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Tell the Bush Administration "No" to Cloned Milk and Meat

March 06, 2007 | Press Releases

The Bush Administration recently pronounced products from animal-cloning experiments safe for the retail market.

"This should be ringing alarm bells throughout the animal-advocacy field," said Lee Hall, legal director of Friends of Animals.

If the agency's report is adopted, the United States will be the first country to approve animal cloning in food production, and cloned flesh and dairy products could soon be in grocers' aisles.

Scientists will thereafter attempt to work out the kinks in their sheep and chicken cloning projects, and introduce genetically modified fish into the stream of commerce.

A voluntary moratorium on the sale of the milk and flesh of clones and their offspring has applied since 2001. The Food and Drug Administration tentatively approved the products in 2003, but retreated after its own advisory panel found insufficient scientific agreement. Now the FDA's ready to go again.

"Implicated in this promotion are multiple questions whose answers can only be found at a deeper level than a regulatory body can reach," said Lee Hall.

"The most fundamental question is: Why clone at all?"

Your Comments, Please
The FDA seeks comments from the public until 2 April 2007. For information, see

and scroll for the link to submit your electronic comments.
Note carefully:

The question you must answer is whether you oppose approving products from any cloned animals and their offspring for the retail market.

Please be clear in your comments that the animal-advocacy community will not be placated by labels or husbandry regulations. Regulating the relevant procedures does not mitigate the harm that cloning imposes.
To see submitted comments from which you may select points and phrase as you see fit, visit Friends of Animals' comments: Feel free to quote and support Friends of Animals' comments.

For a background article, see "Mad Science: Cloned Milk and Meat on the Fast Track [], presented in Satya magazine, a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice.

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, has been a global leader in animal rights advocacy since 1957.



I don't think this is a good idea at all, if God would of wanted this to be then he would clone everyone himself. Stop playing GOD which your not. Animals or people weren't meant to be cloned. Don't you people ever stop? Why don't you stop this craziness and work on getting a cure for cancer and aids???? I SAY NO TO CLONED MILK AND MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could anyone in their right mind say yes to consuming cloned products? This cannot happen! Remember the movie"Soylent Green? This is not to far off it.How can our President who is opposed to stem cell research could actually consider this is beyond rationale, perhaps it's all about the money and not safe, ethical, and humane animal husbandry practice. Corporate factory farming subsidized by the good old boys at the FDA.And for there to be no labeling standard is taking freedom of choice away from citizins like myself that support local, small, and sustainable farming and feeding us toxic waste. It is unnatural and the ramifications to the food chain could be disastrous.

I am opposed to cloned products of any kind. This proposal (it's gone beyond the proposal stage I'm afraid), is against the laws of nature. It is time that humans stopped trying to re-invent the world and made a sincere attempt to co-exist in the one we have.

NO! To cloned meat and milk.NO! This is not as it should be! Animals can and do thrive off from the NATURAL fruits of the Earth. Science is being taken too far. Perhaps the money wasted on these GREEDY,SELF-RIGHTEOUS, POWER HUNGRY, UNETHICAL, UNHEALTHY practices would be better off spent developing ORGANIC MEANS of survival and prosperity for these animals of the Great Spirit!! Shameful the greed that allows humans to believe they are of a Higher Power! When considering this bill being passed think of the taste of that chemically altered, once alive piece of flesh or the milk that is meant for the sustanance of life sliding down the throat that feeds a greedy host. Consider that.


NO!!!NO!!!NO!!! CLONING MEAT IS WRONG IN EVERY WAY!! Cloned offspring suffer from common defects such as enlarged tongues, squashed faces, intestinal blockages, immune deficiencies and diabetes. These are not unusual side effects, but a certain inhumane cost of this unseemly cloning business: cloning failure rates have been reported as high as 98 percent, and one study found that with cloning “64 percent of cattle, 40 percent of sheep and 93 percent of mice exhibit some form of abnormality." Also, they can not determine the physical wellness of a newly born cloned animal that early in its life. It takes years to determine how the animal is affected. And even then they can not always find the mutations that lie within the animal. Sometimes, scientists find mutated green fur inside the animals liver, but this is only found after the animal is dead. So how can they prevent this if they are not even able to spot it? Not only is this cruelty to animals, but who knows the side-effects this will have on us. ...How can they tell us it is safe when they do not truely know?!

No to cloned meat and milk. The environment has had ENOUGH!

NO! To Cloned meat and milk...this is against God and nature. Our world is suffering enough at the hands of agribusinesses and the chemicals used to produce animals for meat. Spend the money cleaning up the mess from the factory farming lagoons causing our earth to warm... and change what these animals are going through every day of their lives. Do not do this, this is morally, ethically and spiritually WRONG.

I think it is a disgrace that the government wants to clone. I don't believe in it and I never will. It goes against the nature of God.


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