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Helping in the Hurricane: Suggestions for Direct Giving

September 05, 2005 | Take Action

Some of our supporters have asked what is to be done from a distance to help the animals (human and nonhuman) who are desperate and displaced in the wake of the gulf coast hurricane.

The local SPCA in New Orleans has had to shut down and move to temporary digs. They can use your help; give through a simple form here.

Fosters and volunteers are still needed; you can offer your assistance to Best Friends Animal Society which is offering daily news and reports, plus updates on how you can help the rescue effort at their web site.

Update, 19 Oct 2005: Best Friends is currently accepting on-site help, as well as disposable lasagne tins (4-5 gallon) for watering the thousands of animals currently living in the streets of New Orleans.

Contributions to the Humane Society of Louisiana can be made online at Their Federal Tax ID number is 58-1795272.

Helping the homeless people will be a big part of getting the nonhuman animals sorted out, so you may wish to send money to the American Friends Service Committee here, via the secure donation form. This group is recommended as it has a local office, which helps your money go quickly to those in need, without high overhead.

KellyUSA is providing babysitting for displaced people at a Texas church. Please write donations out to "Maranatha Bible Church" (with "The Good Samaritan Ministry" in the Memo section). The address is 7855 E. Loop 1604 N., Converse, TX 78109. Phone 210-821-LOVE (5683), Fax 210-826-1224, e-mail Money will go directly to helping these children.
[Note: Please be patient with e-mails. As the folks at Maranatha have been out and about helping all week, their email may have begun bouncing and you might get a failure notice. The street address is correct.]

A Final Note: The Importance of Giving Locally

A note of thanks to the national animal advocacy groups who are kindly asking that money be sent directly to local groups, and giving instructions to make it simple to do so. Other advocacy groups who are encourging people to donate locally are:

Alley Cat Allies
Allied Effort to Save Other Primates (AESOP Project)
International Primate Protection League
Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc.

We believe that large, national groups should do the same, and not divert funds away from local rescue efforts. There are national groups with extremely large ratios of overhead and fundraising versus actual program percentages (see If this is one of the biggest disasters in memory, then now's the time to put those bank accounts to use. In other words, time for large, national groups not to fundraise for hurricane expenses, but simply to donate rescue teams outright.

Thank you for your interest in helping others during this critical time,

From all of us at Friends of Animals.


Best Friends Network has just forwarded an update from Alley Cat Allies. Main points: Cats are still being rescued from the streets in New Orleans. Alley Cat Allies needs immediate help with animal rescue, animal care, data entry, and trap/neuter/return efforts at Bogalusa, Louisiana. If you can join them now or in the next six weeks, please contact Pilara Felgate at Needs include: Caregivers to feed and care for cats; veterinary technicians; computer/data entry expertise; clerical work; TNR people and animal handlers/trappers; handy workers; photographers; cage assembly/cleaning; general errands.

My brother assisted with the preparation of a facility to house rescued dogs from H. Katrina. ... The Buddhists in Sedona are the ones who organized the effort and are caring for the animals. By the way, I've recently learned that 30 of the 120 dogs have been reunited with their families !!

My husband and I went down for animal rescue and when i left--he stayed. I was down there for about 7 weeks and my husband Joe Mannix has been down there for over 8 weeks. He spent a couple of weeks in Tylertown, Mississippi and did rescue in Plaquemines Parish for about 10 days--no trapping--all hands on rescue. He also worked in Algiers and the ninth ward. A few days ago he was detained by the NOPD, slammed against the car, cussed out, and handcuffed and put in the back of the cruiser. They took 2 dogs (which were picked up off the ground with the snares) and 6 cats. The officer apologized to him and released him and told him to leave New Orleans. Raymond Ferrar stopped our efforts in plaquemines saying it was all under control. They say the same about New Orleans. This isn't true in my opinion. The animals are hiding under broken houses in many places--houses that will be bulldozed soon. To any rescuers wanting to go down needs to check with the humane society [ eds.' note: The Humane Society of Louisiana; contact Jeff Dorson via cell phone at 901-268-4432 or check the Internet at ] or the spca [ eds.' note: contact Dana Nesbitt of the Louisiana SPCA via cell phone at 901-268-4610 or check the Internet at] as more volunteers have now been arrested. The no-kill facilities are full which means that a lot of animals must be adopted from the humane society and spca to prevent a massacre of animals that are not adopted. Please foster and adopt animals if you have the room and the heart. Thank you, Cindy Overbay

Today, Friends of Animals received a plea from Best Friends: "What the animals who are still struggling on the streets of the Gulf Coast need right now is your voice." If you wish to join over 20,000 people who signed the Best Friends petition promoting a real plan to save as many animals as possible in the critical days ahead, see National humane organizations have received millions of dollars from people like you who are committed to saving the animals caught in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The Best Friends plan calls for those resources to be put to work right now to get more volunteers to the area, provide more staging areas to get the animals to safety, and promote a nationwide adoption campaign in cases where families can't be found.

I just want to say to all the people who cared about the animals in hurricane Katrina . May God bless you all for having a heart. Its so sad how the animals get forgotten in the aftermath. They have just as much as a right to live as people. And I am sure that there are a lot of familys glad to know that their pets are ok. Hope that more people will start to care , it will make a better world in a long run. Thank you again.

