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Friends of Animals Moves to Halt Bounty Killing of Wolves

March 28, 2007 | Wolves / Hunting & Wildlife Management

For Immediate Release: 27 March 2007

Today, in the latest news in the case FRIENDS OF ANIMALS vs. STATE OF ALASKA, Friends of Animals quickly moved for a preliminary injunction in the Superior Court for the State of Alaska to halt the State's newest assault on wolves.

This time, the Board of Game is offering a bounty to permit holders who kill in several designated control areas, then bring in the foreleg of the dead wolf.

The Board has consistently sought to kill wolves whenever it has had the chance, stated the Friends of Animals filing, "relying on whatever justification is close at hand and ignoring or dismissing out of hand any inconvenient facts or ethical arguments."

Friends of Animals called "predator control," which the state carries out by a permit-based system of killing wolves from aircraft, "outdated and unethical" and "frankly barbaric."

Added the Plaintiffs: "The Board's history of action on this issue is one of blatant contempt for the policy preferences of the majority of Alaskans, blatant disdain for the public process, and blatant disregard for any information that runs contrary to its preconceived and outdated notion that killing wolves from planes is always a good idea."

While turning the wolf-kill effort into a bounty hunt, the Board is now arranging an armada of shooters to exterminate as many wolves as possible over the next week, tracking them down using radio collars placed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to study them. Calling Alaska's Board of Game "an agency run amok," and invoking both federal and state law, Friends of Animals called for an immediate halt to the scheme.

Another Plaintiff is an Alaska resident. Priscilla Feral, president of Friends of Animals, said: "Through this filing we intend to halt these abominable practices. Our motion is expressly filed on behalf of the people of Alaska, in the interest of a thriving biocommunity, and with respect for the inherent value of wolves themselves."

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, is a global leader in animal rights advocacy, founded in 1957.


I'm never amazed anymore. The predator-killing-our-ungulates is getting very old. That's what they're there for! Science shows, time and time again, that predators make healthier herds... they make them faster (because of the chase) they make them stronger (by weeding out the old and sick), they make them more alert (have to listen for those bad old wolves and bears) and so on. It's time to get a reality check! My honest impression of this particular issue, is it's easier to remove your competition from a plane because they make an easier target and may keep you from bagging that easy "trophy". Stop killing the wolves.... My 5 yo says, 'it's not nice to mess with Mother Nature - and is she getting P*****d!'

Will you stay out of Alaska game management please? Come up here and live for a few years, then you can try and run things. You animal rights groups do all your complaining from afar. Come up here and live in the bush for awhile. You clowns from the lower 48 have screwed up your wildlife, why try and do the same up here? [Blog editors' note: Many of those researching wolves and working on interventions to halt predator killing efforts -- along with bringing respectful treatment to all free -living animals in Alaska -- work and reside there. We've said this many, many times. Moreover, the animals don't belong to any one person, region or state; they belong to themselves and deserve to be left alone. So opinion and change will continue despite the resistance of a few stubborn special interest groups, Mike.]

Hey Nature Killers (Man).If another species behaved like you,with all your killing methods and weak (to say the least) reasons for destoying a "delicate" part of Nature, how would you view them!?...Wolves have been here long before any of us, this means Alaska's, Yukon's, and the rest of North America's ungulates would be extinct by your reasoning. Man's evil ways are the problem, not the solution! Please use your brains not weapons. Peace & Health to all Life.--Mike PS. THANK YOU to all you Angels who Fight the Good Fight for all Life...what goes around comes around,

Hunting any animal not to be used to for survival is barbaric, truly it is and if Alaska is having such a hard time finding food then why doesn't the government step in and provide them food in remote areas? Wolves have a hard time hunting their prey and in some areas will prey on a particular animal for days just to make a kill, they do not have an easy life but that is what survival is to them. They prey on the sick and the old making a stronger population of moose and caribou for hunters to kill, sick and old meat is not good meat. Why doesn't Alaskan wildlife management see that? The lower 48 states no longer have wolves because humans were too greedy to stop killing them and wildlife management just didn't care. Now the only place we have down here to see wolves in the wild is Alaska, Canada, and Yellowstone. I have never seen a wolf in the wild, only in the zoo and one day I would love to visti Alaska with my family and see the beauty of nature that only Alaska offers including the chance to see a wild wolf.

i just couldn't stand if all the wolves died, i just couldn't. i'm willing to do anything to save them.

This is somthing that is truly terrible. Who could kill a wild innocent animal for no reason at all-or ANY animal for that matter. I really hope that this evil slaughter is stopped very soon. The Lord did not just put these magnificent wolves upon the Earth only to have them killed. Wolves should roam wild without any fear of horrifing hunters shooting their dreadful guns at them. Howl and pray to God with the wolves-save them. Do not let the marvelous creatures be in harm's way. GO WOLVES!

It should be against the law to kill God's creatures. I believe that the wolf should be protected like the bald eagle. If you are caught killing a wolf, it should be an automatic felony, jail time, and a stiff fine. Let's make it a against the law to kill these beautiful animals and stop the slaughter of the wolves and their babies! This is cruelty to animals. I thought was law against cruelty to animals. It should be enforced. I used to own a wolf and she was the sweetest most beautiful animal I have ever owned, but someone took it upon themselves to kill her even though she was domesticated. My heart was broken and still is. I say let them live, because they have just as much right to live as our own pet puppies.