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Tell the Bush Administration "No" to Cloned Milk and Meat

March 06, 2007 | Press Releases

The Bush Administration recently pronounced products from animal-cloning experiments safe for the retail market.

"This should be ringing alarm bells throughout the animal-advocacy field," said Lee Hall, legal director of Friends of Animals.

If the agency's report is adopted, the United States will be the first country to approve animal cloning in food production, and cloned flesh and dairy products could soon be in grocers' aisles.

Scientists will thereafter attempt to work out the kinks in their sheep and chicken cloning projects, and introduce genetically modified fish into the stream of commerce.

A voluntary moratorium on the sale of the milk and flesh of clones and their offspring has applied since 2001. The Food and Drug Administration tentatively approved the products in 2003, but retreated after its own advisory panel found insufficient scientific agreement. Now the FDA's ready to go again.

"Implicated in this promotion are multiple questions whose answers can only be found at a deeper level than a regulatory body can reach," said Lee Hall.

"The most fundamental question is: Why clone at all?"

Your Comments, Please
The FDA seeks comments from the public until 2 April 2007. For information, see

and scroll for the link to submit your electronic comments.
Note carefully:

The question you must answer is whether you oppose approving products from any cloned animals and their offspring for the retail market.

Please be clear in your comments that the animal-advocacy community will not be placated by labels or husbandry regulations. Regulating the relevant procedures does not mitigate the harm that cloning imposes.
To see submitted comments from which you may select points and phrase as you see fit, visit Friends of Animals' comments: Feel free to quote and support Friends of Animals' comments.

For a background article, see "Mad Science: Cloned Milk and Meat on the Fast Track [], presented in Satya magazine, a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice.

Friends of Animals, headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, has been a global leader in animal rights advocacy since 1957.


This just isnt right....if nature wanted this type of thing, life would be different. People need to leave things as they are, as nature intended it to be. With all this new way of doing things, we eventually find this is not a good thing...things happen, new illnesses come up, etc...we need to spend more time with what we have here and what we have been given naturally, live in the here and now.

I do not want to see any products from animal cloning on the market.

There comes a point when you need to leave well enough alone. There is no need for cloning of animals. GOD GAVE US EVERYTHING WE NEED to survive. We as a country should stop pushing the limits. Almost everything un-natural and man- made has caused us harm INCLUDING THE FDA, which supposedly looks out for our best interests. The citizens of the United States deserve the best. Cloning is ruining Gods plan for us and is not what was intended. If you are able to clone animals we ALL KNOW you can clone humans. So I think its time you stop lying to the American citizens. We have the right to know the truth. You want to trust us dont you? Well first we need to trust YOU. And let me ask you this...Would the President himself eat this "cloned" meat or whatever you say it may be. I bet your answer is no. I recently saw a poll to survey Americans to see if they would eat cloned meat or not. Well the poll I saw ONLY 20% of people would even think about it. If you want to help the country & the citizens do whats right, not the cheapest OR easiest way to solve a problem when there really is no problem to begin with. And I happen to know the government, FDA, & medical field has cures for everything but instead of wanting people to be healthy. You want them to get sick by making them spend thousands of dollars they dont have when you can simply say just drink this, or give someone a vaccine. We all know there is a cure for cancer & HIV. Please stop keeping so many secrets from US THE PEOPLE who let you in office. Remember that. We deserve the truth. You have the power to make people well, then DO IT! thats what a real President & government would do. The reason the world is so screwed up is becuase of things like this. Be honest, do the right thing & help people. Stop trying to make more & more & more money off of other peoples illnesses. Back to the cloning- It simply is not what God intended and I would hope a good old American man from Texas would agree. The world will continue to crumble if we are constatnly lied to. The FDA has declared hundreds of "safe" drugs. Well ya know what? I was sick for a long time with Lyme Disease and all your "drugs" did was make me deathly sick. Please stop with the "un-natural" approach to life. Simplicity is key. Thank you for listening. My name is Michelle & I am 21 years old from Florida.

Cloning animals for food production is not and should not become an acceptable practice. Regardless of health related concerns that to date are unknowns, there are many other reasons that this practice should not be a part of American life. We have more than enough animals in our country as it is - there is no shortage of dairy cows, steers or hogs. Economically I do not see this practice as being profitable to the people. The failure rate in cloning is extremely high which surely makes it more costly than the standard practice of AI. At each failure, that cost most certainly is passed on to the consumer either through end cost increases or taxation to supplement farmers themselves. Regarding animal welfare, cloning is harmful to many animals, creates mutations and nonviable offspring as well as effecting the lives of those animals impregnated w/ the embryo. The complications, death and failure rates in cloning are much higher than in the standard forms of breeding practiced currently. Considering all of the negatives in this practice, how can we justify the practice as being a positive move towards our future? The American people are becoming much more aware of thier food chain, where and how it comes to thier table. While some believe we need to respect the process of cloning for any positive scientific advancements in may bring in our world, surely we do not need or want it on our farms, our plates or our conscience. I cannot find one single justifiable argument for accepting cloned animals in our society in this way. I say NO to cloned animals coming to a store near me! Thank you.

cloned animals to eat???? are you out of your minds???? NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!

Just say no

I oppose FDA approval of products from cloned animals. There is no need to clone animals for food production and the health risks, to both the human consumers and the animal victims/products is unclear and under researched. "As recently as July 2005, scientists at Texas A&M University, deemed the world’s leading cloning team, acknowledged that 95 to 99 percent of cloning procedures resulted in failures." These "failures" include hideous birth defects, miscarriage, and death. The physical burden on the animals who would be the participants in cloning is unthinkable and COMPLETELY UNECESSARY. We do not need more meat, or more milk, there are no shortages of animal products here, or anywhere else in the world, from conventionally-bred animals. The only beneficiaries of the approval of cloning would be the few companies that are engaged in these demented and useless experiments for their own amusemnet and financial benefit. Allowing cloned animal products would also create greater conflict with overseas markets- Europe and Asia didn't want to buy our hormone-laden meats; they certainly won't have anything to do with cloned meat or dairy from cloned animals. Labelling is not the answer either- we do not want the choice of cloned or not cloned. We never wanted, or needed cloned animal products. Period. The animals will suffer, the consumer does not benefit; only the cloning corporations will gain. There are too many ifs, and not enough solid information, and absolutely NO need for cloned animals, period. Genetic diversity has created the world in which we live, and has done just fine. While cloning might create disease resistance, it may also, down the road, create disease vulnerability. We could be creating a future disaster, all for the benefit of a few ethically questionable corporations. NO to cloning, in all its forms.

Cloning doesn't seem right and surely this means eating the clone also! Yuck!

Cloning is a very bad idea and should be stopped. They should stop wasting their time and money on cloning and work on finding cures for diseases like cancer and AIDS.

We do not know the implications of ingesting cloned "food". This use of cloning could unleash very undesirable effects in people and in the world with far reaching negative consequences. Do you want to be responsible for this?


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