People should feel bad for all the animals in hurricane Katrina,and people should feel bad A LOT because a LOT of animals are becoming extinct. I think all the people who don't care are just plain mean, and people should be really heartful. I just feel really bad for all the animals who are endangered, and going to be extinct. JUST PLEASE HELP THE ANIMALS PEOPLE, PLEASE.

Better sit down for this one!!!!!!! Its hard to believe that it has been a year since anyone has posted on this sight. Heartbreaking. We look to recieve no recognition for our efforts. Our recognition came with our multiple in- neighborhood reunions and mass puppy rescues. I fear too many have looked past what has happened, especially with the calm season of 06. Better for the local governments though, they recieved a bad wrap in so many ways. Bless Benny Rousselle for caring about the well being of his Parishes animals. He, LT. Judkins, SGT. Pikins, and all of responding guardsman made all of the difference for his parish. We were very successful in reducing the animal deaths, though we left in tears. Best Friends, why would you not send rescuers to assist us when we begged and pleaded? Paul? Fransis? Jay? We had presidential certifications waiting for qualified rescuers who would associate themselves with our team. We had to return home for a scheduled surgery for my wife and noone would take over for us. From that day on, Plaquemines animals fate was on your shoulders. We returned to a animal control dept. that was not even trained for disasters. Where were you? Now Plaquemines rests on the shoulders of one woman, Ramona with ARNO. Too little, too late. This year, 07, will be different. The diehards have now been distanced from soccer moms. Not to be rude, but are we the only private rescue in the US with the guts and training to go straight to the Department of Homeland Securitys director for Guard clearance? Our team of five did what no other team in the US stood up to do. We aquired Parish Presidential certifications to enter zones that the public was forbidden to even lay eyes on. Better for them I guess. I still have nightmares of what I not only saw, but what I had to step over during our operations. We did the same thing in Orleans parish, except we cut out the LASPCA. Stupid to attempt to negotiate with Laura M. She showed me not a single sign that she cared about any of the animals. She told me that "maybe Katrina will take care of her overpopulation problems in Orleans". In my opinion, I don't know how she can sleep at night." We, as Alliance For Animal Rescue, went straight to the patroling guardsman behind the barricades in the 9th, and talked one on one with the lead of the evening patrol. He too was a godsend. Though I won't mention his name, I'll tell you he was an E5, and an animal lover. He allowed my team access to enter where even the NOPD wasn't allowed to enter. Armed and fighting off shooters and gang members, but still showing compassion for the need to retrieve the fallen animals. The NOPD chased us behind the barricades one night, and The Louisiana Guard stopped them in their tracks! The 9th was under Martial Law, and the Guard was god. It was labeled as "The most dangerous construction sight in the United Ststes". For six weeks, on a daily basis, we did what noone else in the US had the balls to do. We pulled animals from under houses that were teetering on air conditioning units, and crawled in houses through six inches of mud lined floors and fallen ceilings. You hear stories of animals stuck in restrooms. They we luckier that the ones we saw. They could be saved. We saw animals that we knew we could rescue, but would not survive. Deformities, gapping wounds, and dragging intestines through our reactions into numbness. We had now seen it all. Tennessee and Tonti. This was the single worst hit intersection in the 9th. Ask those who survived the 14 foot surge, though you won't find many. Over 800 perished behind the barricades alone. This is fact, not my figures. We combed every house we could within our powers. None were safe to even get close to, but the animals were there. The Guard was told by there superiors " not to leave the beaten path". Even with the guard telling us they would have to look away. I hear of stories of moms walking down streets and calling for dogs. In the 9th, we captured dogs that wouldn't leave the side of other injured dogs. They were laying claim to their meals. Without full body protection, gps, steel lined boots, respirators, and stun guns, anyone would have had to have been carried out. To hear of anyone else claiming to have rescued behind the barricades was a bold faced lie. Ask them if they had M16s put to their chest by charging guardsman who were taken by surprise, or if the wore steel lined boots. The nails in the debris alone would have sent them home, let alone the fear of mistakenly being shot by seperated patrols. If you want to see gore in the 9th, don't call me. But if you want to see dramatic inner 9th rescues, and guardsman that wouldn't take their fingers off their triggers, see me at Google Gambit Weekly- "catch" and see me sledghammering through floors to retrieve puppies without hope. View a daylight movie of my teams house by house search in the 9th- google 9th ward animal rescue workers. There are no soccer moms here. These were rescues for the animals with NO hope. We advise that any future rescuers do what we did. Get your ICS certification through DHS, take as many rescue courses as possible, and go straight to the highest Military officer you can to get permission to rescue. Large orgs will ask you to clean kennels. We are private and we did what they couldn't. Where was everyone else? To care and volunteer is great, but if you are not qualified and willing to go above and beyond your own safety to save lives, don't brag like you did so. This season, send a check.

i hate the circus, rodeos. and animal abusers, puppy mills, and hunters. battery hens are forced to lay eggs and when they cant lay eggs anymore they are strangled to death. i cant remember where but somewhere when a monkey has a baby the baby is taken away from its mother and the mom has to perform tricks to get its baby back. people need to be more concerned about animals being endangered. i love animals. i saved a turtle once my mom was picking me up from school and we saw a turtle. i got out of the car and carried it safely out of the street. i want to be an animal cruelty investigater when i grow up.


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