is a lot more to hunting than meets the eye. [Blog editors' note: Imagine a bow hunters' blog allowing such a mouthful from one of their critics. Hunters appear self-absorbed and without sympathy toward the animals they victimize and whose freedom and families they destroy. I resent hunters and the violence from which they derive pleasure because I respect turkeys, deer, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks -- all animals with whom we've co-evolved and whose interests matter -- at least to them. Humans can choose avocado sandwiches; polar bears can not. There are moral distinctions for Homo sapiens, but hunters who opine on our blog fail to grasp them. ]

Its pure and simple. What is the meaning of "CRUELTY TO ANIMALS"!! Hunters who kill deer with Bow and Arrows, shotguns and attracting them with feed and then to massacre them....

Quoted in the article, "Warrensburg Police Chief Bruce Howey reported only nine city accidents involving deer in 2006." Let the vegetarians pay for the increases in auto insurance in Warrensburg. Look, if left alone and kept unchecked, the animal populations would grow too large for earth's carrying capacity. Disease and famine would do more harm to the animals than all the world's hunters. Animal related traffic fatalities would increase exponentialy. And finally, many poor families would go unfed, eventually creating famine among Americans. I know of too many families who solely depend on wild game and subsistance gardening for their food. [Blog editors' note: That's what they teach you in wildlife management school, Billy, a prerequisite for working as an apologist for hunters in a state or federal wildlife agency. Truth is, the species that's overpopulated is the Homo sapien. Deal with that. ]


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