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Tell the Bush Administration "No" to Cloned Milk and Meat

March 06, 2007 | Press Releases

The Bush Administration recently pronounced products from animal-cloning experiments safe for the retail market.

"This should be ringing alarm bells throughout the animal-advocacy field," said Lee Hall, legal director of Friends of Animals.

If the agency's report is adopted, the United States will be the first country to approve animal cloning in food production, and cloned flesh and dairy products could soon be in grocers' aisles.

Scientists will thereafter attempt to work out the kinks in their sheep and chicken cloning projects, and introduce genetically modified fish into the stream of commerce.

A voluntary moratorium on the sale of the milk and flesh of clones and their offspring has applied since 2001. The Food and Drug Administration tentatively approved the products in 2003, but retreated after its own advisory panel found insufficient scientific agreement. Now the FDA's ready to go again.

"Implicated in this promotion are multiple questions whose answers can only be found at a deeper level than a regulatory body can reach," said Lee Hall.

"The most fundamental question is: Why clone at all?"

Your Comments, Please
The FDA seeks comments from the public until 2 April 2007. For information, see

and scroll for the link to submit your electronic comments.
Note carefully:

The question you must answer is whether you oppose approving products from any cloned animals and their offspring for the retail market.

Please be clear in your comments that the animal-advocacy community will not be placated by labels or husbandry regulations. Regulating the relevant procedures does not mitigate the harm that cloning imposes.
To see submitted comments from which you may select points and phrase as you see fit, visit Friends of Animals' comments: Feel free to quote and support Friends of Animals' comments.

For a background article, see "Mad Science: Cloned Milk and Meat on the Fast Track [], presented in Satya magazine, a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice.

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, has been a global leader in animal rights advocacy since 1957.


I feel we should not mess around with nature. There is only one person who should handle this and that is god!! We need to stop this craziness before it goes to far.


Please do not allow these types of products on the market , because I personally feel this could lead to this technology falling into the wrong hands!!.It would be just another way for terrorists to threaten and possibly do great harm to the good people of this nation!!.

What happens when you clone an animal with an undetectable disease? What if that disease mutates in the cloning process and becomes a superbug? NO CLONES - PERIOD

Following the scandal revealing the lies of the Monsanto company and the adverse effect caused to dairy cows, by their Growth Steroid Hormones, I would not believe anything coming from that (Monsanto) company. [Blog editors' note: The key cloning companies involved this time are Cyagra and ViaGen. The hype on the cloning companies’ websites is telling. “Cloning enhances animal wellbeing,” declares the Biotechnology Industry Organization; and, sponsored by cloning firms Cyagra, stART Licensing, and ViaGen, assures us: “In fact, clones are the ‘rock stars’ of the barnyard, and therefore are treated like royalty.” Notwithstanding such absurdities, the FDA’s draft risk assessment relies substantially on the work of these same cloning corporations.]

"The interests represented by the research assessed in the Draft Documents are poised in conflict with important public interests. The FDA lacks authority to address the ethics of animal cloning; yet the issue of cloned animals has enormous ethical ramifications—with regard to human health, the state of the world’s ecology, and the interests of nonhuman animals." ARE YOU ALL MAD?! Or is it REALLY true (and I DO firmly believe this, until proven otherwise) that all politicians in Washington are concerned with is lining their already thick pockets so they can maintain their lifestyle after they lose their lucrative jobs screwing over the American People. CLONING IS FLYING IN THE FACE OF GOD! I am at this moment ashamed of my Government. I will never be ashamed of my Country, because if all knew what was being said and done "on their behalf" they would be horrified! I am AGAINST ANY unnatural selection of animals raised for consumption by humans and ALL carnivores. P.S. I am, indeed, a registered voter. I do believe in the power of 1 vote. And my intentions in this matter are sincere. Do Not Allow Animal Cloning in My Country, The United States of America. In addition, cloning in such a country as Mexico, and IMPORTING SUCH A PRODUCT IS EQUALLY REPREHENSIBLE! It will not be tolerated.

No cloned meat please! It would be better if money was put into making good vegetarian foods. Both people and the environment would benefit greatly from such a program.

I suppose as long time vegetarian, I can afford to be naturally biased against this -BUT I do find it quite disturbing that the government would come out with yet another way to kill more animals for our markets -when everyone could stand to eat alot less of them. With our country & others coming out with so many natural & plant based alternatives to support environmental preservation (yes we'll skip to global warming while we're there)...why would they want to come out with a new way to make things worse? Less meat can help our health & help the environment in so many ways..I can not find a reason in the world why anyone would want to mass duplicate the problem -when the solution could cost us so much less.

Stop playing god! Humans are not supposed to "make" animals. This isnt right, and cant be healthy! Cloning is a horrible thing, and i deeply cant be good for the ecosystem either! I have been a vegeterian for a year now, because i am 13 and my parents kept saying NO VEGETERIANS IN THIS HOUSEHOLD! finally when i turned 12 i wore them down and they gave up and let me be Vegeterian. I am deeply against meat, and even more against cloning! Money should be put into vegeterian/vegan foods, health, wildlife funds, ect. not an idea as dumb as cloning! talk about playing god! sheesh!

RE: SAFETY OF ANIMAL CLONES FOR FLESH/FLUIDS/OTHER FOR HUMANS: I agree with many others, including FRIENDS OF ANIMALS, that the moratorium on the sales of clones' milk and flesh must NOT be lifted. There is ABSOLUTELY NO logical or sane reason or need to clone animals for eating - humans are suffering physically from many diseases brought about and aggravated by the consumption of animal flesh and fluids. This will only introduce EVEN MORE HAZARDS to human health, that will not even be known for years to come and most probably will NEVER be acknowledged by the industries/government that profit from this insanity. AND CONCERNING THE ANIMALS THEMSELVES, our "farmed" animals already suffer immensely both from physical and mental illnesses - literally, sheer torture. HUMANS are already eating diseased and decaying animal flesh and fluids. AND we want to add more problems! Animals, including the human animal, are far too complex (ask Dr. T. Colin Campbell of "The China Study", for one) to even begin to be able to CLONE animals - we are creating a catastrophe of unbelievable and immense consequences. ONCE AGAIN, just as in the current force breeding and manipulation of animals as food & other products, it is about PROFIT for several industries - including the "scientists" who concocted such insanity; our government officials who profit from political donations, etc. from these industries; and the food, banking, and medical/pharmaceutical industries who profit immensely with the help of taxpayers' "donations" through taxes! You could not afford that burger/flesh/dairy/eggs if your taxes were not subsidizing these industries heavily! WAKE UP & READ!


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