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Bush Defends The Indefensible Plan

September 07, 2007 | Hunting & Wildlife Management

To The Editor Of The Day, New London CT:
Published on 9/4/2007

On vacation during the waning days of his troubled presidency, in an age of climate meltdown, President George W. Bush chose to make a priority out of increasing hunting possibilities. He ordered federal land management agencies to "facilitate the expansion and enhancement of hunting opportunities and the management of game species and their habitat."

This might have been some people's first notice that the Interior Department last year created a 12-member Sporting Conservation Council. Constructed to advise agencies on expanding hunting, the council's members include officials from hunting groups such as the National Wild Turkey Federation, National Rifle Association, Ducks Unlimited and Safari Club International.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns says President Bush's order will effect "a natural balance among hunter, habitat and wildlife" - as though guns were part of nature's balance.

What's true of international relations is true for our interactions with the natural world: To achieve a true natural balance, we should learn to live in respectful harmony with the rest of the planet's community, of which we're all a part.

Joan Lownds
Darien, CT

Editor's note: The writer is with Friends of Animals.


Will someone please send this man to outer space?

I already like this blog. I am all for a LOT less humans, and a lot more animals. Let Mother Nature go forth.

I have worked with wolves from Oregon to Idaho to Yellowstone. I am very sorry for your loss, but they are not Nazis. We humans could learn a lot about how to raise our families by studying a wolf pack. Watch how the adults interact with the pups. Watching this should be required for all human parents. This is perhaps the most noble and majestic species I have had the privilege of working with. They are not vicious killers, and your children would be very safe.

Hmmmm...just one comment for all of you who think it's "ok" or "cool" to kill wolves--Did you realize that your family dog comes from a wolf?Yes,our dogs are related to wolves.Would you kill your dog? Probably not huh?--well then LEAVE THE WOLVES ALONE!

hmmm, Calling animals “Nazis” for doing what they have always done to survive far before our species even came to this hemisphere is uncalled for. ya, because for thousands of years humans survived by eating grass and leaves, so doing anything other for food would be wrong, unlike the wolf. will you people step back and listen to what youre even saying? dont hunt if you dont like to, and i wont eat tofu cuz i dont want to. my god.

I live in an area of the midwest that has cougars. We all have adjusted because they are majestic, seem to live on whitetail deer and by and large leave people alone. I have seen one, unforgetable. It travels along and seems to know it is respected. Now, there are people here who no longer lamb in the spring. It is worth it to have this lovely species here. We can co-exist. Peace requires a broad mind, willingness to compromise and a joy in the heart. God Bless you all

The Nazi crap really needs to end. Like someone said, wolves are killing to eat. They are efficient. Does that make you jealous or what? They deserve to be here. I personally think they rock.

I just can't believe the ignorance of people, "Wolves are Nazis" ...? Wolves are from God, for a definite purpose, as all animals are. It is all the "Chain of Life".We (man) are dictating what should live and what should not, we are playing "God". When will we wake up and learn to love our diverse world of animals? Seems to me a Nazi like person is in our beloved White House. Speak of dictators.......well need I say more? Read the book "In the Shadow of a Rainbow" it will open your eyes and heart. It should be on the reading list of all schools.

maybe it would be better if the human race would just disapear from the face of the earth then and only then the animals, plants, fish, the whole world and its contents created by God could live in peace and contentment without fear of mankind harming them and thier world with thier greed, pollution and never ending so called technology etc

Wolves are Nazis for killing to eat? Then humans are all Nazis, too, because most of us eat meat. Trust me, being killed by a wolf is a lot more humane than being killed in a slaughterhouse. In a slaughterhouse, you get shot in the head--but sometimes that doesn't work. Sometimes you get skinned alive. Right before you die, you see friends and family being torn apart. Who's the Nazis now? :P


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